Monday, October 10, 2011

Resipi Mee Jawa terbaik!

This is my family-breakfast yesterday, Mee Jawa (Javanese Mee). Prepared by none other than the best cook in the family, me momma a.k.a nenek Faheem. To have a homemade Mee Jawa and to enjoy every sip with the whole big family was indeed, splendid. Thank you Allah for the happiness and joy that you bring into this family. Alhamdulillah..

And the recipe? Err.. Sorry guys. Mama Faheem pakar bab2 tolong kat dapur sahaja. Kekeke. Wanna know more about the step-by-step of making a scrumptious Mee Jawa, I need to consult my mom again and again. And to list down every single thing she does! Anyhow, roughly the steps would most probably be like this one. A recipe taken from MyResipi.Com Give it a try!

And this is the Mee Jawa prepared by, again, the most loved person during raya this year.
I'm salivating now. Gulp!

By the way all the family members were spending their 4-days-off at my crib last week since we are attending my cousin's wedding reception at Dewan Merak Kayangan, that is nearby the Dewan Perdana Felda. Again, feels so blessed when everyone is in the house! But nothing lasts forever.. Sob sob. They have safely traveled back to our hometown this morning. And the person that would 'suffer' the most would be: My dearly Faheem.. =( Sabar eh Faheem, takmo nangis2.. Nanti kite jumpe pakcik2 and makcik2 kat Kedah pulak ok!
I'm planning for a great getaway with hubby and the young man.. Where about eh? Thinking of Universal Studios Singapore and hubby already agreed with that. But I'm not so keen with the time constraint.. Humpp..

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