Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mengidam nenas. Ada makna kah?

I think I've stated in this blog some where in the early pregnancy that I've never had any kind of cravings. Well actually soon after I have completed the 1st trimester cycle I've gradually started to have the feelings of fondness to every meals that are served with pineapple. However I don't think that was some sort of cravingness since the urge to have the so called thorny fruit was not that critical.

I had Hawaiian Chicken Pizza at Pizza Hut and Asam Laksa at Laksa Shack without any bad feelings. Err.. Well I do worried (a bit) since pineapple is an absolute No No during pregnancy - according to our great great great grandmothers lah. I've asked my gynae regarding this and luckily there's no scientific research that proves this tho. But it's a good thing to obey the elders, she quaoted. My hubby lagi best, he was the one who gave me the green light to have all that because from his manly understanding; they are in a very small portion and I'm having it along with other food and it was cooked to the highest temperature bla la.. =p

As days went by, the anxiety to have dishes with pineapples suddenly arisen. Nak makan nasi minyak ada acar nenas, nak makan KFC's double zinger burger baru tu ada nenas, nak minum Minute Maid Tropicale tu pun ada nenas, pajeri nenas lagi la bernenas nenasan. Ada banyak lagi makanan masam manis dalam dunia ni but why it has to be the pineapples! I asked my elder sis and she advised me the same thing, Not to take it. Some people seems to be just fine with nenas during pregnancy but some of them not. It's better to play safe, she said. I agreed half heartedly.

And yesterday an office mate treated the whole division with yummy luncheon and one of the menu was scrumptious dory fish with pineapples? Arghhh.. Bersabarlah wahai mama!

Oh by the way, the tiny one in my tummy turns 19 weeks few days ago (its gestational week is advance by a week). I went to PCMC accompanied by my darling Faheem and my lil sis. As expected I gained 4kg plus this month! Hoho. The sugar level was ok, Alhamdulillah.. The baby weighted 263g and actively waving his hands to momma when the doctor was scanning my bulgy belly and guess what, it might be a SHE!

If it is a boy we can clearly notice his scrotum by now but for the lil one inside my womb, it seems to be a flat surface with 3 lines. I'm sure you guys are imagining it now =p Well well. I know it's still early to overjoyed with the gender news but I'm just so exited to know that the second baby's gender is visible now. There are many cases where the scanned result is M/F but you actually delivered the opposite sex baby. It's totally common. So let's just wait for the next appointment with the gynae. Tak sabar nak shopping baju baby dah ni. Year End Sale plus Black Friday!

Mengidam makanan masam = mengandung baby perempuan

Lets see whether the elderly was right, in my case! :)


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  1. wah kalau betul baby girl bestnya lisa. sepasang nanti. nolipun memang suka makan nenas fresh. noli pregnant kali ni memang tak pantang nenas sgt. tapi setiap kali mkn tak ambik banyak. setakat ni ok. tak blh tahan tgk nanas mesti meleleh air liur hihi. semoga lisa dan baby sihat selalu

  2. la yeke.. samela kite. x semena mena teringin kat nenas pulak. hehe. lps along lisa nasihat tu lisa mcm x brani pulak noli. hubby suruh je mkn. hadoi pening. ptg nt nk pegi pasar mlm, hopefully tak terpandang la bende2 yg ada nenas ni. heheh

    noli take care too =)

  3. memang 1st time dengar pregnant berani makan nenas hihi, btw memang kalau byk makan makanan berasid tendency utk sperm yg byk gen X tu lebih..wah, seronoknye kalau dapat sepasang :D hepi!

  4. lisa..bestnye i pray that adik abg faheem gugurl nnti..dpt sepsg..hope lisa n baby sihat sokmo :)

    teringin nk jumpe jeme pun xde outstation 2 weeks..nnti kalu ade plan nk kuar dekat2 let me know ok..kalu free n x menyusahkan la..hehe..

  5. wahhhhh... sonok2... tapi aku cam terbalik lak.. masa eesya dulu tak suka masam2.. suka manis2 jer... kali ni macam asam tak lepas.. dah scan boy pulak.. apakah?

  6. ainul: lisa pn ritu mcm x caye je teringin nanas.. btol ke x aku ni?? heheh.. tp seb baik la teringin2 cmtu je. xdela smpai xleh tdo mlm kalo x dpt mkn =D boy or girl lisa x kesah sgt actually. kalo boy pn ok sbb family lisa faheem sorang je boy! hukk.. kalo gal org ckp lega sbb dh dpt sepasang kn. mane2 pn ok. asalkn sume sehat n selamat.. aminnn

  7. are are: amin aminnn.. hopefully gtula hendaknye are =) oh jemer da pg offshore eh? namo wendu2 sgt tau! heheh.. pg mane2 hati2, duk umh pn kne always alert k. lisa pn tingin sgt nk jmpe are. da la umh kte dkt yg amat kn. eh are kt TM jgk kn? (short from dh la, nt stalker tau pulak kte stay mane, heee). tp skg xde kelapangan lg la are. parents lisa ada kt umh skg, they take over babysitting faheem sbb babysitter faheem nk kawen da. insyaAllah nt eh!!

    mash: oh cmtu pulak.. mmg xleh pakai sgt la kata2 tu nmpknye.. hoho

  8. thanks lisa..insyaAllah are hati2 :) aah dkt je umah kite kan hehehe..kalu camtu xpe time bile lisa free ok..insya Allah one day ;)



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