Friday, September 30, 2011

Pregnancy Week 11. Of cravings and swollen foot?

Assalamualaikum anak mama! =)

Your baby is now as big as a fig. Erk.. Almost as big as my fist. But it doesn't really show up to the public I can say. As nobody will notice I'm carrying the lil one until me myself burst out the good news. Tapi seluar ofis sudah mulai ketat. It can still fit me in but it started to get a bit uncomfortable when I finish my breakfast or lunch meals. Maybe this weekend kut nak selongkar store room tu. I have kept my previous maternity apparels in one luggage bag 2 years back.. Tak sangka dah nak pakai balik baju2 tersebut.. =)

As for cravings, err.. I don't have anything specific to crave now. I just love to eat, like everything. I easily get hungry these days - maybe that explains my addiction to foods currently. But I discover something that's a bit odd from my previous experience. Last time I just can't have anything chocolatey, even the plain bar of chocolate. Almost setahun lebih la jugak tak sentuh langsung chocolate. But this time, I need it like everyday! Every weekend (during grocery shopping) I'll make sure the chocolate will be re-stocked. Huhu. I know it's pretty bad since I'll be consuming too much of caffeine then. Hm.

This weekend tak bole lalu dah la kat chocolate shelves tuu.. =(

My breakfast today, Club Sandwich!
With chicken, egg, toasted wholemeal bread and yes. Lots of vege!
Alhamdulillah.. Kenyang sangat tadi =)

As for my foot. I'm just in my 11th week but why am I experiencing sort of swollen foot?? I think it's way too early for that. Don't you think the same? Ntahla.. Maybe sebab I walk a lot this time. Hari2 drive pergi balik office. Buat itu ini kat rumah lagi. Last time encik suami suruh duduk goyang kaki je, semua bende die nak buat. Even cooking, tho he fails at it big time.. Kekeke.. Sorry papa! =D

Well to overcome it I've changed my shoes now. Keluarkan balik Mothercare sandal yang dulu tu. It's still in a good condition, alhamdulillah.. Sebab last time pun banyak MC plus unpaid leave lagi 2 bulan. And maternity leave lagi 2 bulan. So takdela pakai sangat. Untuk ke office, my Alain Delon boot da simpan dalam shoe cabinet siap2. And switch to my Clarks yang beli time US trip haritu. Syukur sangat tak beli boot jugak haritu.. Kalau tak satu hal nak cari kasut baru lagi..

Need to sign off now. Just received another vacation-assignment from the beloved hubby =)

Jom kita surfing!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cara encik suami handle isteri yang sedang stress.

I'm in my 10th week of pregnancy, literally.

And this the truth about myself, currently.
Your hormones are raging through your body. And this can wreak havoc on your emotional sanity. So be prepared to spend the next few months swinging from one end of the emotional pendulum to the other.
No further explanation for the above statement. Just eat that..

While the mood swinging thingy is really tearing me up for the past few days, suddenly the darling hubby told me that he has a good news to voice out. But I have to wait until he finishes his tennis session. Fair enough. I'll do anything for a great news!

Tunggu punya tunggu..
Finally he asked me to click on the link of the email that he has just sent
as soon as he reached home..

It's Emirates High Street Collection. Ala2 AirAsia Megastore tu (I believe any other airlines pun have the same thing). But Emirates punya ni macam syok sikit the products they displayed.

At first I was a bit un-clear with the 'good news'. Ok. I do know that he's totally aware that I love buying stuff but.. Hm. Nak tergelak pun ada. So you intentionally asked me to choose anything that I wish form the website by using your accumulated Skywards points so that I might be forgetting all the nonsense thoughts that mingle in my sereberum now and.. my life would gets back to normal again? Hehehe.. Papa papa.. =D Thank you so much for the cutie effort!

But frankly speaking I'm not interested (at all) in purchasing anything now. Err.. Well it's good if I can get anything nice to EAT every single day but pls slash the un-food. I've browsed thru the website and I'm in love with few of the kids stuff and kitchenette stuff (pls refer to the above image, I used to crave for WMF cutlery set before this! But we already have one set as the wedding gift. And baru pakai sekali time Faheem's 1st Birthday Celebration. So jangan membazir lah kan. KIV until the second home is ready je lah..).

To cut a long story short, thanks again hubby =) InsyaAllah the hormone in-balance effect will slowly subsided in me once I'm reaching the 2nd trimester. I only crave for scrumptious food nowadays (besides you and the little guy!) and not shopping activity.

Hmm.. How funny a husband can be sometines..

Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm on controlled diet and supplement once again. For real!

Yes, you've got it right =) Alhamdulillah.. All praises to the Almighty, I'm finally conceiving the second little miracle in my tummy right after sets of usaha-doa-tawakal since April this year. Me and the charming hubby decided to add in a new member in the family just when I celebrated my last birthday vacation at Thistle JB early this year.

I started to sense something weird in me when I'm puasa penuh this year. But still in denial since my period cycle always a little bit late than schedule. And when Raya came by I felt a little bit of worn out, fatigue and panting every now then (in fact I'm still panting while typing this actually, it's the enlarged blood vessels etc. - so please be calm Lisa and lets have some briskwalk at the park once you've reached home ok).

Hubby will rings me up every day at 10am to remind me of these!
Thank you papa.. =)

My mom is aware of our plan to conceive again this year so she keeps on asking me, "You're pregnant? Dah pregnant kut... Dah la pegi rehat2.." Gosh. That last sentence is such a charm! Haha. Serious ok.. My mom and sisters just let me have my very own spree time during raya at kampung. They were very busy cooking and setting up things on the tables, cabinets etc. but I just laid my back on the comfy sofa watching my fave show while monitoring the lil guy playing around with his cousins. Thank you mama, abah, along, baby! Heee.. =D

A week after raya we traveled back to KL and I took out my pregnancy test kit and yes, the two red lines were there, clearly =) Alhamdulillah.. I told hubby the big news at that instant (tho he already expected it, hihi). He asked me to visit my fave Doctor H later that evening. He scanned my tummy and yes, I can see the tiny foetal in his/her 8 weeks. Subhanallah.. It's like a size of a grape! An amazingly cute grape.. Doctor H congratulated me and then proceeded with the referral letter and all. Dear gynae, I'm seeing you again soon! Hee..

Initially I thought this second pregnancy might be a bit different from the first one, I mean the way I'm having my Hyperemesis gravidarum each days but it seems to turn out quiet the same as my previous trail. I'm facing allergy that leads to a major sinus problem. Runny nose and stuffy nose and totally blocked nose to tummy cramp last week - that has led to 2 days of sick leaves. Huhu. But I'm feeling better this week, alhamdulilllah.. I know this situation wouldn't lasts forever tho. The allergen might strike back at any time now. So lets be prepared Lisa!

The second lil miracle in his 10th week today =)
Adik Faheem!

Umm.. My panting frequency has suddenly increased now. I think I should stop typing. I shall jolt down my next pregnancy experience soon. Dear loves, please keep your prayers for the best - be it for the mommy or the second little one in my tummy. Amin

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Factory Outlets in Houston. Went shopping like mad!

This is the most anticipated part of the whole thousand of miles journey - SHOPPING. I have always heard that most branded stuffs in the US are way cheaper compared to Malaysia but I never bother about it until a colleague who is a pharmacist went there for a seminar. He spent almost 3 weeks all around California and NY (1 week for seminar. 2 weeks for holiday. Fair enough?). He's a guy literally. But he shopped like crazy!

One of my favorite picture.
The satin white cloud with the clear blue sky looks really fascinating isn't it!

And a few weeks before I'm off to the USA, my other colleague which is my schoolmate went to Houston too for a training course. And she briefed me almost the same thing that the guy had told me earlier. I was totally enthusiasted with the trip since then. Hehe

Frankly speaking I'm a bit clueless on what kind of entry this post should be. Meaning: It would become such a dull entry tho. Huhu. Well, first and foremost we shopped like mad because of the very-low price. The price tags amazed us each time we looked at it and each factory outlets even provide discounts some more. Heaven tak? The malls are rather huge too. Numbers of designer stuffs under one roof! The only thing that I wasn't keen about is the tax. There's a small amount of retail tax on everything that we purchased. But the total price would still be way lesser than the price you might be getting in Malaysia. So, don't sweat the small stuff lah kan =)

During the trip we have went to 5 shopping malls:

1. Katy Mills Mall
2. The Galleria
3. Houston Premium Outlets
4. The Woodlands Mall
5. Memorial City Mall

Anyway, let the pictures do the talking aip!

Corning Ware/Corelle. Gulp! This really remembers me of Langkawi! Nak sangat beli set2 pinggan mangkuk semua. They have a totally different design than what I've seen in Langkawi. Sangat cantik, murah, unik dan lain dari yang lain! Hubby pun da nak bagi green light (sebab murah of course). But the actual weight really bothers us the most! Risau sangat takut over weight balik Malaysia nanti. Huhu. So tak tak jadi beli one whole set. We only purchased one pair of casserole set for my parents and and the other pair for my MIL. And one teko air panas sebab teko air panas kat rumah macam da nak pecah..

Nike Factory Store - Hubby borong dozens of his t-shirts right here. I have never seen my husband was so into shopping like he always do. Sometimes he even shopped much more than I do! This is for real ladies!

Disney Factory Outlet - All the cutie and memorable childhood stuffs can be found here. Thank god mama tak subscribe Play House Disney Channel lagi untuk Faheem. Kalo tak mesti nak beli macam2 untuk Faheem. Hehe Levi's Factory Store - Various designs. So cheap. We almost gone crazy at this place too. Especially him!

We have planned to buy one Samsonite huge traveling bag since this little family travels quite often each year. So apparently this trip is such a bonus =D Just look at the desirable and full of colors Samsonite luggage bags on the left side. They were so cute I even felt like kissing them! =P But we can't afford them. Pity us.. Sob sob. Seketul kecik da riban2. We only managed to get the plain silver luggage on the right. It's the new member in the family, priced around USD350.

Cole Haan. Banana Republic. Polo Ralph Lauren. Tommy Hilfiger. I have never dream that I may visit those outlets and purchase their stuff?! I've found most of my favorite stuff in Tommy since they provide many long sleeve shirts that suit myself! And hubby with Polo of course..

Da penat shopping singgah Starbucks macam biasa. Our forever favorite. Teringin jugak nak buat collection mug2 Starbucks tu. Tapi macam banyak sangat da benda yang kitorang buat as souvenir skang ni. Fridge magnet, hotel's access cards, pen/pencil, rug mat etc. So tak payah la kut. Mug2 and cawan2 free yang tak pakai lagi pun berlonggok dalam cabinet. So no need lah..

Da penat shopping jugak tetibe hubby ajak santai2 tengok movie. Apekah? But the cutie wifey has kindly rejected the offer. Thousand apology papa! I was so exhausted that day. Plus jet lag has driving me crazy. I was sleepy like a baby around 3pm and upon reaching 4pm, I was almost fainted! Ngantuk tak hingat punya =( Beloved hubby dragged me to his Dodge and I'm sleeping soundly once my head touches the head rest. And this incident lasted for a week. Phewww..! Da Frust wifey refused the cinema, hubby gets himself a body massage. Ala2 Osim massage chair itu. Semua otot yang tegang da dilenturkan balik so haruslah sambung shopping balik selepas tu!

Aha! And how mesmerizing this picture is? =) Heaven. And I really mean it. Why? Because it was way cheaper than Malaysia! I went to Coach outlet in KLCC and I spotted a huge tote bag priced at +/- RM1.8k But a new-arrival tote bag in Houston only costs me around 200USD! Silalah percaya. Dan hubby yang baik hati itu telah membelikan tote tersebut untuk isteri tersayang. But he did mentioned to me, kalo kat Malaysia memang die tak belikan lah.. Hehe

Clarks factory outlet. Rasa nak pengsan tengok deretan kasut2 itu ok. From boots to sandal to wedges to kiddy shoes (Clarks Doodles-Comel sangat!) Rasa nak beli je untuk family member sorang sepasang. Tapi tak tahu size la pulak. Kasut office si isteri berjaya dirembat disini. Sangat gembira sekali. Few things that I love the most being in the factory outlets in Houston are: 1. Semua kasut die letak sepasang on the display shelf. Kalo kat Malaysia? 2. Sales person duduk kat cash register machine saje. They will only entertain you if you inquire them. Kat Malaysia? Semua sales assistant busy membontoti kita selagi kita tak keluar dari kedai tu kan!

Actually there are more pictures in my hard disc. Oh baby/kids factory outlets lupe nak letak skali. GAP, OshKosh, Old Navy, Carter's, Stride Ride! And the list goes on and on.. Sebab murah sangat Faheem skarang petang2 pegi playground pun pkai overall OshKosh ok. Hehe. Bukan niat nak berlagak. Tapi nak menceritakan keseronokan membeli belah di Amerika Syarikat itu =D Actually almost half of the things that we purchased belongs to Faheem. Anak adalah segala galanya bile da berfamili ni. And barang rumah pun ada sikit. But I don't have the time to upload everything here. Those pictures are the chosen ones, and err.. the sempat ones only. Hehe. If you got the chance going to Houston, weather for business purposes or vacation purposes, never hesitate it! You might be shopping like mad just like us too =)


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