Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet. Halal foods in Houston.

My apology for postponing the Factory Outlets entry (as promised) dear readers. I have so many pictures of them and I get confused in picking up which one is the right ones to put in here. To make my life easier, I shall proceed with other entries that require less images first (I really need some time to explore them!)

Anyhow being in the states, you need not to worry about finding halal food. Just click and you may find a selection of Halal Restaurants near you. We had chosen Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet since it is located in the heart of Houston town, just a few minutes away from The Galleria (the shopping mall). Hehe. Moreover it's great to have 'buffet-ed' meals for lunch and we heard the place charged a reasonable price too.

The journey from Sheraton Houston West Hotel took us approximately 25 minutes to reach Dimassi's. And we really enjoy the short trip because of the routes it led us through! Remember Desperate Housewives? The beautiful houses they lived in? Especially Bree? Gosh I managed to witness many of them each time we were on our way to Dimassi's! With greenish grass and well decorated entrance and beautiful houses.. Ahh.. I just went speechless. Will upload the pictures in the next next entry hopefully =)

The restaurant is just opposite the main road - Westhiemer Rd. So no worries, you'll find it easily. Upon arriving it was almost 12.30pm and the sun blaze stroke us 90 degree on the head. Panas sangat ya Allah! Luckily the drinks were ready and the chefs were serving the foods by the time we get inside the restaurant. We were the first customers that day!

While waiting for the food to get ready hubby had a conversation with the restaurant manager. He's an Iranian if I'm not mistaken. The restaurant belongs to his good friend. The lunch buffet priced at USD12 per person. Really value for money!

Manisan mak2 arab.. Ingat nak beli jugak sebekas tu, makan dalam kereta ke dalam bilik ke, but hubby is never keen of any sweetie desserts so tak jadila. Sorang2 je enjoy makan tak syok la kan!


The side dishes..

Looking at the main courses really flashed back the mouthful memories of Al-Rawsha or Hadramawt.. I'm really hoping it would tasted the same. Or at least near to that. But nahhh... The foods were pretty plain (well for my taste buds). Less salt, less sugar, less spices. But it was indeed a healthy food la. Halal some more. I don't blame the restaurant anyway. I came to their place and I should respect their food. It's just that I'm a truly Asian and I eat a bit more spicy and saltier foods than you do. The only thing that I really love is the fried chicken. Yang tu sodap! Sampai 3 ketul la ratah sorang2.. =p

Another side of desserts. Povlovas.. Manis gilak. Makan secubit je..

Wide variety of hot and cold drinks. Oh there's a Koi pond inside the restaurant =)

That's all for the Halal foods in Houston.
The place is indeed very value for the penny spent
- if you're arriving there for lunch.
Check out for more Halal Restaurants in


  1. Tgk makanan dia kemain bnyk n nmpk sedap sekali xde rasa. Terusbputus selera nk mkn nasi arab hehe. Alaaa... Lepas nie la entry shopg ek ek ek plzzz. Dlu fakri g sane dia xciter byk pun yg kat outlet shopg branded stuff tue.

  2. Itula psl.. Ayam, ikan, daging, kambeng msk mcm2 jenis ada. Sekali tawar da. Light sgt rs die. Tp mat salleh yg health freak tu rmai la pg sane. Hehe. Matsaleh ni kalo dessert ke pastries ke bru drg mkn manis2. Siap tabur gula atas muffin! Nk muntah sbb manis sgt.. Huk

    Ok2. Hopefully weken ni akak bleh browse thru the pics tnpa gangguan berlebihan dr Encik Faheem tu. Hehe :D

  3. Ayam perchik kene pegi Leha la papa! Hikk



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