Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jet Lag is driving us crazy!

We have safely arrived at KLIA yesterday around 3pm. Finally the 16 plus 6 hours of journey across the continents (Houston-Dubai & Dubai-KL) has come to an end! How reviving..

Rule of thumb to avoid yourself from experiencing jet lag:

Do not go to sleep once you reached home.

Regrettably, I just can't stand the muscle exhaustiveness in me and I decided to lay down just for a few minutes. Hubby was watching the TV on the couch while busy checking the long pending mails and I'm so certain that the nap would only lasts for not more than 10 minutes. But I was totally wrong! He actually decided to take a nap beside me very soon after that. That has resulted to? Both of us were sleeping soundly and only woke up at 10pm.

And as expected, these two pairs of eyes were wide open the whole night through. 10pm until the next day (today) 3pm - We are still awake, in the office! My eyes are soaring, my muscles are cramping, my head is spinning, more innocent pimples spreading rapidly on my face, my body can't stand right and I feel like vomiting every now and then. Oh dear! ='(

The earliest breakfast we have ever had in our life = At 5.50 in the morning!

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