Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sukhumvit Kampung Baru

I shall postpone the Halal foods in Vietnam entry to give way to this latest local foodie post! Have you ever been to Sukhumvit Restaurant in Kampung Baru dear fellas? Well I have, for the zillion times now. Been visiting the place especially for dinner since 5 years back, when both of us were truly, madly, deeply in loved to each other. Sounds so Savage-Garden right? Hehe

Sukhumvit is situated in Kampung Baru, at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The great Thai food eatery is pretty much adjacent to my office and dear boyfriend's (later the charming husband) so that was how we get to know this stunning location in the first place - Going round and round the Kampung Baru area (that is widely known for it's delectable Malay and Siamese cuisines) and we came across this place just like that.

Dearest hubby suggested to have dinner at Sukhumvit yesterday. We had frequently dine in at the place around 6pm on week days. That was the perfect timing since there would be not much of guests as yet - less waiting time for the yummy food to arrive on your table and you may enjoy quality talk with the scenic view, just the two of you =)

This is what I called the scenic view. The majestic KLCC is just at the back!

Rumah papan yang cantik! Ber-background-kan luxury condos:
The Orion and SetiaSky Residences

Being able to witness 2 different perspectives from one position?
Only in Kampung Baru.

We were a bit surprised upon arriving at Sukhumvit yesterday - to actually perceived with our own eyes the fully refurbished and newly redecorated restaurant! The open air restaurant looks vibrant and much more attractive compared to the previous interior and exterior design. That is one of the main criteria that captivates anyone that have gone to this place - the breathtaking place it self! (apart from the marvelous meals)

Neat. Nice. Enough Said.

The service button is also in placed now.

Aha. The place where the green-shirt man sitting used to be of our favorite spot! We always tend to sit at the same place if it was vacant. That was also the place where we met up almost everyday for dinner just after work and discussing the engagement plus wedding stuff while enjoying the great music. Sometimes they played English oldies too. Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdink and all. What a bliss. Listing the to-buy-stuff, the budgets, the peoples, the weekend activities etc. That is why we are still coming back here for dinner once in a while.. To flash back the sweet memories we used to had, before happily living together as a husband and wife =)

Anyway, these are what we ordered that day. The Tom Yam is a must-try.
Seriously! Tak pedas sangat, tak masam sangat. Memang sedap lah..

Kerabu mangga. That is my favorite, no matter where I go.

Kailan goreng. Standard la. Yang penting the kailan is fresh!

And lastly telur dadar. Nampak biase je, tapi bila semua dah masuk mulut.. Yosh!

Carrot and orange juice to quench the thirst.
The drinks had failed us few times before this. It's not that juicy, you know what I mean.
But it's not a 5 star restaurant so we tend to think that it was acceptable in quality (half-heartedly) at times. Haha

The menus are of wide varieties actually. From dessert to light meal to main course. Somtam, Meangkam, Rojak Buah, Keropok Ikan, Me Celup to Kerapu Tiga Rasa, Daging Masak Merah, Sup Ekor and all lah. You name it you get it =D

So if you happen to be around Kampung Baru and feeling hungry? Feel free to drop by Sukhumvit and tell me what you have tried and how does it impressed you. Or if it doesn't. I wish to give it a try if others would highly recommend me so!


  1. lisa,

    dah cantik sukumvit skang ek...

    dah 2 taun kot tak pegi..kene pegi ni...

    btw, setia sky residence tu project nita skg...slalu gak ke site tu, kalo ade quality isuue.

  2. haah nita. tp makanan sume menten je sedap lg skg ni.. =)

    oo projek nita ke. nita dgn SP Setia ke? mantop tuh.. mostly projek SP Setia hi end punye kn. teringin jgk nk bli setiasky tu waktu launching dlu. jimat minyak kete hari2! tp mcm xde life plak duk tgh2 bandar. nk pegi pasar pn jauh..

  3. tu la..mknn kat situ mmg sedap..lain dr yg lain..name foodiez pun macam-macam kan...

    bukan dgn SP setia...nita dgn concrete supplier, TASEK..ape2 bangunan nak naik pun kene pakai concrete kan..:)) kire project SP ni kitorg dpt supply big amount gak...hahah SP ni major customer kitorang..

    mmg cantik sky residence ni...high end...huhu duduk ngadap klcc..takmo2...nak makan nasi lemak daun pisang susah nanti...hehehhe

  4. tula. SP ni bukan buat high end buildings je. tp die punye staff pn mmg bagus la. SetiaSky tu dkt dgn office lisa. so biasala kawasan construction msti ada nyamuk kn. so SP siap offer kt office lisa nk buat fogging kt area yg berdekatan tu. dorang plak yg risau psl building ktrng. i like! =D



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