Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dubai International Airport. My first experience!

One of the long-dormant draft in my list. Teehee..
Been here in Dubai with the darling husband during transit for our Houston trip.

Top from left: The roman pillars and ceiling were glittery shone. Exclusive habes! Right: The elevators. I have no idea how tall is this airport but the floor buttons are numerous! We get confused with the floors each times we're using it. Hehe. I think it was merely because we get overjoyed with the scenic view of the airport (first timer katekan..) and sort of missed focus about where we were heading to actually =p

Bottom from left: I'm not sure what was this. Macam tempat santai2/lepak while having tea with the arab's style la kut. Teringin sangat nak duduk2 and snap few pictures but the 16hours flight was forcing our legs to walk straight away to Le Meridien Dubai. We need shower and good sleep! Right: The complimentary meals for all who's flying Emirates. It's FREE so please don't expect more than what should be expected ok =)

The walkway heading to the departure hall

Beloved husband checking in

First Class and Business Class Lounge. Of course la lagi elegant dari yang KLIA punya =D

Hubby checking-in the business class lounge

The Dubai souvenirs. Burj Dubai and Burj Al-Arab were top in the list but the three of us just can't stand the extreme heat outside the airport! =( Baru faham why are the arab women wearing that burqa, covering their whole face: to totally protect them from the heat and dust. So tak jadi pergi.. Sob sob.. Nak beli abaya cantek mantek pun tak jadi sebab my hubby's colleague yang nak bawak kitorang pergi tempat abaya murah2 tu kebetulan balik KL on that weekend. Hopefully ada rezeki lagi pergi Dubai lepas ni..


The FOC Maclaren strollers for your traveling-with-baby convenience, in the airport.

Papa asyik mention pasal kurma pelbagai perisa ni kat Dubai..

That's all I guess. Need to make each posts as short, simple but full of infos starting now as I have tonnes of draft entries! What an eye sore, seriously.. By the way, next entry would be the Le Meridien Dubai and the restaurants they have. Stay tune!

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  1. Hi. Nice to meet you. Very good Blog.

    I've been Dubai airport also, the same Emirates flight to Houston.
    I didn't buy many souvenirs that time. I wish I could.



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