Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sayang nak iPad tak?

Yet another surprise and a dream come true by the darling husband?
Alhamdulillah.. He has never fail to do so since the first day I get to know him! =)

Well it's an iPad 2. I know I know I'm late! =p I'm sure everybody would love to have an iPad but both of us already have our own laptops so (initially) I don't think we should spend on something that we already have. Membazir amalan shaiton! But I do have to agree that iPad is a great learning gadget for dear Faheem. But don't you think he's still small for that? Oh he used to threw my iPhone whenever he fells like doing so and I can't imagine if he did the same thing to the iPad? *Fainted. Luckily Apple products were robust enough for this tiny aggressive family =D

Hurriedly went to Machines KLCC when we noticed
that they have re-stocked iPad 2 via Machines' FB Page.
Done with the iPad we had lunch at our forever favorite Chakri!

Ok. Things just happen when hubby received a golden opportunity for a training course on Shale Gas at the states. We're gonna be apart again that's one thing for sure. So communication is crucial. We will text and call each other like always but video call is another important criteria - when you have a rapidly growing kid in the family. YM yeah. Skype yeah. FaceTime? It's a NO since hubby is using 3GS. So we are left with the iPad? - Ok, I make up story, haha.
"Sayang.. Sedihla nak tinggal sayang lagi.. I really need to get you something lah. As a present. Sayang nak ape?"
Cik isteri yang masih lagi terkejut dengan short notice tersebut just keeping her cutie lips shut. I have almost every happiness in the world now and I don't think I need anything else my dear, well for now la. I was just about to burst that isteri mithali-ish sentence when hubby suddenly said..
"Sayang nak iPad tak?"
I was speechless for a moment. Err.. I want it but not now. It's not a current necessity tho. But when hubby keeps on bugging me and repetitively asking if the iPad is ok for me, I just said yes. After all Faheem will have a new companion in the house, in the absence of his father. And video call made easy too with the brand new gadget. Thank you again papa!

Big hugs and smooches across the continents papa!

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