Saturday, December 31, 2011

KL Festival City Mall. Welcoming 2012 with shopping therapy?

Phewww.. Me and my lil sis has just back from KL Festival City Mall (currently that mall is one of my fav due to the ample parking space and less crowd!). She prepared yummy luncheon for us today and so as a token of appreciation I'm bringing her there to treat her anything that she wishes to. Am I too good to be true or what? Hehehe..

But no kidding. She is so into cooking (like our mom) and she's a pretty good cook too I really hv to say. She made ayam masak merah, bayam tumis air, ikan goreng & telur dadar covered with mayonnaise and Thai chilly sauce while I'm busy vacuuming the whole section of the house! Kenyang sangat mommy and baby tadi, alhamdulilah.. TQ maksu!

Well, I'm planning to get a new sandal today since my current Modermum sandal has worn out quite bad. I've spotted Hush Puppies outlet during my last visit to the mall few weeks back and I guess I should have a peek there. I spent almost half an hour trying out few pieces of sandals and I finally decided to grab this one, just perfect for the foot that slowly keeps on growing and growing! Heheh. Got 20% discount too that makes it RM178 sajo!

If there's no issue of 'growing up foot' (ok2 swollen foot sounds nicer right) and water retention and what so ever, I'm sure I'll take this one home at that instant. It was super comfy and sweet sangat! It just.. Perfectly captured my foot in to them. Ahh.. Sabar2, lepas bersalin nanti kite datang lagi ok mama.. =)

And then we headed straight to Parkson. I'm planning to get a new day curtain (with vibrant color and refreshing design) for our sliding door. The ones that we are using now (since married) looks pretty worn out and boring. But then I spotted the Gelato Fruity kiosk and simultaneously the saliva keeps on bursting out. Huhu.

And guess how much this 320g of ice cream with peanuts and choc costs us? RM25. Gosshh.. It was much more expensive than Tutti Frutti! And rasa pun biasa2 je.. Kalo mahal macam New Zealand Natural ke Haagen Dazs ke tapi sedap yang amat takpela jugak. Not value for money lah. Huhu.. No more Gelato Fruity, full stop.

Then window shopping kejap tetibe jumpe BB Oasis and Modermum! Outlet BB Oasis tu it's not that big but it has so many things that I've been searching all this while! Buang masa jek carik online selama ni. Hoho. The (husband and wife) owner of the outlet was so friendly too =)

I'm sure Faheem would love this buggy board!

I'm deeply fell in love with that red hot Inglesina and and the brand new Quinny Senzz stroller! But hubby told me he's not planning to get a new stroller for Faheem's lil sis and so.. It's a NO then. The current Maclaren Techno XT is still in a good condition tho we are using it heavy duty-ly (balik groceries shopping every weekend sume bende letak atas stroller ok, baik beras baik minyak masak, hikkk). The seat is removable and washable too so it should be no big deal la kan? (pujuk diri sendiri).

Anyway I just purchased a new Maclaren's liner and MAM's soft spout for Faheem's Pura Kiki sippy bottles. Initially I'm thinking to get the red liner since the future lil bundle would most probably be a lil princess, but my sis said dark blue looks better to fit in with the black stroller. So mama Faheem iyakan saja. Tapi lepas inform kat papa, he preferred the red one pulak. Haiyyoo.. Striking sikit red liner with black seat he said. Hmm.. Nantila, kalau rajin pergi tuka la nanti. BTW the liner is only RM119, kalau online RM149! Modernmum kat situ agak bosan - very limited products are available.

Then we proceed to Watson to top up some of the cosmetic stuff and perut tetibe berkeroncong pula. Went to Cool Blog (my sister is so crazy about this) and Hot & Roll kiosk for the yummy BBQ chicken crepe. I still remember last time during the uni years there was a kiosk named Crispy Crepe (err it sounds like that) at Midvalley Megamall and me with my colleagues were crazy about it too. But I haven't met anything similar when the kiosk closed down and today there's Hot & Roll to bring back the memories. Awww..

This pregnant lady has started to feel exhausted and sleepy and severely in need of scrumptious dinner when the clock is ticking 6.30pm so we decided to go home. Pump angin kat Shell kejap and here am I.. Bergolek dpn tv sambil gelak sakan layan Maharaja Lawak Mega finale semalam. Oh dear, rindu nya anakanda Faheem kat kampung halaman bersama atok nenek itu itu..

5 minutes and counting. Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Hehe nk tanya la. Akak pki kosmetik ape ek?. If dont mind to share hehe

  2. akak ni very simple asna. which ever brand akak try skali n it doesn't have bad effects on me, so i shall stick to that forever. haha. xreti la mcm certain ladies kn suke try out so many new cosmetics.. =D

    foundation, mascara, eye shadow etc akak salu pkai loreal n maybelline (sbb senang jmpe kt mane2 watson or guardian, ngeee) tp lipstick akak xleh pkai brand tu sbb kulit mengelupas nt. dlu2 x reti, belasah je pkai, ble mengelupas lips tu smpai seminggu bru la sibuk pkai nivea lip care hari2. until one day akak try lip ice. no side effects, long lasting, cantek n murah! smpi skg la mama faheem pkai lip ice je. hehe

  3. Hehehe. Okok taste kita sama tp asna pemalas nk makeup. Beli jer lebih lepas ckp 3thun buang haha. Thank you sharing hehe

  4. no problemo. xde ape pn tu..

    tp asna rajin jgk try2 makeups n bli itu bli ini. akak plak rs segan kdg. normal ke x aku ni x berminat bnde2 cmtu. kikikiki

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