Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Emirates First Class and Business Class Lounge, KLIA

Good morning Texas! Hello dear readers =) It has been a week I've been traveling to the states. Currently I'm now at Dallas, a 4 hours road-trip from Houston. Both of us and also the other lady (hubby's office colleague) are doing real fine. Alhamdulillah. It was sizzling hot summer right here and the bright sunny day will struck dizziness in me if I ain't wearing the shades! The summer breeze has really makes our skin feels like burning too. But we're not staying outside tho, so everything is good actually =)

First Class and Business Class check-ins trough the red carpet. Posh enough ey?

The Lounge entrance

Anyhow, hubby is visiting the plant with Mr. Carl at Carrollton and I shall manage this me-time wisely. This is just a short blog post regarding the Emirates First Class and Business Class Lounge that we've went to in KL International Airport just before we're departing to Dubai. Hubby is flying with Business class but I'm on Economy class (the Business rate is 4x higher!) Hoho. But the Emirates staffs were cool enough that day when they allowed beloved hubby to bring the sweet wifey along in the lounge. Thank You!

Hubby was kind enough too when he asked me to stay on his Business class seating since he's too worried that I might be facing back aches or feel uncomfortable with any huge Arabs or Englishmen beside me. He's willing to sit at the Economy class for me! Thank you hubby, smooches! After all Cassy, his colleague is around and I will have a great chatting company at the Business class during the 5 + 16 hours flight. Well, we only stopped talking whenever we were having meals, sleeping soundly or busy watching our fav movies. Hehehe

I have to make this quick since hubby and all will be back in any time now. Oh I'm staying at Courtyard by Marriot Hotel at Addison Drive, Dallas. Later on today we will be heading back to our main stay at Sheraton Houston West Hotel. See ya!

Hubby dearie surfing the web while waiting for the orange juice

And the pinky wifey was busy checking out the washroom. Haha.
The wash room was so clean, smells nice and comfortable I really have to say.

You may take a hot bath if you wish. Plenty of comfy towels available.

Kenneth Turner hand lotion and hand wash are ready for you too.
I guess this is where the good smells came from.

Brush your teeth, comb your hair, clean your face. Whatever baby!

Oh the food. Everything served in the lounge and also in the flights (inbound or outbound) are claimed Halal by Emirates. So, makan jelah. We already had our dinner that day so we were not fancy at all by the nicely decorated foods. There will be 3x of meal-time during the KL-Dubai trip so we tend to limit the food intake. Wasatiah itu penting =D According to Cassy the foods at MAS Golden Lounge are pretty much merrier and tastier compared to Emirate's (at KLIA). Update me if she's wrong ok!

Nice huh? And yummy too..

I didn't try this one. There's mango with prawn? Err.. takut sakit perut!

And this is the over excited hubby and wifey! But Faheem wasn't coming along =( I have to leave dearest Faheem with his grandparents. Cos I know he will never survive the long hours flight, 19 months kid to be fastened for 20 hours on the seat belt? He will definitely says NO for that. He might scream his heart out to get on the floor and ran away from us. The stewards might advice us to hold the little explorer on the seat repetitively and bla bla bla. I might go crazy managing him throughout the trip so it's a NO baby. But we purchased so many things for you. Faheem tunggu mama papa balik ok! Miss you loads! Sayang sangat2 anak mama ni...

The next entry would be on Sheraton Houston West Hotel or Emirates flight maybe. Stay tuned!


  1. Fuh Ahad ni nk bwk Ihsan naik flight lagi. Nasib baik 7 hours je. But itu pun dah rasa macam forever! Kalau 20 hours wah xboleh nak bayangkan. Aku berdoa supaya Ihsan tidur je sepanjang perjalanan Ahad ni hihi.

  2. hehe...Irdina pun tak tahan nak dok dalam flight lama2....sejam cukup...tu pn dh buat umi dia pening bila 15 minit terakhir tu dia melalak bagai nak rak...huhuhuhu...
    Btw, happy holiday... ;)

  3. ina:
    oh ahad ni ko fly eh. aku ahad ni off to Dubai. insyaAllah. doa bnyk2. hopefully ihsan terlena. sikit2 toys die jgn lupe bwk. at least die bleh terleka sekejap main2 his stuffs kn. may u hv a safe journey back to tanah air. aminnn.. take care luv!

    haah. dlm kete pn setengah jam je faheem bleh tahan atas car seat tu. kalo xde ape2 yg die bleh main mmg x senang duduk lah die. TQ2 umi irdina =)

  4. Bestnye napak lounge tu.. Kena simpan azam menabung lagi pasni.. Naik emirates lak.. Hahaha..

    Masa bawak eesya 2 tahun sudah, dia 14 months.. Atas flight 13 jam.. Alhamdulillah ok.. Cumanya kena beli byk toys baru, so that dia ralit main atas tu.. So 13 jam, aku make sure bawak 26 different toys.. Hahaha.. Tapi yg banyaknya yg zoo set tu.. Satgi bawak keluar lion, lama skek bawak keluar elephant, etc.. Sbb tu berani bawak dia lagi kali ni... Tapi kali ni tukar konsep.. Beli apps baru banyak2 dlm ipad.. Hahaha

  5. bnyk gilak smpai 26! haha. tp okla she survived. maybe sbb eesya pn gal kut. buas2 die pn xdela mcm faheem ni. faheem tu kdg2 boleh tahan jgk rebelious if he didn't get what he insisted for. hoho.

    syok btol la tgk budak2 get so attached with ipad. bnyk house chores aku bleh siapkan nnt. haha. tgu faheem besa sikit will get one oso lah!



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