Thursday, December 29, 2011

The pretty disgusting ERL seating

I guess those ERL cushioned seating has never been replaced, since I'm riding ERL during tertiary level until now - married, with two kids! LoL. Btw this picture was taken last Tuesday when I was on my way back home from KLIA ~ spent the precious annual leave balance at kampung =)

Dear Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd, I think you should look into this matter seriously. The totally worn out seats need to be changed with a brand new and colorful ops with your corporate color what so ever and oh more plushy ones is highly appreciated. But I'd prefer if it comes with water repellent material. Well if leather is too expensive PVC pun ok ape.. As long as it's durable!

Memandai je bagi suggestion kn? Hehe. But this thing is highly critical and unacceptable, for yours truly. Look at the picture once again and don't you feel how gross it is? I'm sure there are zillions of bacteria breading happily on the seats. "Mari mari kita beranak pinak disini!!"

Sampai rumah baju seluar terus masuk washing machine.
I soaked them for 1hr with Dettol ok! Eeeuuuu...


  1. Eeeuuwwwww.. Penah naik sekali jer erl masa tue baru lg la. So, xtau lak skrg dh jd mcm nie..

  2. akak time kt uni dlu mmg salu naik erl asna. sbb time tu airasia tgh hot (blk kg tiket rm9 shj ok. plg mahal pn dlm rm49.90 one way. haruslah pantang cuti msti blk kg kn, airport pulak 5min je dr umh akak kt kg. hehe). tp lps lcct siap n akak pn da pkai kete, da jarang naik erl. tp x silap dh lama dh cmni, time akak pg honeymoon dkt 3thn lps pn cmtu jgk. now its getting worse lah..

    huhuuh.. ape la erl ni..



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