Friday, August 12, 2011

Bumbu Desa KLCC. Last iftar with hubby.

On hubby's last day in KL, we went to Bumbu Desa Restaurant in KLCC for our last iftar together. Why Bumbu Desa? Maybe because it's near to my office (I'm working that day). And the other reason was probably due to the meal choices that we have at Bumbu Desa. My husband has always prone to have only nasi for iftar and Bumbu Desa provides rice with various kind of lauk pauk yang seakan sama dengan masakan Malaysia.

(Bumbu Desa originates from Indonesia. It serves Sundanese Food).

Moreover a good friend of mine has posted few pictures of her favorite ayam cabai hijau of Bumbu Desa at FB. I sometimes drooled looking at the pictures even tho I haven't tasted it before. Oh I had texted her before I proceed with the reservation. She gave me the green light so here we go!

These were the lauk pauks that we ordered that day. I just can't remember the authentic names of each meals but there's ayam goreng, gulai ayam, kailan goreng and err.. tempe. I know it's healthy. Nanti kulit bole cantek mantek macam ex MB Selangor itu! Ooppss. Regrettably I'm not so keen with tempe. Only hubby and Faheem ate that!

Oh I forgot, there's also gulai sotong!

Of all the menus this is what I like the most! The Talapia was being fried so long until it turned so crispy and yummy! And that sambal with mangga was simply a lip smacking. Enough said.

The second one in the top rank is this pulut durian! Do you believe me that I haven't tried pulut durian in my whole life?? I don't know why but I only eat durian, the fruit itself. I shall say NO to segala macam makanan that mix with durian. Ntah. Macam pelik. Hubby ordered that pulut durian and he kinda forced me to give it a try. And I did half heartedly..

Ya Allah sedapnye Pulut Durian!! Tak tahu pulak sesedap itu selame ni.. =D
Lepas ni pergi KLCC kene makan lagi. Serious.

Faheem playing with Tommy. The interior deco was quite nice too..

Done with the wonderful meals we went to Mandarin Oriental Hotel to perform Maghrib and Isya' prayers. Chit chat for a while and he sent us to the car-park. Get his stuff ready and we were off to our home sweetest home, without the darling husband. He's off to the airport by himself. Huhu. I shall not elaborate more on this heart wrenching event.

Anyhow, I would like to recommend Bumbu Desa to all of you!
Nice food, friendly staffs, beautiful interior and clean environment =)


  1. pergghh talapia tu..siap posing habis haha..tggl xnmpk senyuman je..are pun first time tgk persembahan mknn sedemikian rupa ;)

  2. Are! Abang talapia lupe nk pkai polident la haritu. Sbb tu tunduk shy2 cat je.. =p



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