Monday, July 4, 2011

Travel Guide to Vietnam: Caravelle Hotel

I was browsing my draft entries (quite a number of them) recently and I found this - the never been published post of my last travel tale before I went to the labor room. Err.. approximately 20 months back. Hehe. I went to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) during my third trimester in 2009. It was definitely not a good idea to travel that far when you're carrying a bulgy and hefty front load with you but dearest hubby was working there those times so he decided to bring me for my last baby-moon trip that year. Further more I was on a two-months of unpaid leaves (I'm taking leaves way earlier before the little guy was born) and I will never refuse that kind of offer!

Caravelle Hotel, Saigon. The main lobby.

We decided to stay at Caravelle Hotel that is situated at the heart of Saigon (currently Caravelle Hotel is ranked #8 in the TripAdvisor Popularity Index in HCMC). Sheraton Hotel is just a walking distance from Caravelle but hubby mentioned earlier that the internet charge was so high. Compared to Caravelle - the high speed internet connection is FREE for you to enjoy 24/7 in-room and throughout the hotel. Oh the IT staff was so efficient and the manager himself responded to our queries so fast!

Further more, the golden plaque up here was quite an attraction. Ain't it!

The hotel is situated exactly in front of the Saigon Opera House.
The view of this building is magnificent during the night!

We were traveling via Air Asia for 2 hours. And it does gave me back ache as soon as we arrived at the Tan Son Nhat international airport. But I was truly contented when I'm witnessing this view once I stepped into the hotel room. The king size bed was as clean as a whistle, huge of course and the quilt was so comfy! The heavily pregnant lady just knew she would probably spend most of her quality hours just to be on the bed during the babymoon trip. Hehe

This is the wash room. It was very clean definitely. The toiletries were were plentiful and more than enough (tho I'm bringing my own, bole la buat souvenir balik Malaysia nanti. Hek). The water pressure was high and the water heater was just nice. Oh the tong sampah was quite big too. Takdela cinonet macam kat certain hotel tu. Cukup2 je nak masukkan polystyrene food containers itu. Huhu..

Each night after dinner we went to the roof top that accommodate the swimming pool plus jacuzzi, the gym and the salon & spa just to have a quality hubby-wifey talk and discussing so many issues - especially of regards to our soon to be born Faheem Darwish. The ambiance was so nice and soothing.

Saigon town was a bit dusty, well according to my hubby, but I don't really think so. Maybe I just can't sense the allergen as I'm having sinus upset (is there such thing? haha) from the first day I'm pregnant! With non stop coughing? Huhu. But I'm back to normal once Faheem was out from the tummy land, I seriously stopped coughing in the labor room itself. Alhamdulillah..

Anyway, will come out with another Saigon entry soon.
Halal foods in Vietnam!

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