Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Cheesecake Factory. Somebody please take me there!

Dear husband went to The Cheesecake Factory last week to have dinner with his colleagues. And I was like.. Duhhh?? Agak stress di situ. Well we've went to Memorial City Mall during our Houston trip few months back and the castle-like signboard was the first thing that struck into my eyes once the husband stopped our Dodge Journey at the parking lot. Oh the font style was very similar to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by the way =)

Peoples keep on posting super nice images of the meals (especially cheesecakes!) whenever they went to The Cheesecake Factory all around United States and I just don't want to be left behind. But both of us were fully occupied with shopping activity that day and we simply headed to California Pizza Kitchen for a tea break since that was the nearest eatery we bumped-to once the tummies started to growl (it was supposed to be a tea break but we had seafood spaghetti instead. lol). To cut a long story short, terlupa terus pasal TCF =(


Those were the sinfully appetizing cheesecakes and choc cakes that papa snapped for the cheesecake-maniac wifey =( He had grilled salmon and according to him it was barely fine (as the meal was the most common food he had during the past few months at the states). I asked him to try out the Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake for me but he was too full for even a spoon of it, (mind the huge US meal's portion). Huk.. Teringin nye cik isteri ini akan cheesecake tersebut hanya tuhan yang tahu..

The varieties of scrumptious cheese/choc cakes served at The Cheesecake Factory

To ease the crave for cheesecakes I hurriedly went to Gloria Jean's Coffees at the office lobby during lunch hour. Unfortunately, there was no cheesecakes available on the shelves that day. Only a variety of choc cakes and pies with sandwiches left. (Ikutkan hati rasa nak drive pergi Secret Recipe kat Wisma MCA tu. Tapi alhamdulillah, masih ada sekelumit sabar dalam diri ini. Hehe.) And so I had Moroccan strawberry chillers with choc lava cake that day. The choc lava was not bad but it's a bit toooooo sweet I really have to say. I might be getting gestational diabetes if I were to have more than one cakes! Huhu. Hence, the choc baked pudding at The Apartment KLCC is still the best rated by yours truly..

I wish The Cheesecake Factory would open up a franchise here in KL one fine day..

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