Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Manhattan Fish Market Ampang Park. A total disappointment..

I was craving for Manhattan's Flaming Prawn last week and rushed to it's nearest outlet at Ampang Park during lunch hour. The ones in KLCC has been closed nearly a year ago due to uncertain causes. Maybe tak laku kut? But the ones in Ampang Park has always been crowded with Manhattan's fans. Outrageous rent fee? Err.. Ntah lah. Nak pergi Pavillion takut jam. Oh I'm really hoping that they would reopen a brand new outlet at KLCC one day. More parking space definitely!

Ok ok. Referring back to the post title.
This was the most anticipated dish that arrived on our table that day.

I ordered the Manhattan Flaming Prawn but what I got were those mini prawns!! Seriously I've never encountered such a petite prawn served at MFM =( And for this signature dish? Never. I got so frustrated seeing them. Kecik and not juicy at all. I was starving, so I finished them off, half heartedly.

And this Fish and Chips was my sister's meal. Look how lame and saggy the salads were? Geram sangat tengok. I paid almost 60plus bucks for this lunch and I really regret it. Most probably I will stop going to MFM, well for the time being. And started searching for other places that may serve me Flaming Prawns with the same great taste or even better! Urghh..

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  1. ni mesti kualiti dah tak jaga due to banyak customer sejak menjak duk offer voucher dlm groupon nih.. haihhh..

  2. itulaaa.. aku pn terfikir cmtu (boss aku pn addicted dgn groupon tuh. hoho). tp mmg frust la, sbb tu fav aku tu.. =( teringin nk post gamba tu kt MFM nye FB page. tp nt kang glamer plak aku. payah tuu.. haha

  3. Beli udang beso kat paso dungung....makang puah2...



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