Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Celebrating Deepavali with Tosai and Arundhati

Public holiday was great, as always. Me and the little explorer woke up as early as the birds started chirping and I got him going round the neighborhood finding some kuih puteri ayu (our fav). Then we proceed with breakfast at the Mamak place near my house. Tosai telur for me whilst roti telur for the little guy. As expected, Faheem was behaving excellently when there's only the two of us going out. Marvelous!

Arriving Mamak it was fully loaded with homosapiens! Both the car park and the tables. But it was indeed our lucky day as there was a car moving out as soon as we are approaching; exactly in front of the restaurant and teduh pulak tu. Alhamdulillah.. Got in the Mamak place and I just need not more than 2mins to be seated as there was a family that have just done with their meals. Great! Faheem's table manner was perfectly in place and he ate a lot. Double the greatness!

Done with breakfast I decided to took him for a morning stroll along the pavement since it's still early and the powerful Vitamin D was shining brightly and nicely to ourselves. Approaching 7Eleven I get him a Vitagen (his forever fav), as a token of reward and appreciation for behaving so well with momma this morning :) Then only I realized people were crowding the place for food so I hurriedly get back to our ride and drove home.

I was browsing the TV channels when I noticed there was no Handy Manny or Timmy Time or Jungle Junction during afternoon so I started to randomly click the remote button and there you go, Arundhati on Astro Fiesta. Agak epik la cite ni. Syok pulak melayan dengan babysitter Faheem tu. Tapi banyak sangat thriller and scene yang berdebar2, seriously not good for the pregnancy. So I watched it half way je. Hoho. This is the second Hindustan horror movie I watched. The first one tu lupe dah, it started with K. Hmm. Memory loss..

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Hmmm.. Faheem has been sleeping soundly since 12.30pm. He's right on my side now. Tetibe rasa mengantuk yang amat. I need to doze off lah for a while.. Petang nanti bawak Faheem pergi playground and mandi manda at the wading pool skalik kalo kudrat mengizinkan. Signing off now. Zzzzzzz....

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  1. Akhirnya berjaya keluar rumah berdua jer dgn faheem hhe alhamdulilahh..

    Komen utk entry bwah: sayu hati asna. Bulan 12 nti pun fakri start bz g offshore juga. Tinggal la asna n haikal jer berdua di rumah. Xtau la mcm mane nanti. Akak be strong ya xlama dh 3 bulan tue pejam celik dh smpi masa pap faheem balik msia smula ;) chill ya ;))

    big hug! Nanti later kot kita 2 boring jom g titiwangsa nak?. Hehe if our hubby not around la hehe

  2. Aku tgk gak arundhati tu walaupun horror2 camtu.. Hahahaha.. Tapi tu citer tamil laa.. Bukan hindustan..

  3. akak stat bwk faheem kua berdua sejak papa pg us lg asna, 3bulan lps. tu pn sbb die da besa kn. senang nk handle. pulak tu kalo berdua je faheem tu sgt lah behave. kalo ada org len mula la nk buat pape suke hati die. kekeke

    hug u back! thx a lot asna =) alhamdulillah im feeling a lot more better today. pagi2 td papa call he said he may be back a month earlier than the schedule. syukur sgt2. insyaAllah xde pape tu asna, parents asna dkt je, kwn2 lagi la dkt kn. keliling rumah ada je sape2 yg asna bleh hello if anything kn? including me =) titiwangsa bole saje, whatsapp or viber saja okeh! ajak kak are skalik, suh die babysit haikal n monitor faheem. tgk ape jadi. haha..

    laaa tamil ke? aku x reti nk differentiate lah. hahaahha.. aku tgk smpai pasupathi tu duk panggil2 heroin tu dr dlm tomb die tu. da la tok2 bomoh tu ckp mcm xkn mati je pasupathi tu. aku trus frust. org jahat kene mati la!!! =p



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