Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm on controlled diet and supplement once again. For real!

Yes, you've got it right =) Alhamdulillah.. All praises to the Almighty, I'm finally conceiving the second little miracle in my tummy right after sets of usaha-doa-tawakal since April this year. Me and the charming hubby decided to add in a new member in the family just when I celebrated my last birthday vacation at Thistle JB early this year.

I started to sense something weird in me when I'm puasa penuh this year. But still in denial since my period cycle always a little bit late than schedule. And when Raya came by I felt a little bit of worn out, fatigue and panting every now then (in fact I'm still panting while typing this actually, it's the enlarged blood vessels etc. - so please be calm Lisa and lets have some briskwalk at the park once you've reached home ok).

Hubby will rings me up every day at 10am to remind me of these!
Thank you papa.. =)

My mom is aware of our plan to conceive again this year so she keeps on asking me, "You're pregnant? Dah pregnant kut... Dah la pegi rehat2.." Gosh. That last sentence is such a charm! Haha. Serious ok.. My mom and sisters just let me have my very own spree time during raya at kampung. They were very busy cooking and setting up things on the tables, cabinets etc. but I just laid my back on the comfy sofa watching my fave show while monitoring the lil guy playing around with his cousins. Thank you mama, abah, along, baby! Heee.. =D

A week after raya we traveled back to KL and I took out my pregnancy test kit and yes, the two red lines were there, clearly =) Alhamdulillah.. I told hubby the big news at that instant (tho he already expected it, hihi). He asked me to visit my fave Doctor H later that evening. He scanned my tummy and yes, I can see the tiny foetal in his/her 8 weeks. Subhanallah.. It's like a size of a grape! An amazingly cute grape.. Doctor H congratulated me and then proceeded with the referral letter and all. Dear gynae, I'm seeing you again soon! Hee..

Initially I thought this second pregnancy might be a bit different from the first one, I mean the way I'm having my Hyperemesis gravidarum each days but it seems to turn out quiet the same as my previous trail. I'm facing allergy that leads to a major sinus problem. Runny nose and stuffy nose and totally blocked nose to tummy cramp last week - that has led to 2 days of sick leaves. Huhu. But I'm feeling better this week, alhamdulilllah.. I know this situation wouldn't lasts forever tho. The allergen might strike back at any time now. So lets be prepared Lisa!

The second lil miracle in his 10th week today =)
Adik Faheem!

Umm.. My panting frequency has suddenly increased now. I think I should stop typing. I shall jolt down my next pregnancy experience soon. Dear loves, please keep your prayers for the best - be it for the mommy or the second little one in my tummy. Amin


  1. alhamdulilahhh! congrats kak! btw nak tanya soalan sensitif sikit.. if akak benarkan asna tanya direct jer kat sini. if akak rasa was2 asna punye soalan nie nanti asna tnya kat Viber jer ya =) rasanya better nti asna tnya kat viber la ek hehe =)

    Congrats againn! adik faheemm! see you next year!

  2. yeayyy!! congrates mama lisa n ABANG faheem n zuhey..hehe..can smell can smell oredi actually..hehe im sooo happy for u..take care ya..:))

  3. congrats!! due date lebih kurang nih... yeay!!!

    oh, by the way, anak US laa pulak yg ni kan? hahahaha

  4. congrats dear lissa....happy for you..fahim dah big bro nak dapat adik..

    same cam nita dulu, umor twin 1 thn 9 bulan, nita dah 8 weeks pregnant qaseh..

    take a super duper care dear!!

    hopefully this will be a girl pulak kan..baru havoc nanti...

  5. Tahniah Lissa... ;) tumpang happy...hehehe
    Don't forget to share your experience here...
    Btw, take care! :)

  6. lissa!!congrats! hepi sgt dengar..lepas ni update selalu ye blh share experience second pregnancy ni :)

  7. asna:
    if it's a bit sensitive then viber jela asna. anytime ok :) tp kalo akak x reply tu asna re-send lah. sbb kdg2 sms msuk tp gone missing just like that.

    tq tq! doakan semuanya selamat eh asna. amin =)

    auntie are2! kata faheem. hikk.. tq tq vry much. da agak msti org dpt tau jgk last2. hehe. doakan semuanya baik2 aja eh =)

  8. mama mash:
    tq! yezaaa... tu yg aku excited tu. ada geng deliver almost sama2! =D ko nye made in london kah? aku nye spt yg ko jangka lah.. haha. nx time mmg kne travel bru menjadi kut. hikkk

    mama nita:
    tq tq nita =) lisa x kesah mane2 skg ni. org ckp kalo dpt gal syok la sepasang kn. 3rd one nt xyah berharap gal or boy lg. tp lisa ok jgk kalo boy lg. sbb famli lisa rmai dh gal. hehe

  9. mama chot:
    tq linda =) insyaAllah ada kesempatan nt lisa update. tgk harap kerajinan jgk ni. mcm last time lgsung x berupdate blog. last2 blog tu kne delete n buat blog bru. hihihi.. =D u take care too!

    mama ainul:
    trima kasey ainul! impian di hati mmg nk update salu. tp kdg bz, kdg x sempat, kdg da lama sgt jadik draft delete je trus. huhuhu. tgk la kut2 2nd pregnancy ni ada azam bru berjaya merubah mood blogging lisa ni. hehe =D

  10. wah tahniah lisa...moga selamat semua...bestla faheem nak jadi abang dah, tapi nampak faheem memang dah ada gaya musim mengandung ni, mash pun mengandung....nanti tulisla selalu pengalamn pregnant, seronok baca..ok lisa take care!

  11. TQ norlin. amin amin.. moga2 selamat la semuanya. lisa risau jgk ni. sbb hubby xde and i need to do everything all by myself. hari2 drive pg blk keje. weken pn keluar pg bli groceries, bwk faheem pg pool & playground etc. tp syukur jgk ada pembantu kt rumah. every weken pn family member lisa try to dtg rumah jenguk2 apa yg patut.

    xpayah risau sgt lah kn. jaga diri elok2 dan serahkan sumenye pd Dia. insyaAllah.. skg ni pn faheem da start bahasakan diri die abang ni norlin. salu betulkan ble mama silap pgil die faheem. heheh.

  12. Congrats Lisa! Kite pon Alhamdulillah pregnant 5 months dah :). Btol tu kene travel baru lekat kot...hahaha...But mine not oversea laa....Malaysia Cameron Highlands...hihi

  13. tq tq aishah! =) and again, congrats to u too! =) kejap je kn, da 5months da.. xkesah la mane2. yang penting mood tu ada. haha. and alhamdulillah bnyk2 sbb akhirnya Allah perkenankn jgk. take a really good care of urself ok!



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