Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sedekah Cara Mudah

This is what you called, bagai pucuk dicita ulam mendatang.

I just received this email from the Corporate Communications Department today. They are currently collecting used clothes for needy inpatients. And guess what, the beloved hubby had just query his wifey regarding a bundle of unknown-status garments that I have placed in the bed drawers.

Give clothes. Make a Fashion Statement.

Well I tried to keep it from him but he managed to find it while he was searching for a bedsheet last weekend. "Baju ape ni banyak kat sini, tak penah tengok sayang pkai pun?" Before he continues nagging I closed the drawers and explains to him what it is all about =D Foot note: Don't you ever try to hide anything from your husband, he'll find out sooner or later!

Those were actually the I-don't-want-it-anymore and it-seems-outdated-now clothes of mine. I have been loading piece by piece of the unwanted dresses since months ago. And I think it's about time to channel them to a different possessor. Usually I'll bring them back to my hometown and me momma will offer them to the poor families and orphanage centers but since the Corp. Comm. is handling almost the same event now, I should just pass my clothes to them.

It's such a good feeling.. To be able to donate something to someone who needs it, and to witness such a clean and clear drawer!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Down with fever and now he lost his appetite..

Faheem the little explorer was down with fever last week. The babysitter texted me around 3pm saying that he had a sudden raise of temperature. Thank god I already stocked up his latest cold and flu medications before heading for Langkawi 2 months ago. I told the babysitter to feed him Progesic first and keep me updated of his temperature.

We rushed home after the office hours and he was 38.3 degree Celsius by then! Realizing that we didn't have any antibiotics at home, we get ourselves cleaned and took him to the clinic. The GP was quit shocked knowing that his temperature had spiked up to 39.8 Celsius! The highest ever he has ever caught. Voltaren was inserted right after the doctor was done with the Influenza screening swab..

Faheem wasn't cranky that much but he was indeed so weak and restless. My poor little boy.. =( After 15mins, we were so relieved when the doctor informed us that the Influenza test was negative. Alhamdulillah. Faheem slept soundly when we reached home..

His temperature fluctuates for 3 days. On the 4th day he was totally recovered from fever but I noticed some reddish dots (like a rash) on his forehead. I became panicked again for the second time in a week. It is measles?! We went to the same GP on that early morning and it turned out a post viral symptom. No treatment or medication is needed as it may vanish in a few days time. Syukran!

But then here comes another head ache. Faheem has lost his appetite ever since he was down with high fever until now. We've tried everything from bananas to tau-fu-faa to papaya to oat biscuits to mashed potatoes to pastries and even junk foods! Slash the everyday entrée of blended porridge, it's a big NO! He drinks his milk but not as much as before but he consumes a lot of plain water with his favorite sippy cup. I tried adding some honey in his plan water but he totally hates it. He refused heavy meals for almost a week and dear Faheem looks a bit thin and scraggy now! =(

Susahnya hati mama Faheem.. Though he has turned out a super-active toddler right after he's recovering from fever but your body needs nutrients my boy. Haih.. Esok kita try bubur nasi dengan chicken soup pulak nak! Not the ordinary chicken soup tu tau, but the one yang mama makan dengan papa selame ni k. Smooches!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Singapore Number Plate

Guys will always be guys no matter what..

Nice intro huh? =D Last Sunday both of us went out for Jusco to re-stock some groceries. Dear Faheem has just recovered from fever so I thought he should just stay at home. After all it's just a one hour grocery shopping.

But it turned out? Dear hubby took me to a car accessory shop. Err.. There were numerous shop lot that are selling almost the same thing like sport rims, car stickers, audio system, car seats and all. Lucky us that we just had out lunch and this happy tummy just followed Mr Man wherever he steps to.. From one to another shop. He should be grateful for having me as his wifey right! Heheh..

"You mau yang ada longkang atau takmau longkang?
Ada longkang sporty sikit meh.."

Me myself got so excited seeing those sporty rims too and there's one that both of us really fond of. But we decided Not Now! This tiny family still have so many things to sustain in our life now. With the future kid coming by this year? Opps! =) Moreover our ride isn't that sporty type of vehicle. It's a family car. I don't think sporty rims would fit him.

Spot the Singapore-type number plate?

But we managed to change the number plate! Gosh he's so happy with it, seriously. We have been adoring the Singapore-like number plate all this while. It looks smart and elegant I really have to say. Bia pape asay begaye kan.. Haha.. =D Enough of this honey, our 2011 resolution is? THRIFTY! That's the word.. Lets continue the prudent spending mission! (Oh I really hope so!)

Tauke is measuring the plate to get a perfect cut!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ATV Adventure Malaysia @Bukit Tabur

We have just done with the weekend's luncheon at home and beloved hubby went loafing on the reclining sofa with his laptop, like always. I kept myself busy with dish-washing at the kitchen and then prepared the little kiddo for his afternoon nap. Mr husband calls me up the moment I laid snugly beside my chubby little baby.. Arggh!

"Jom ATV yang!"

Image: Google

Said Mr. Sportsaholic with full excitement whilst his index pointed the LCD. I looked at it and ahh.. I know this! I've seen few friends at Facebook posted this kind of 4-small-wheeled thingy covered with mud but I have no idea what's on earth was it. It is actually an ATV - All Terrain Vehicle. It's like a motorcycle with four wheels (also known as quad bike) and it is designed to handle variety of terrains.

Currently, the nation most talked about is ATV Advanture Park at Kg Kemensah, Hulu Kelang. According to hubby it is near the Zoo Negara junction. Looking at the 'fierce' physical of the four-wheeler, the full face helmets and the thick mud.. I don't think someone petite in size like me will be able to drive such thing. But I love the scenic green view up hill and down hill of Bukit Tabur! To be able to breath in such fresh air in the forest.. Bliss!

The packages range from a base training track to the Sofea Jane Waterfall to the Bukit Tabur Dam! And it's as affordable as from RM50 to RM300 per pax. Oh by the way, dear hubby and his friends have went up Bukit Tabur years back. These are few breathtaking pictures taken during the hiking journey! Images: Credit to hubby's colleague

Marvelous isn't it! Ahh.. I love to see him sweating like that! Weee.. =D Ok back to the main topic here. I told him I don't think I have the courage to handle the quad bike. In a forest through the watery spots some more! But he challenged me to! Err.. Frankly speaking I started to like the adventure with the quad bike but I'm so afraid I might gain excessive blisters and injury, well if I fall down from the machine..

Who's gonna take care of my little muchkin if I'm lying hopelessly on the hospital bed for days? Hmm.. Maybe I'm exaggerating here.. I don't know. But it's quite a headache when he kept on asking me when should we give it a try. I'm sorry hunie, I'm just too concern about the safety aspect. Please make sure I'm very well protected with shin guards, elbow guards and cutie full face helmets and insects repellents when the right time comes aip =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Awal Ashaari and Me!

I'm a number one fan of Awal Ashaari. I've never fall for a celebrity in my whole life but I did when I first saw him on the TV. Despite the good look (that enables him becoming a glamorous actor, model and TV host) I really do admire his good PR represented whenever he's dealing with public and his fans. He never left out of words and he delivers it perfectly with that super sweet and to-die-for smile..

I have Awal Ashaari with me 24/7. From the day I wake up from bed and he drives me to the office and bla bla bla.. Hehehe.. My husband is my Awal Ashaari! Pffttt.. =p

This entry is solely credited to my one and only beloved husband. Thank you so much for spending some of your precious time to have lunch with me just now. We had lunch together for every single days but today you told me you're so hand-tied with your work? Hukk.. =( I tried to accept it full-heartedly but the little ME inside refuses. Blame her! Luckily, with a simple SMS he replied it with a phone call and he's in front at my office lobby few minutes later. Weeee!!

Thank you so much sayang!
Selamat bekerja dengan rajin yeah!
Ok, takmau kacau lagi dah... hik! =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dream Home @Casa Rimba

I've always dream of owning a super nice landed house, one fine day.. amin!

When ever I found an impressive home and land ad, I'll simultaneously memorize the web address and search the site when I get a spree time in doing so. There are actually plenty of the too-good-to-be-mine and splendidly scenic free hold homes that I've always run through at iProperty but this one is currently on top of the list, Casa Rimba at Melawati by Sime Darby Property.

Even the housing name is really something right? Casa = Castle and Rimba = Jungle. A castle in a green lush forest?! Oh lord I really want this, can I?

Sorry, I don't have time to resize the ad. Just search it if you're interested ok!

I've forgotten where did I spot the ad but the bill board just struck my eyes at the very first time I had a glance of it. It's a luxurious 3 storey super-link homes and I know it costs us millions. Even the lowest spec of the floor plan begins at 1.38million. Dream on with the engineers' pay! Huhukk. (Feels like quitting my job and build up my very own business soon. Err.. Soon seems too soon. Well in the next five years perhaps?)

"Dream dream dreammm.."

Quoted Everly Brothers: All I Have To Do Is Dream

Casa Rimba features:

  • 27’ x 75’ 3-storey superlink homes
  • Freehold with a large built-up area of 3,647 sq. ft. and above
  • Secured through a single entry and exit point
  • Generally oriented North-South to avoid the evening glare

Oh I just love the tag line too!

Where "escaping" and "coming home" mean the same thing..
Ahhh.. That's it. Lets get back to work Lisa! =D

Monday, January 17, 2011

Baby Wish List

Err. It's not that I'm wishing upon a new little bundle of joy in the family.
It's a wish list with regards of the baby, I mean Faheem.
Yeah that toddler baby. What ever. Hehe..

Maclaren Carry Bag. I've been thinking of getting one since few months back when the little boy started to raise interest with his stroller whenever we parked it in front of the door way. Well that is the most suitable place that we have! My husband once parked it at the yard area but it's near the tong sampah. Mrs health inspector will definitely says NO at that instant! So we're back to the only place that is available and suitable from our point of view. Sigh..

Shocking but true, they are babies that get their fingertips amputated by the stroller's hinge when parents were unfolding the stroller (reported in the USA only though). Maclaren world wide provides a kit to cover the stroller hinge and we already booked one, well months back. Dear husband, we should get the thing fixed asap. In the mean time, that carry bag. But the durable nylon bag costs us RM249. Yes it's a huge number for us. But ignorance is no more a bliss mama Faheem..

A toddler walking shoe. I don't mind which brand it is but extra comfy is crucial. Timberland perhaps? Yeah.. Like father like son. Faheem has started to walk at 13months old. But still he's in the process of mastering the footing exercise and coordination his lower body with the muscle strength. Since he can crawls much faster than he walks, sometimes he prefers crawling rapidly despite the later one. His current Baby Kiko shoe still fits him right but I'm not so sure for the next 2 months. Should I get one during this Chinese New Year Sale? Err.. Yet another few hundred bucks flown away..

Last but not least, a perfect day care center. Currently we have a babysitter that stays with us ever since I'm done with maternity leave and started again my 8-5 working life. Alhamdulillah.. She has been such a good help for us all this while. But I'm still thinking about sending him outside. Err.. I know many people might have said..
"Why opt for outside day care? Hey you should be thankful that your own aunt is willing to babysit your kid and stays with you!"
"Daycare? Pagi kene bangun awal ok. Lewat jemput kene extra charge ok!"
"Each month your baby will fall sick. You're thinking rubbish Lisa"
And some have just said,
"You're crazy Lisa. You're such a clenaholic and I don't think you can tahan seeing your kid so chomot, when you gets him from office"
But I still want him to get a proper pre-school education outside. I've contacted few pre-school centers but most of them didn't accept less than 3-year-old kiddos. And which ever centers that are willing to do so charge us almost RM600 and over per month! Maybe I should hold this issue first. Quits my job and becomes a stay at home mom when my eldest kid started schooling. Well my husband says so..

Images: Google

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sippy Cup and Baby Tooth Brush

Finally Faheem has these! A sapphire blue sippy cup and a cutie silicone finger tooth brush =) I've been planning to get those since last month but always ended by keeping them KIVed in the to-buy-list. Until one day, during Faheem's Birthday Party I saw baby Zidane (he's 2 weeks younger than Faheem) using the sippy cup. He drank the plain water through it. I was like.. Oh how nice! Babies love new stuffs and having drinks via the not-the-ordinary bottles must be exciting for them. Err.. Don't they?

Why I opt for a sippy cup? To train Faheem to hold the bottle by himself (feed by himself) and to transition from bottle feeding to the regular cup. He's one year old now but there's no sign of him wanting to hold the bottle himself. Few mommies urged this as normal. Some babies get interested to hold by themselves as early as 5 months and few of them take times to get used to it. But that issue is somehow a mandatory for me. I want him to hold the bottle! Haha.. Sounds so cruel huh? =D

And to our surprise, he loves the sippy cup! It's such a relieved to see him drinking the plain water all by himself. And he get so excited doing so. Crawling from here to there with the sippy cup in hand and take a break for a drink anytime as he wish. Dapat toys baru pun tak happy macam tu ok =) Thank you Faheem for making it a reality and most of all thank you for making mama so happy! Tomorrow I'll definitely get the Avent trainer handle! Hopefully he'll love to grip the blue handle while having his yummy milk.

But still, handling a toddler needs so much of patience. Once in a while he'll happily pours the water to the floor (to the carpets too!) and sweep it with his cutie hands while smiling broadly and screams his heart out when I tried to get the sippy cup from him. Hehe. What ever sweetie as long as you drink it ok. Smooches!

Since Faheem is using Avent bottles, I've thought of just getting the Avent's spout at first. But dear husband reminds me that this is actually a trial phase and we never know if he wants to use it or not. So I switched to the cheaper ones with a snap-on-lid. Sume barang naik harga so marilah kita berbelanja dengan berhemah. Well if it happens to be that he doesn't like the sippy cup, it makes a fun toy too!

Whilst the tiny toothbrush? I'm longing to have one since Faheem started teething at 8 months old. Currently he has 6 of them, four on top and the rest on the bottom. And he's eating everything from bread to beef nowadays. I don't have any idea how effective is this silicone tooth brush.. But at least, we brushed his teeth =)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

iPad iPad iPad

I received an email from Apple Malaysia today. They are announcing a one-day online shopping event this coming Friday, January 14th. By looking at the red hot ad, I'm sure it's in commemoration with the Chinese New Year celebration this February. Initially I was about to delete the mail when I suddenly clicked the shop online button and started browsing the super cool gadgets website. Ok, you know I'm exaggerating.

Our home sweet home is currently well equipped (finally!) with WiFi connection. Previously I'm using the broadband service and there's nothing you can wish for when you get yourself online from the 14th floor. Lucky me I have a device called iPhone where I may surf the internet from every tunnels and and every mountains in the world. End of story and let's get straight to the point.

Enjoying WiFi at home makes me fells like selling off my netbook and gets and ipad!
Beloved hubby please advice, thank you love you!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Tourist - Movie Review

Currently I so wanna watch Narnia, The Voyage of The Dawn Treader but Mr husband isn't that keen with those kind of movies. I managed to persuade him for Alice in Wonderland and Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale but not for Narnia? Arghh.. What ever. He gave me a second option instead - The Tourist. He kept bugging me for that movie since last week!

I have no objection at all to his choice of movie this time around since Captain Jack Sparrow is utterly my all time favorite actor. Jack's so stupid but you just went crazy about him, don't you =p Plus the sexy Miss Salt? Seriously, I think she's the most desirable woman on earth.. It's merely not the lips itself, but the whole curves and she has so many kids.. I love Brangelina! =)

In a nutshell, I rated this movie 5 pop corns out of five! It's a light romantic movie with a bit of naughty laughs and mild actions. And the best part was, it was in Venice!!! I'm dreaming to step foot on one of the gondolas at Venice some day (insyaAllah!) and after watching The Tourist, the determination to see my money grows immensely each year has risen up. Haha.. Non sense Lisa =p Tunaikan yang fardhu dulu di Mekah baru pegi Venice ok. By the way, mesti susah gile nak cari halal foods kat sane kan..

The Tourist Movie Synopsis:

Elise (Angelina Jolie) randomly sits next to an American tourist, Frank (Johnny Depp), on a train going to Venice. The police have been following Elise for two years waiting for her to contact her lover who embezzled over $2 Billion. Not only will they need to evade the police, but also the mobster who's money he stole.

A must watch movie fellas!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Futsal Tournament @Ampang Sports Planet

Yesterday me and beloved hubby went to Ampang Sports Planet, again for the zillion times. The sportsaholic husband had a futsal tournament hosted by his company. Initially I'm not in the mood of watching him chasing the round rubber and sweating like hell on a drizzly Saturday morning but he really insisted me to follow him.

Hubby's 3rd futsal boot.. Getting ready!

Frankly speaking there's no fuss at all if it was just a 1 hour game with his mates since I can bring Faheem along with me. But to a tournament that may end up to hours in the non air conditioned hall? With a small kid that never stood still for even seconds? I tried my best in neglecting from giving a YES or NO. Simply serba salah..
To the extend that he said..
"Dulu2 sayang selalu je kut abang pegi futsal, hoki.."
Ok. This is something now. I'm starlet (but still remain in control of myself) with such statement from a dear husband. Tetibe rasa bersalah yang amat sangat.. =/ Well I used to accompany him where ever he went especially to any sporting events such as futsal & hockey ever since we get to know each other. I still remember those times when he played in the KL Hockey League, he never missed to fetch me up whenever he got a match after the office hours!

Till one day we happily tied the knot and I got pregnant very soon after that and finally the little charming arrived in our marriage life. Slowly I tend to refuse to be his 'cheer lady" at any sporting matches. I have a little baby that needs my full attention 24/7. He seems OK whenever I keep on repeating the same reason so I guess.. "Ok, he's cool with it."

But now I realized, I may be wrong this time. Well, I think I've wronged my husband with this issue. Though children might be the whole universe for me, Mr Spouse is the one that any wives should always taken care of with full obligations. I felt so guilty knowing that my husband who cares me EVERYTHING from top to toe, from foods to attires, from holidays to super caring-ness, from money to everyday jokes! ..felt that way towards me..

My bad. Dear abang sayang, if you're reading this. Thousand apology from me! Nanti mama plan holiday best2 for 2011 ok. And starting today I will company you where ever and when ever you asks me to. Promise! =)

Rules & regulations brief..

Mr Referee & me

Oh I always love that hamstring! =p

Papa Faheem in action!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Faheem's 1st Birthday Celebration!

The beloved and darling little man has turned one few weeks back on the 13th of December 2010. But his adventurous parent was so tied up with Langkawi trip and this and that so we postponed the most awaited event to the 1st January 2011. Initially we are planning to have just a small crowd of neighboring friends like I stated before in His First Birthday Celebration Plan but the confirmed invitees had surprisingly exceeded to almost 70pax!

Semoga Allah merahmati keluarga kecil kami ini. Amin..
Selamat hari lahir yang pertama anak mama!

Mr. Luck was not on our side when PM Najib suddenly announced a public holiday on Friday to celebrate the national football team (Harimau Malaya.. Oh Khairul Fahmi Che Mat!) who won the Suzuki AFF cup for the first time in 14 years. Few of the guests had decided to spend the precious 4 days leave at their hometown. That resolve to: We were left with abundant of foods that may feed 20 hungry homo sapiens! Huhu.. The other two big families also had to cancel the RSVP since their kids were having measles. Speedy recovery babies!

Lesson learnt by the way.
Next time around we will only cater the confirmed-by-phone guests! =)

The belated birthday boy before and after the party

The event started at 3pm and the last guests which were kak ti and hubby (my former housemate) left the home sweet home at 730pm. It's such a great get together with the lovely peeps. We decided to invite only friends and not the family related since both of us have quite a number of family members here in KL but they actually lives outside the city center so I guess lets just invite the good friends nearby. After all, it's just a kid's birthday =)

The menus:

1. Entree = Nasi tomato lauk ayam merah, daging kurma (well it tasted like so), acar timun. They caterer was Shamaz and I'm loving it! There's no hassle at all dealing with Mr Haz. In fact we communicated with just emails through the month and agreement made without any deposits and what not. Plus the yummy dishes arrived at my doorstep with two friendly guys an hour early! Will definitely recommends the caterer to all of you =)

2. Samosa and popia goreng. Nasib baik orang Pantai Timur dalam rumah ni sentiasa simpan sos cili keropok lekor kat rumah. Tak payah kelam kabut nak buat sos cili!

3. Meehun singapore perasa tomyam - tapi tak sesedap nenek Faheem buat!

4. Oreo cheesecake from Secret Recipe. Mommy's fav ever!

5. Cutie cupcakes from cuppylicious cupcake.

6. Blueberry Cheese Tarts from Pistachious Bakery. Marvellous!

7. Dessert = watermelon & honey dew

8. Drinks = Orangie cordial. Oh Finally I get myself a Tupperware outdoor chiller! Lepas ni senang la kalo nk buat makan2 besar atau pegi picnic ramai2! =)

9. Goodies = Cloud 9 Chocolate Wafer (We were running out of budget, sorry! =p)

Few of the presents Faheem received that day. Thank you aunties and uncles!

In a nutshell, everything turns up great as expected. Just don't wanna sweat the tiny stuffs such as: I forgot to refill the blueberry cheese tarts from the fridge when everybody was actually searching for it on the table! Haha.. My bad my mad. That thing will never happen again, cross my fingers! =D

Ever dearest Muhammad Faheem Darwish! Happy turning one my boy and welcome to toddler hood. May the best of life always be with you forever and always. Mama and papa loves you to bits and we are looking forward for more surprising achievements from you! P/s: Nanti mama papa bagi adik k! In the mean time you have to learn to behave like a big brother ok honey.. Smooches kiddo! =)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine @The Pavilion

It's lunch hour fellas! And how would these images salivate you?

Crunchy bean sprouts!

Yummy spicy Pai Tee!

Roasted, steamed or braised? I choose honey BBQ chicken!

Naah? Umm...
Who cares.
But I really do!
I'm a Number 1 fan of The Chicken Rice Shop.
Just went there 2 weeks ago but I'm still craving for more.
The karabu manggo, the BBQ chicken.. Marvellous!
Err.. Mengidam ke?
Mengidam ape tengah red flag day nih.
Time Faheem dulu memang nak makan nasi je 2,3 kali sehari.
Kenapa KLCC tak ada TCRS? Haih..

Okla, beloved hubby just buzzed up.
We're gonna have lunch at Pavilion with his colleague at Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine.
This will be our first time dining there and I really hope it'll turn up great.
Pavilion ada TCRS tak?! Err.. Next time lah. Ok next time.
Tada! This is what we're having just now at Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine, Pavilion KL. This is the third Lebanese restaurant I've went to besides Al-Rawsha at Ampang and Byblos at Ho Chi Minh City. One thing they are very similar about was : The food wasn't spicy at all, it's more to sourish. The Lebanese loves to have it that way huh?

Just love the round table!

The Chicken Chawarma and Beef Khabseeh

After all the food is actually good and the service was excellence. I'm back at office now. Lets get back to work!


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