Friday, November 18, 2011

Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi. Room Rate and The Resort Views.

We've spent our 1st babymoon trip for this second baby at Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi, not that truly Colmar in France. Heee.. This is definitely an unplanned trip. Hubby was back in KL last 2 months to settle few issues that the wifey was unable to resolve by herself i.e banking stuff, the home, the ride. Upon completing all items in the to-do-list, hubby had suggested a babymoon trip. I was electrified with that plan, who doesn't?

After few days of searching the web we have decided to spent the babymoon at Universal Studios Singapore. I even surveyed the AirAsia tickets (RM800 return tickets for three that would be on me) and hubby contacted the Resort World Reservation and Hard Rock Hotel Singapore for bookings but the flow suddenly came to a halt when we realized the package would only be cheaper if we make bookings via MasterCard. Hubby only has Amex and Visa and the wifey is left with only Visa. MasterCard da potong last year sebab tak guna sangat.

Lepas berhari2 buat dunno je pasal trip tersebut, tetibe encik suami tersayang ajak pergi Bukit Tinggi. I'm saying NO at that instant. Why? Err.. actually da bnyk kali review pasal Colmar Tropicale ni time nak pergi holiday dulu2. And sadly, I noticed the bad feedbacks were much more than the good ones (at Colmar Tropicale). Sorry YTL for I have to claim it here! =D

However, hubby insisted on going somewhere just nearby KL, nice and cooling to treat the beloved wifey and that active lil boy with good food in a soothing environment. I was on leave that Friday. We woke up early to do the routine grocery shopping and the short discussion during picking up packets of carrot has led us back to our home, express hotel booking, express packing and within 1 hour, we were here!

Pinky window pane. Nice one!

So simple yet so mesmerizing..

It has started to drizzle when we arrived at Bukit Tinggi. Luckily Faheem's Maclaren stroller (Techno XT) can be expended so that the little one is being covered from the rain. I've forgotten to bring along the stroller's rain cover, kalau tak mesti lagi secure kan. Papa hurriedly brought our luggage to our room, sampai tak nak tunggu bell boy pun. Risau sangat die takut Faheem demam kene hujan. Dah la he's going back to US in a few days time.. Mesti risau and rasa bersalah je hubby nanti..
This is where we were staying. One-bedroom suite which is an apartment equipped with kitchen and one bedroom (RM368 if I'm not mistaken, but I'm booking with govt rate so the rate was RM298). Murah kan! It was sooo spacious as what I've been expecting through the journey. I was thinking to bring along Faheem's tricycle tapi sebab kelam kabut sangat, unplanned kn.. So tertinggal. Kalau tak, mesti Faheem duk main non stop smpai penat tertido sendiri atas lantai kut! Oh the kitchen is just a kichen, you're prohibited from any cooking activity. Hehhehe.. Tapi pandai2 lah kan.. =D
The washroom. It's not that kids-friendly. Not that nice lah. Tapi okla when you are looking back at the room rate. Huhu. And the golf course/hill view from the balcony. Oh there was one wide balcony in the bedroom and the other one it's like a big window at the living room. The view was marvelous. The hill view was a bit hazy and blurry as the rain was pounding down during the picture was snapped. And I'm only using my iPhone to capture the moment..

The balcony in the master bedroom

Once the rain had stopped we went out to find something nice for dinner. And we had chosen La Flamme, an eatery that served variety of pizzas. I seriously wanted something with pineapples, just like the Hawaiian Pizza in Pizza Hut, and they have it. Tapi risau lah.. Sebelum ni da makan Hawaiian Pizza tu, I'm ok je. Maybe perut kuat kut, bak kata orang2 tua. Tapi lepas kene sound with my sis and a few good friends, rasa bersalah tak hingat =( Luckily the ones that we ordered at La Flamme was indeed satisfying! Tho with no pineapples.. Sigh

There's an entertainment show each nights..

Colorful horses!

Supper. Da penat bawak Faheem jalan sana sini, lari sana sini, we decided to take a break with a cup of cappuccino at La Boulangerie when suddenly this friendly Filipinos came by. We chit chat for a while and surprisingly they sang us Leaving on A Jet Plane!! Waaa.. Memang da bergenang air mata masa tu.. Feel habes mama Faheem terkenang papa yang akan balik US after the trip. Sobs.. Anyway, thanks guys..

Oh the arcade and video games center at Colmar Tropical were awesome! It was plenty of them and semuanya nampak baru and well maintained. Berkilat lagik! Bersih pulak tu..

Your boys will truly madly in love with this! My hubby was not an exception tho. Sempat lagik die beli few tokens sebab nak main motorcycle tu. Dengan Faheem2 skalik die bawak race =D

The black swan and white swan at the entrance of Colmar Tropicale. This might be the second place I'm seeing that huge swans for real. The first place I met one of them was of course kat Zoo Negara. Hehhe.. =D We can actually feed the swans. They were selling the swans' food at the merchandise store. Spotted the super nice view?

The view from the downstairs, while we were feeding the swans..

There are more pictures that I really wish to paste in here. There's mountain bikes for rent (hubby said the bikes served are from really good brands), the glamoures clock tower, the hit-them-and-you-get-this-huge-teddy, more restaurants including the Le Blason where we had our breakfast (the food was nice and wide variety) and lots more! But I'm seriously tied up with work right now. My own work tak setel2 lagi but then I need to attend meeting pagi dan petang. Balik rumah Faheem asik ajak main sama2, dancing sama2.. Haiyoo. A bit tense I really have to say! Rasa nak amik MC seminggu je, sobs. So this is what I managed to serve in my blog post today. Hope you enjoy it.

Anyway, we've got 2 FREE admissions to the Mini Animal Park and Japanese Village in Bukit Tinggi. But I refused to go since hubby is leaving in a few days time and I think the best way to enjoy that precious moment is to sit together and have a super nice conversation along with a good food to munch. Malas lah berjalan ke sana ke sini.. And he agreed with that =) Hubby's gonna be back for good in a month-time. Can't wait!


  1. surrounding nampak menarik giler.. tak pernah lagi sampai ke sini sbb rasa cam jauh jer nak drive dari Penang...

    btw, baru teringat nak tanya ko keje apa sebenarnya nih sbb u did mention about the gov rate.. hahahaha

  2. haah.. mmg menarik mash. best la nk mkn angin dgn famli. kalo ko search Colmar kt France tu, hampir sebijik la building kt sane dgn yg kt bukit tinggi ni. tp part hotel je x best!! tp rate die affordable.. so redha jela kn.

    hahaah.. ofis aku (ko tau kn, xperlu aku mention kt cni) is a privatised govt owned company, tp kitorang xde share holder, only stake holder. ktrg under the purview of ministry of _______. tp time korg dpt bonus tu ktrg x dpt sbb we all run on our own. bonus, increment, pay revise etc the board will decide for ourselves. satu hal pulak aku becerita hal ofis. haha

  3. dear, colmar is not own by YTL but Berjaya Group ;-)

  4. da terang2 kt berjaya hills but im still thinking that it is owned by YTL. kekekeke.. thanx for the correction! =)

    maybe teringat die punye design mcm cameron highlands resort, so i tot developer yg sama. hikk



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