Friday, October 7, 2011

How Healthy is Dim Sum? No more Dim Sum!

This is what I'm having today for breakfast, dim sum. A so called healthy breakfast?
Along with the charming husband who has just arrived from the states safely..

Well, apart from this actually. Grilled chicken burger.
And err.. another dish that I've forgotten to capture =p

To make a long story short, something struck into my mind later this afternoon. Well the clinicians are busy with their valve summit today - that leads to a very low activity to the non clinicians like me. And it's Friday. And it's raining heavily outside. Ahh..

Ok lets get back to the real picture here. Are the dim sums we had today really healthy as what the rumors have been spreading around the globe all these years? I googled and the answer was NO! Hong Kong Center for Food Safety has conducted a study entitled Nutrient Values of Chinese Dim Sum and resulted to this shocking but true statements..
The results showed that the total fat, saturated fat and sodium contents of some Chinese dim sum were quite high, whilst the calcium and dietary fiber contents were generally low.
A balanced diet can be achieved by choosing food carefully during a dim sum meal in Chinese restaurants. Members of the public are recommended to choose Chinese dim sum that are low in total fat and rich in complex carbohydrate as the staple foods; consume about half plate of boiled vegetable per person (preferably without sauce); consume steamed salty dim sum in moderate amount; choose less pan-fried and deep-fried dim sum and avoid consuming the soup of rice-in-soup and noodles-in-soup. Chinese restaurant patrons are also advised to have one to two servings of low-fat/skimmed dairy products for the rest of the day to ensure adequate intake of calcium.
Just click the link if you wish to know more about the study.

But I really have to agree that the dim sums I had this morning were yummy indeed. With the multi-color presentation and the salty sauces. Hohoho. Thanks to the the Hong Kong body who came up with that simple yet important analysis. You have opened up many eyes to the food lovers of the Cantonese traditional snack. Anyway, it's not that I'm gonna stop eating dim sum at that instant! Hehe. But to make gaps between each dishes I'm gonna have.. =) And to choose wisely..

- TGIF -

Weekend ni tengok The Three Musketeers jom!!

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