Thursday, July 28, 2011

My experience flying with Emirates Airlines to the USA

Flying Emirates is one of the items in my wish list. I started to have the anxiety to travel by Emirates - (being one of the best airlines in the world) when I'm studying at the university. Well the good old days when you got so attached with the internet of course. I frequently received chain emails regarding the extravagant seating, scrumptious meals and impressive in-flight entertainment with Emirates flight: be it First Class, Business Class or even Economy Class.

Hubby in Business Class.
How comforting the seat was! It can be reclined to almost 180 degree. Well I'm pretty sure most airlines provide almost the same reclining sofa for their Business Class guests.
But Emirates is a bit way forward when you compare apple to apple:
of delectable meals and fantastic in-flights entertainment!

That's why when beloved hubby told me that he might be traveling to the USA via Emirates, my heart was pounding with joy. There are few airlines that provide a different route and transit points before one arriving at Houston. Among the common one was via Malaysia Airlines that have their transit point at Los Angeles. But I would definitely opt for Emirates via their transit point at the luxurious Dubai International Airport!

Ok, who is actually on a business trip now? Me or hubby? Haha. Ya ya.. He is the one that will be traveling with the business purposes but the wifey is the one who makes a research about the highly anticipated trip =p Since I will be accompanying him so I have to make sure that MY trip will turn out awesome. Haha. Haruslah begitu bukan? Fly jauh2 mestilah plan betul2 so that everything will went smoothly according to what I wished for. Barulah berbaloi!

20 hours plus on air and you get to have these plateful meal? Awesome!

Hubby and his colleague are traveling via Business Class but me, yours truly can only afford an Economy Class for herself. Kalau ikut kan perasaan mahu saja sit side by side in the Biz Class with hubby but I think I should spare the money for something else. Simpan buat pergi haji ke. Hari tu kan berangan nk pergi haji before 40. Hoho.. Moreover we will be shifting to a new crib in less than 3 years time. Lots of money-spending activity I can foresee now. So Economy sudah..

By the way, as I've mentioned in the previous entry, I actually enjoy my ride at the Business Class seating as dearest hubby was kind and sweet enough to swap his seat with the wifey. I also get the best ride-company of all since I'm seating just beside his office colleague, Cassy. Bliss! Thank you so much sayang! This is among the most enjoyable air trip I've ever experienced. Alhamdulillah for making this come true =) No more talking. Enjoy the pictures!

Me in Biz Class. It was a front seat that explained the wide screen position.

Hundreds of movies, radio channels, cartoon networks, games bla bla bla!
I watched Rapunzel Tangled Tale, The Tourist,
F.R.I.E.N.D.S (miss them so much!), Narnia, Harry Porter
and lots more!

The wide screen at the Economy Class.

One of my favorite play during the trip. We can actually call a seat!
So there's no fuss at all being apart with the husband. We can always chit chat! =)

LED sparkling on top of the ceiling. Looks like the shining stars isn't it!
This means - You ought to sleep now to avoid jet lag once you arrive at the new destination!

Take off my Quicksilver glasses, off the TV, on the radio,
covered your body with blanket, close your eyes with the shade and nity nites!

The meals in the Economy Class.
Every Classes have their own menu so just choose which ever that you preferred most.

Oh I almost forgot. Emirates claimed that all food served in their flights are Halal =)

The chocolate brownies were so delicious! With the hot melted chocolate! ahhh..

Taktau nak cakap ape dah. Makan makan makan dalam flight..

Economy class pun da bagi meal banyak ni, just imagine the Biz Class..

How was it? Interesting enough? Hehe. There are numbers of fascinating entries regarding my KL-Dubai-Houston-Dallas trip but I'm so tied up with work load nowadays =( And we went to sleep at sharp 10pm every night over the past week! Jet lag syndrome is subsiding but Faheem seems in need of more attention and pampering ever since his parents were back from the long honeymoon. Rindu sangat la tu! =)


  1. best dpt gi 'honeymoon' kali ke brapa ntah kan..heheheh

  2. heheh.. tu la psl. blk 'honeymoon' je trus susah nk berupdate blog ni. bnyk nye keje ya Allah.. huhuuu

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  4. thanks for the comment :) we will defintely choose emirates again if we were to travel abroad once again.

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