Friday, December 30, 2011

40cm Tefal Wok. A surprise for someone so dear!

Finally a surprise is a surprise!
This is indeed a wish come true for my forever loved mother =')

It's a 40cm Tefal Wok with lid, being delivered directly to her home thru the Pos Laju. And she was the one who received it single handedly from the Pos Laju worker. Mama Faheem tergedik2 dlm rumah duk usha disebalik sliding door sambil SMS encik suami akan perihal itu. Hehehe

Well this event is termed a "surprise" since nenek Faheem was so interested with the T-fal wok (2 of them! TQ again sayang!) that the charming husband bought from US three months back. It was a simple non stick wok but it was huge, comes with handles on opposite sides and cleaning seriously made easy! Being a mother and nanny with Cook-ing relatively her middle name, she just fell in love with that wok since then. I told papa Faheem regarding this as I'm planning to give her one. She just love anything related with the kitchen ok!

I tried searching at Jusco, Carrefour, Parkson, Isetan etc but it was either too expensive or the quality was not at par. The ones that papa get for us (T-fal) is by far the best, of quality and value for money. Finally we decided to purchase it online. And the most anticipated gift safely reached my mom's house last Monday =)

She was delighted, as expected. Yeayy!!

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