Friday, July 1, 2011

Kakak! Kakak! Kakak!

This is dear Faheem two nights ago, during dinner at PappaRich. There's a nice looking waitress (wearing black at the counter) that was so interested with him. Well, she entertained the little guy every now and then as soon as we stepped into the restaurant. And I'm sure that little guy with striped blue pyjama was so attracted to her too.

He keeps on calling that waitress "Kakak!" since then. And the lady came nearer and keeps on talking with him, threw out funny faces, gave him some sweets, pinched and squeezed his chubby cheeks and nose, so on and so forth until he laughed out happily. He really really likes that lady seriously.

The restaurant started to receive more customers when we were half way done with the yummy dinner. And of course, the lady has becoming busier entertaining the hungry homo sapiens. And Faheem seemed uncomfortable with that situation. He kept on calling that lady, "Kakak! kakak!" again and again. He'll never stop calling her until the lady come to our place. That waitress seemed truly serba salah. I know she insisted to answer the budak-comel's calls but she had other important things to do.

To the extend that Faheem can't stop from waving and calling her "Kakak! kakak!". We were so embarrassed when the customers (well most of them) keep on staring at us, due to the noisy boy of course. Papa tried to shut his mouth with his tiny palms but that just made Faheem raging even more. He shouted his heart out "Kakak! kakak! kakak!!!!" while struggling to get free from papa. Malu ok.

Mama macam biasa da start panic when everybody fiercely looking at us. So we decided to hurriedly get out from PappaRich, at that instant. Lucky that we already eaten almost half of the meals ordered. If not, harus kene tapau burger pulak on the way balik rumah..

He's already in the car but still calling for that kakak!


  1. hahahaha... faheem sudah pandai ngorat yer... habis laa mama faheem...

  2. pompuan tu la yg duk layan faheem sgt dlu. terus cair encik darwish sorg tu. hahah. penat aku lari2 anak dukung die keluar kedai tau mase tu.. haduih

  3. alaaa sweet actually..die dh pndai sbb tmpt public kan org duk stare of course kite rasa serba salah..

  4. alolo siannn faheem. kenala suruh mama cari kakak angkat cenggini hihi. budak2 dh mula pandai nak berkwn kan. cenggitu la.

  5. are:
    yup. kalo die rengek2 cmtu org x dgr n org wat dunno je xpe. tp da bising sgt smpai ganggu org2 tgh menjamu selera tu.. huhu. malu!

    kakak angkat die da rmai - ptg2 kt playground tu ha. tp x secomel waitress kt kedai mlm tu la. haha



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