Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cara encik suami handle isteri yang sedang stress.

I'm in my 10th week of pregnancy, literally.

And this the truth about myself, currently.
Your hormones are raging through your body. And this can wreak havoc on your emotional sanity. So be prepared to spend the next few months swinging from one end of the emotional pendulum to the other.
No further explanation for the above statement. Just eat that..

While the mood swinging thingy is really tearing me up for the past few days, suddenly the darling hubby told me that he has a good news to voice out. But I have to wait until he finishes his tennis session. Fair enough. I'll do anything for a great news!

Tunggu punya tunggu..
Finally he asked me to click on the link of the email that he has just sent
as soon as he reached home..

It's Emirates High Street Collection. Ala2 AirAsia Megastore tu (I believe any other airlines pun have the same thing). But Emirates punya ni macam syok sikit the products they displayed.

At first I was a bit un-clear with the 'good news'. Ok. I do know that he's totally aware that I love buying stuff but.. Hm. Nak tergelak pun ada. So you intentionally asked me to choose anything that I wish form the website by using your accumulated Skywards points so that I might be forgetting all the nonsense thoughts that mingle in my sereberum now and.. my life would gets back to normal again? Hehehe.. Papa papa.. =D Thank you so much for the cutie effort!

But frankly speaking I'm not interested (at all) in purchasing anything now. Err.. Well it's good if I can get anything nice to EAT every single day but pls slash the un-food. I've browsed thru the website and I'm in love with few of the kids stuff and kitchenette stuff (pls refer to the above image, I used to crave for WMF cutlery set before this! But we already have one set as the wedding gift. And baru pakai sekali time Faheem's 1st Birthday Celebration. So jangan membazir lah kan. KIV until the second home is ready je lah..).

To cut a long story short, thanks again hubby =) InsyaAllah the hormone in-balance effect will slowly subsided in me once I'm reaching the 2nd trimester. I only crave for scrumptious food nowadays (besides you and the little guy!) and not shopping activity.

Hmm.. How funny a husband can be sometines..


  1. congrates kita geng baby 2009 and 2011,,heheh
    btw i tgk ur medicine tu..i tau obimin+neurogain+calcium..yang lagi 2 tu apa and untuk apa?share sket..

  2. hehehe... bagus gak cara papa faheem tu... shopping is the best therapy kan depa kata... tapi aku pun cam takde mood jer shopping sejak pregnant ni.... mood makan tu yg dasat.. hahaha

  3. nope not funny la dear..usaha keras dari kejauhan tu..juta2 miles away :)

  4. mama mia:
    tq tq mama mia! =) itu vit c and bio-flavanoids. it's mainly for me (mothers) actually. time preggy antibody mommy x kuat sgt kn. can easily be infected with macam2. lisa pulak time preggy tetibe je ada sinusitis. x preggy xde pulak.. just to enhance my health quality =)

  5. mama eesya:
    yezaaaaa... tp ko lg best. hubby disisi. breakfast leh sama2, lunch leh sama2, dinner leh sama2. jeles hoke! itula, sopim2 letak tepi dlu. da mid 2nd trime nt bru dtg mood sopim bb stuff kut. skg kne mkn dlu, lunch ni nk carik pulut duriannnnnnn... =p

  6. are are:
    the thought that counts kn are! =)



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