Friday, November 11, 2011

My husband cooks. Like seriously.

Spicy prawns with asparagus and celery. Believe it or not, my darling husband made this for dinner yesterday. Mind you, apart from chicken curry ok! I was delighted, seriously. Tho I'm not sure about the taste, technically speaking the garnishing is an A from me =D Knowing the most loved Mr. Z for the past few years, he only cooks Maggi kari at his best. Memang sedap, totally his signature dish la tu. Dengan bawang putih banyak yang amat beserta asap2 tumisan memenuhi segenap ruang di dalam rumah. Even the kitchen hood pun surrender for him =p

But now, after several months in the states he proves me that he can actually cook. Thanks to his colleague who used to study in Tulsa back then (students who studied abroad usually knows how to cook. No?). He also spent 4 years working at Turkmenistan that resolves to -- by hook or by crook he has to cook since halal food was pretty hard to get. Unlike USA, halal restaurants can be found within a click on your iPhone and it's not expensive at all. However the mother tongue is seriously in need for a truly Malaysian nutriment every now and then. And that is why they really enjoy cooking in their fully furnished apartment =)

As far as I can remember he has mastered tomyam, telur dadar, black pepper beef, spaghetti, nasi goreng etc. Oh to my surprise he made nasi goreng for dinner when he's back in KL last month and it was beyond my expectation, sedap ok! And he promised me he's gonna cook us dinner when he's back for good by the end of next month. That time mama Faheem da start nak sarat, and it's just a bless when a husband willingly to be in the kitchen? Alhamdulillah.. Kalau macam ni, berpantang nanti tak payah balik kampung pun takpe. Papa bole je masak untuk mama kan! Heee..

The beloved smoochy moochy munchkin at Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.

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