Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sheraton Houston West Hotel. Magnificent Stay!

This is where we stayed during our first trip to Houston few weeks back. It was just perfect tho initially I found it a bit confusing in finding the right hotel for us. This was merely due to the 'hotel' term itself that seemed a bit different compared to what we practically use in Malaysia. According to hubby most of his friends tend to stay at La Quinta Inn when ever they are on a business trip to Houston. There are hundreds of La Quinta Inns all over Texas itself!

Without hesitating much I visited their official website and became a fan of their FB page to dig more info about La Quinta and I found one La Quinta Inn that is situated just a few miles from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (great!) but it will takes nearly an hour (or more if you're stuck in a massive traffic jam) to reach hubby's working place. So it's a NO.

Later that day I found something that was quite shocking. La Quinta actually allows their valued guests to bring their pets into the rooms! It's a double NO then (I don't have any idea how in the first place that La Quinta has been highly recommended by his colleague). After a few days of facing trouble on deciding which hotel to stay we finally chose Sheraton because it's the nearest from his workplace.

Moreover, there's Sheraton all over the globe right?! (I'm speaking about that Q factor).

And luckily we just fell in love with the hotel once we stepped in!

The main lobby. It looked so elegant and I like it!

But I just can't bear the smell of alcohol!
The bar with wide selections of wines and what not are just nearby the lobby itself.

Just beside the lobby was the restaurant area.
And this was the place we rushed every morning for breakfast!

Complimentary Zero Coke at the entrance. Takde Coke tak US lah kan.. =p

How creative was this?!
Physically it was exactly like the traditional rotary dial phone.
But this one is without the turning-dial. Digitalized already =D

The room's access cards.
We actually collect all hotel's access cards that we have been to before this.
Saje2 simpan buat memory, we have quite a number of them now..

Everything in Sheraton Houston West was so neat and nice..
Just suits a perfectionist-as like me!

Our king size bed. They called it sweet sleeper bed. We don't have any idea what does it really means until we laid our exhaustive body on the first night we reached Houston. Oh dear, the comfort-ness of the bed was beyond our expectation, like seriously. We had such a quality sleep each nights!

42" LCD TV with Full HD. The channels are numerous.
From the free ones to the paid ones.


Layan Hitz.fm morning crew with no hassle at all!

This was among the best part of all. In-room Starbucks available in every rooms!

The bathroom was pretty simple but it was so neat and clean!
The water pressure was high too!

Complimentary newspapers every morning. There's also a snack vending machine in the hotel (if you need some chewies in the middle of the night) and the colorful flowers at the car-park was indeed soothing. By the way it was sizzling hot summer at Houston during the trip. And I really mean it, SIZZLING hot summer. Tak best part tu!

Summer holiday has brought us Summer Sale!
Will updates on the wonderful factory outlets in Houston soon!
We shopped like crazyyy... Enough said.


  1. Partbshopping xsabar nak bacaaaa cepattttt update kekeke.

  2. baeklah baklah =D hopefully faheem xkacau lah!

  3. no one can resist factory outlet ble g US. xkire ah sale ke xsale..

  4. that's what i heard all this while =) hv u been shopping during Black Friday liyana? My officemate sid time tu lagi gilak! branded stuffs can go more than 75% discounts! haiyakk..



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