Friday, September 30, 2011

Pregnancy Week 11. Of cravings and swollen foot?

Assalamualaikum anak mama! =)

Your baby is now as big as a fig. Erk.. Almost as big as my fist. But it doesn't really show up to the public I can say. As nobody will notice I'm carrying the lil one until me myself burst out the good news. Tapi seluar ofis sudah mulai ketat. It can still fit me in but it started to get a bit uncomfortable when I finish my breakfast or lunch meals. Maybe this weekend kut nak selongkar store room tu. I have kept my previous maternity apparels in one luggage bag 2 years back.. Tak sangka dah nak pakai balik baju2 tersebut.. =)

As for cravings, err.. I don't have anything specific to crave now. I just love to eat, like everything. I easily get hungry these days - maybe that explains my addiction to foods currently. But I discover something that's a bit odd from my previous experience. Last time I just can't have anything chocolatey, even the plain bar of chocolate. Almost setahun lebih la jugak tak sentuh langsung chocolate. But this time, I need it like everyday! Every weekend (during grocery shopping) I'll make sure the chocolate will be re-stocked. Huhu. I know it's pretty bad since I'll be consuming too much of caffeine then. Hm.

This weekend tak bole lalu dah la kat chocolate shelves tuu.. =(

My breakfast today, Club Sandwich!
With chicken, egg, toasted wholemeal bread and yes. Lots of vege!
Alhamdulillah.. Kenyang sangat tadi =)

As for my foot. I'm just in my 11th week but why am I experiencing sort of swollen foot?? I think it's way too early for that. Don't you think the same? Ntahla.. Maybe sebab I walk a lot this time. Hari2 drive pergi balik office. Buat itu ini kat rumah lagi. Last time encik suami suruh duduk goyang kaki je, semua bende die nak buat. Even cooking, tho he fails at it big time.. Kekeke.. Sorry papa! =D

Well to overcome it I've changed my shoes now. Keluarkan balik Mothercare sandal yang dulu tu. It's still in a good condition, alhamdulillah.. Sebab last time pun banyak MC plus unpaid leave lagi 2 bulan. And maternity leave lagi 2 bulan. So takdela pakai sangat. Untuk ke office, my Alain Delon boot da simpan dalam shoe cabinet siap2. And switch to my Clarks yang beli time US trip haritu. Syukur sangat tak beli boot jugak haritu.. Kalau tak satu hal nak cari kasut baru lagi..

Need to sign off now. Just received another vacation-assignment from the beloved hubby =)

Jom kita surfing!


  1. sandwich tue akak buat ke beli? berselera sungguh nmpknya! bru lps mkn nie dh lapar balik..

  2. isk.. hari jumaat ni asna. nk buat bfast mls nk buat keje apetah lagi. kekeke. akak bli kt cafe ofis ni je tu. lps mkn terduduk 5min xleh begerak sbb knyg sgt =p

    cantek kn asna sandwich tu. akak ingtkn mcm mane la die buat dlu. slame ni drg buat kt dapo, tp td org tu buat kt kaunter dpn. punyela senang, nice plak tu. nt akak tunjuk tutorial club sandwich tu kt blog. ehehe

  3. hoho xsabar! kasi bahan2 sekali guna ape ek =D

  4. mash:
    hopefully everything runs according to plan lah! =)

    akak mmg hantu sandwich. insyaAllah ada kelapangan nt akak try buat kt umh k =)



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