Wednesday, October 12, 2011

3D Scan at 13 Weeks Pregnancy

There you go! =) Our precious second lil one. Subhanallah.. Went to Prince Court Medical Center for the routine prenatal visit with the beloved husband yesterday. The lil one is currently in his/her 13w4d of gestational-weeks. The gynae switched to the 3D probe just incase if the most anticipated gender-issue is visible now (but I'm sure it's way too early for that, hihi) - to explain the picture below..

Assalamualaikum uncles and aunties!

The gynae managed to capture the best position of his genital part but as expected, we hardly saw anything there. He/She is way too small to freely pose his tiny 'toot' to the parents, ngee. Anyhow, it's great to know that the gynae still remember us. The husband who frequently went overseas, the wife who used to work with her ex uni-mate, the office-politics (her issue and mine) and the symptoms and complications I had during last pregnancy. This has made the ice breaking session runs faster than expected muddled with laughs and teasing like we used to have in 2009. Nice one!

The baby - Baby is doing fine (well that's all I can say now since I'm still in the early phase of pregnancy tho I'll be entering the 2nd trime next week?!). I can hardly feel any kickings or any acrobatic movements as yet. Buy seeing the precious one with 3D view makes me the happiest mother on earth, literally. I know it's still early, tapi selalu je datang perasaan kenapa la tak rasa pape ni. Ok ke tak ni. Tak kan baby tido je.. Huhu. The 3D view really comforts me! I can see the baby vividly clear, moving round and round in the womb and stretching his cutie legs and hands wherever it wishes to. Leganya.. Alhamdulillah!

The mommy - Momma has gain only a kilo since the day I knew I'm pregnant (8th week). She said that's too little, but I never bother about that. I'm sure, sooner or later I'll gain more and more kilos as the second pregnancy journey went by, just like the first pregnancy. Awal2 slow dulu.. Once I'm on the right track, haaaa.. We'll see how laaaa... =D

Lunch nasi ayam tadi with 2 slices of rock mellon. Tapi lapar lagik!


  1. hahaha.. perasaan yg sama.. betul ke pregnant ni? except when the alahan comes, then mmg tau laaa pregnant...

  2. hohoho.. risau kan! =D da tgk dpn mata bru la rs lega..

  3. U made me feel like getting pregnant again! ;)

  4. kekeke.. once the right time comes hurriedly proceed with the plan ok! =)



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