Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Lil Explorer!

Yup. The most loved Faheem Darwish just hit 2 years old today!

Those happy faces were taken 2 days before the 13th December,
during our routine groceries shopping on Sunday.

And this is the birthday wish from momma!

I'm so sorry dear Faheem. Mama is so running out of time these days, the workload is driving me crazy and the fatigues are cracking my body =/ I'm not able to make up such a sweetly lovey dovey entry for your special day today. But I promise you darling, everything will turn out back as the good old days once papa is back from the states ok. He has so many surprises for you my boy. Pls pls be good, and just wait patiently for mama at the lobby in a few minutes time ok. Kite dinner dengan atok, nenek and your cousins too!
I'm thinking of Secret Recipe, but nenek told me few days back that she wished to have satay.. So kiddo, kite pegi Satay Kajang dulu ok, this coming weekend mak long datang kite pegi somewhere else more special pulak. Hugs!

Happy Birthday once again my love!


  1. happy birthday faheem dearie..selamat membesar dgn hensem okeh..n jadi hero mama & papa too ;)

  2. TQ so much are! abg faheem yg injured itu da bole jln slow2 dr dpn tv ke dapo tadik. alhamdulillah.. uncle mey da blk are? =)

  3. huhu uncle mey blom balik la lisa..insya Allah esok..moga2 cuaca ok :)

  4. bad weather = no chopper

    hukk.. saba eh are.
    he'll be back sooner or later.
    cpt or lambat sikit je kn =)



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