Thursday, December 8, 2011

The most heartwrenching events in my motherhood journey.

I have two of them. The first one was - Faheem stumbled on the floor when my lil sis was feeding him some bread. He was 18 months plus that time if I'm not mistaken, nearly half of the teeth were already in placed - that explained the bloooooodddd on his lips and pajama! ='( Both lips were cut by the impact from his teeth and tiles. Luckily there's no scar to the lips and the doctor told us that no suture is recommended since the blood had stopped flowing when we reached the clinic.

Pheww.. We don't have any idea how the incident happened. There's nothing blocking his feet and the floor wasn't slippery at all. He walked, he slipped by himself and he fell. I can still remember vividly his loud cry and the blood (banyak amat) all over his his mouth and on my kaften! Pergi clinic pun belasah je pakai kaften dgn slipper jepon sebab da panic sangat time tu.. Hee.. Tho the incident might looked devastating as I witnessed it and as I wrote it here, he actually stopped crying few minutes later and he had his milk with no signs of pain at all. Alhamdulillah.. Super Kid!

The second incident just happened 4 days ago. No more bloody incident. But it's a fractured bone! Goshh.. I've just performed the Isya' prayer and I went out from the room to check him out. He was playing happily with his cousins. I was a few steps behind when the poor little boy accidentally stepped on his fav toy (remember the red Ferrari at Colmar Tropicale?). He just slipped to the front at that instant. I ran to pick him up and he was crying (almost screaming) in so much pain, it was indescribable. He was crying out loud while looking fiercely into my eyes. I'm sure he was badly badly hurt. I hugged him tight and tried to caress the butt and ankles but what surprised me the most was - he repetitively told me that his right thigh was terribly in pain, not the ankles, the knee nor the butt. He was crying for almost one hour and then he fell asleep, he's too tired to continue crying I guess.

Few moments later my parents was back from Bangi and he suddenly woke up. And started whining saying that his right leg was in pain. I got myself changed, called few clinics and fortunately there was our fav GP on duty that night. "No bruises. No swollen areas". So the doctor claimed that he was just fine. Maybe the incident caused his thigh a muscle-pull etc. but nothing near to bones-related. I've experienced a terrible muscle-pull during my 3rd trimester on the previous pregnancy and I clearly understand how it feels. But knowing my boy all this while, he hardly cries when in pain. Jarang2 la menangis sebab sakit. But that incident mcm teruk sangat je die menjerit.. And that's awkward.

He finally went to sleep peacefully few hours later, when we reached home. But he woke up around 4am whining again and again while pointing to his right leg. I was so exhausted since he only wanted me to cuddle him, biasala da sakit2 camtu asyik nak dengan mama jela. Atok nenek nak dukung pun die refuse. I'm carrying him around the house with this bulgy tummy, trying my best to distract him from the pain. Macam nak pengsan dah. Around 6.30am he fell asleep once again on my shoulder. Ini sudah serious. Tak bole jadi ni.. There must be something wrong. I discussed with my parents then we decided to bring him to the orthopedist at Prince Court for further check up, x-ray etc.

The patient radiographer with the injured lil boy and his nanny..

And it turned out YES, his right tibia cracked! (It's not the fibula, but that longest and strongest leg bone instead, the shin). Oh dear.. Luckily the bones are still parallel with each other. The orthopedist suggested the orthopedic cast but me and his nanny refused it since we might be facing troubles while bathing him. And kids recover faster than the adults right. Moreover I don't think the doctor may apply the cast peacefully on him. Doctor nak buat clinical examination pun die meraung meronta2.. Ini nak suruh die stand still while the doctor is doing his job on his leg? No way..
The happy faces before seeing the orthopedist. Sayang sangat!

He was doing just fine when we went out from the doctor's room (He's a bit traumatised with doctors because whenever we took him to seek medical attention, the doctors will (well most of the time) use the spatula to check out his throat. And he hates it the most). He played with his toys, he laughed and he communicated with us as usual. But he refused to get up and walk. He will starts to whine when he accidentally forced the right leg while moving and then he senses the pain. And yesterday his granpa put him on his tricycle since he's screaming to get on it - his fav bike. So atok kesian sgt letak la die atas basikal tu, kayuh dengan sebelah kaki. Aduhaiiii Faheem...

Day 1: He played patiently on the sofa or on on the floor
Day 2: He screamed for help if he needs mobility from A to B
Day 3: He screamed to be on his tricycle. He can stand up now.
Day 4: He played his tricycle like always, but cycling with one foot. And he crawls like baby while playing with his cousins =( This is the most sadden part for me..

I really hope the lil explorer may recover his leg soonest possible. Kesian sangat tengok Faheem terpaksa duduk je atas sofa or tilam while playing with his toys and cousins. Atok, nenek and mama pun penat yang amat sangat sekarang sebab terpaksa dukung cucunda yang tah brape belas kilo tu untuk ke sana ke mari. Nak mandikan pun sorang kena pegang sorang lagi mandikan. Just can't wait for the husband to be back at home next month too. Just can't wait for 2012.. YaAllah, lindungilah keluarga kami dari segala musibah dan permudahkanlah segala urusan kami di dunia dan di akhirat. Sesunguhnya Engkaulah yang maha mendengar lagi maha mengasihani. Aminnn..


  1. Kesiannya.. Get well soon Faheem!! Take care Lisa!

  2. doakan kami semua kuat. thanks diyana =)



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