Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pediasure Special Redemption

Yet another text msg from Mr. Abbot. Well well.. Currently our scoop collection is nearly 40 pieces. It's pretty hard to gain rapidly more within a few months since we tend to purchase the biggest can (1.8kg) - more economical obviously. 4 cans each month that equals to 48 scoops per year? So it seems that we will only be able to do so by the end of next year? Hoho. Itu pun if we're still in the country lah..

I wonder how much would the formula costs us at the first world countries. Is it gonna be cheaper or more compare to what we've been dealing here. Dear husband if you are reading this, please make a price survey when ever you're going out for groceries. Or else dearest Faheem will be settled down with fresh milk instead, or momma's milk!

Well if the supply is sufficient enough for an infant and a toddler. Amin

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  1. belom jmp lg la yang..masih terus mencari =)

  2. okie dokie. keep on searching aip! =)

  3. Hey,

    Hopefully you have found one. Pediasure is definitely very helpful especially to picky eater kids. My son regained back his appetite and his no more picky since he started drinking Pediasure.



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