Thursday, July 28, 2011

My experience flying with Emirates Airlines to the USA

Flying Emirates is one of the items in my wish list. I started to have the anxiety to travel by Emirates - (being one of the best airlines in the world) when I'm studying at the university. Well the good old days when you got so attached with the internet of course. I frequently received chain emails regarding the extravagant seating, scrumptious meals and impressive in-flight entertainment with Emirates flight: be it First Class, Business Class or even Economy Class.

Hubby in Business Class.
How comforting the seat was! It can be reclined to almost 180 degree. Well I'm pretty sure most airlines provide almost the same reclining sofa for their Business Class guests.
But Emirates is a bit way forward when you compare apple to apple:
of delectable meals and fantastic in-flights entertainment!

That's why when beloved hubby told me that he might be traveling to the USA via Emirates, my heart was pounding with joy. There are few airlines that provide a different route and transit points before one arriving at Houston. Among the common one was via Malaysia Airlines that have their transit point at Los Angeles. But I would definitely opt for Emirates via their transit point at the luxurious Dubai International Airport!

Ok, who is actually on a business trip now? Me or hubby? Haha. Ya ya.. He is the one that will be traveling with the business purposes but the wifey is the one who makes a research about the highly anticipated trip =p Since I will be accompanying him so I have to make sure that MY trip will turn out awesome. Haha. Haruslah begitu bukan? Fly jauh2 mestilah plan betul2 so that everything will went smoothly according to what I wished for. Barulah berbaloi!

20 hours plus on air and you get to have these plateful meal? Awesome!

Hubby and his colleague are traveling via Business Class but me, yours truly can only afford an Economy Class for herself. Kalau ikut kan perasaan mahu saja sit side by side in the Biz Class with hubby but I think I should spare the money for something else. Simpan buat pergi haji ke. Hari tu kan berangan nk pergi haji before 40. Hoho.. Moreover we will be shifting to a new crib in less than 3 years time. Lots of money-spending activity I can foresee now. So Economy sudah..

By the way, as I've mentioned in the previous entry, I actually enjoy my ride at the Business Class seating as dearest hubby was kind and sweet enough to swap his seat with the wifey. I also get the best ride-company of all since I'm seating just beside his office colleague, Cassy. Bliss! Thank you so much sayang! This is among the most enjoyable air trip I've ever experienced. Alhamdulillah for making this come true =) No more talking. Enjoy the pictures!

Me in Biz Class. It was a front seat that explained the wide screen position.

Hundreds of movies, radio channels, cartoon networks, games bla bla bla!
I watched Rapunzel Tangled Tale, The Tourist,
F.R.I.E.N.D.S (miss them so much!), Narnia, Harry Porter
and lots more!

The wide screen at the Economy Class.

One of my favorite play during the trip. We can actually call a seat!
So there's no fuss at all being apart with the husband. We can always chit chat! =)

LED sparkling on top of the ceiling. Looks like the shining stars isn't it!
This means - You ought to sleep now to avoid jet lag once you arrive at the new destination!

Take off my Quicksilver glasses, off the TV, on the radio,
covered your body with blanket, close your eyes with the shade and nity nites!

The meals in the Economy Class.
Every Classes have their own menu so just choose which ever that you preferred most.

Oh I almost forgot. Emirates claimed that all food served in their flights are Halal =)

The chocolate brownies were so delicious! With the hot melted chocolate! ahhh..

Taktau nak cakap ape dah. Makan makan makan dalam flight..

Economy class pun da bagi meal banyak ni, just imagine the Biz Class..

How was it? Interesting enough? Hehe. There are numbers of fascinating entries regarding my KL-Dubai-Houston-Dallas trip but I'm so tied up with work load nowadays =( And we went to sleep at sharp 10pm every night over the past week! Jet lag syndrome is subsiding but Faheem seems in need of more attention and pampering ever since his parents were back from the long honeymoon. Rindu sangat la tu! =)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jet Lag is driving us crazy!

We have safely arrived at KLIA yesterday around 3pm. Finally the 16 plus 6 hours of journey across the continents (Houston-Dubai & Dubai-KL) has come to an end! How reviving..

Rule of thumb to avoid yourself from experiencing jet lag:

Do not go to sleep once you reached home.

Regrettably, I just can't stand the muscle exhaustiveness in me and I decided to lay down just for a few minutes. Hubby was watching the TV on the couch while busy checking the long pending mails and I'm so certain that the nap would only lasts for not more than 10 minutes. But I was totally wrong! He actually decided to take a nap beside me very soon after that. That has resulted to? Both of us were sleeping soundly and only woke up at 10pm.

And as expected, these two pairs of eyes were wide open the whole night through. 10pm until the next day (today) 3pm - We are still awake, in the office! My eyes are soaring, my muscles are cramping, my head is spinning, more innocent pimples spreading rapidly on my face, my body can't stand right and I feel like vomiting every now and then. Oh dear! ='(

The earliest breakfast we have ever had in our life = At 5.50 in the morning!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Emirates First Class and Business Class Lounge, KLIA

Good morning Texas! Hello dear readers =) It has been a week I've been traveling to the states. Currently I'm now at Dallas, a 4 hours road-trip from Houston. Both of us and also the other lady (hubby's office colleague) are doing real fine. Alhamdulillah. It was sizzling hot summer right here and the bright sunny day will struck dizziness in me if I ain't wearing the shades! The summer breeze has really makes our skin feels like burning too. But we're not staying outside tho, so everything is good actually =)

First Class and Business Class check-ins trough the red carpet. Posh enough ey?

The Lounge entrance

Anyhow, hubby is visiting the plant with Mr. Carl at Carrollton and I shall manage this me-time wisely. This is just a short blog post regarding the Emirates First Class and Business Class Lounge that we've went to in KL International Airport just before we're departing to Dubai. Hubby is flying with Business class but I'm on Economy class (the Business rate is 4x higher!) Hoho. But the Emirates staffs were cool enough that day when they allowed beloved hubby to bring the sweet wifey along in the lounge. Thank You!

Hubby was kind enough too when he asked me to stay on his Business class seating since he's too worried that I might be facing back aches or feel uncomfortable with any huge Arabs or Englishmen beside me. He's willing to sit at the Economy class for me! Thank you hubby, smooches! After all Cassy, his colleague is around and I will have a great chatting company at the Business class during the 5 + 16 hours flight. Well, we only stopped talking whenever we were having meals, sleeping soundly or busy watching our fav movies. Hehehe

I have to make this quick since hubby and all will be back in any time now. Oh I'm staying at Courtyard by Marriot Hotel at Addison Drive, Dallas. Later on today we will be heading back to our main stay at Sheraton Houston West Hotel. See ya!

Hubby dearie surfing the web while waiting for the orange juice

And the pinky wifey was busy checking out the washroom. Haha.
The wash room was so clean, smells nice and comfortable I really have to say.

You may take a hot bath if you wish. Plenty of comfy towels available.

Kenneth Turner hand lotion and hand wash are ready for you too.
I guess this is where the good smells came from.

Brush your teeth, comb your hair, clean your face. Whatever baby!

Oh the food. Everything served in the lounge and also in the flights (inbound or outbound) are claimed Halal by Emirates. So, makan jelah. We already had our dinner that day so we were not fancy at all by the nicely decorated foods. There will be 3x of meal-time during the KL-Dubai trip so we tend to limit the food intake. Wasatiah itu penting =D According to Cassy the foods at MAS Golden Lounge are pretty much merrier and tastier compared to Emirate's (at KLIA). Update me if she's wrong ok!

Nice huh? And yummy too..

I didn't try this one. There's mango with prawn? Err.. takut sakit perut!

And this is the over excited hubby and wifey! But Faheem wasn't coming along =( I have to leave dearest Faheem with his grandparents. Cos I know he will never survive the long hours flight, 19 months kid to be fastened for 20 hours on the seat belt? He will definitely says NO for that. He might scream his heart out to get on the floor and ran away from us. The stewards might advice us to hold the little explorer on the seat repetitively and bla bla bla. I might go crazy managing him throughout the trip so it's a NO baby. But we purchased so many things for you. Faheem tunggu mama papa balik ok! Miss you loads! Sayang sangat2 anak mama ni...

The next entry would be on Sheraton Houston West Hotel or Emirates flight maybe. Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yours Truly is flying Emirates to Dubai and Texas!


Yup. I will be traveling to the UAE and then United States today. Don't ask me how enthusiast I am with this thousand of miles trip! The best part of all is I will be flying the luxurious Emirates airline for the first time in my life! This has been the most jubilant dream-come-true I have ever experienced. Alhamdulillah. Syukran ya Allah..

Anyhow, this electronic diary would become dormant again I suppose. But I'll surely keep it posted once I really got the time to do so. Don't miss me too much yah =p Please pray for me and beloved hubby a safe and sound journey through out the trip and stay tune for my next travel tales soon!

Signing off now!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aksi terlampau pekerja KFC! Totally disgusting!

Baru je hari tu tersebar video pekerja KFC mencalit ayam KFC kegemaran ramai rakyat 1Malaysia yang sedap hingga menjilat jari itu ke tapak kasutnye, hari ni keluar pulak video pekerja KFC tanpa secalit keimanan di dada telah memerah kain lap dapur yang kotor lagi jijik ke dalam periuk?

Patutla sedap yang amat KFC ni. Yummm..

By the way, I heard in the news yesterday that the police had investigated this 'overwhelming' videos. Dari tangkap orang pakai baju kuning, dari buat road block smpai kami2 semua masuk lambat ke pejabat hari ini, ada baiknya abang2 polis tersayang carik mereka2 yang bertangungjawab ini dan berikan hukuman yang setimpal dengan nya!

Feels like slapping off their goblin faces real hard now! Arggggh..

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sukhumvit Kampung Baru

I shall postpone the Halal foods in Vietnam entry to give way to this latest local foodie post! Have you ever been to Sukhumvit Restaurant in Kampung Baru dear fellas? Well I have, for the zillion times now. Been visiting the place especially for dinner since 5 years back, when both of us were truly, madly, deeply in loved to each other. Sounds so Savage-Garden right? Hehe

Sukhumvit is situated in Kampung Baru, at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The great Thai food eatery is pretty much adjacent to my office and dear boyfriend's (later the charming husband) so that was how we get to know this stunning location in the first place - Going round and round the Kampung Baru area (that is widely known for it's delectable Malay and Siamese cuisines) and we came across this place just like that.

Dearest hubby suggested to have dinner at Sukhumvit yesterday. We had frequently dine in at the place around 6pm on week days. That was the perfect timing since there would be not much of guests as yet - less waiting time for the yummy food to arrive on your table and you may enjoy quality talk with the scenic view, just the two of you =)

This is what I called the scenic view. The majestic KLCC is just at the back!

Rumah papan yang cantik! Ber-background-kan luxury condos:
The Orion and SetiaSky Residences

Being able to witness 2 different perspectives from one position?
Only in Kampung Baru.

We were a bit surprised upon arriving at Sukhumvit yesterday - to actually perceived with our own eyes the fully refurbished and newly redecorated restaurant! The open air restaurant looks vibrant and much more attractive compared to the previous interior and exterior design. That is one of the main criteria that captivates anyone that have gone to this place - the breathtaking place it self! (apart from the marvelous meals)

Neat. Nice. Enough Said.

The service button is also in placed now.

Aha. The place where the green-shirt man sitting used to be of our favorite spot! We always tend to sit at the same place if it was vacant. That was also the place where we met up almost everyday for dinner just after work and discussing the engagement plus wedding stuff while enjoying the great music. Sometimes they played English oldies too. Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdink and all. What a bliss. Listing the to-buy-stuff, the budgets, the peoples, the weekend activities etc. That is why we are still coming back here for dinner once in a while.. To flash back the sweet memories we used to had, before happily living together as a husband and wife =)

Anyway, these are what we ordered that day. The Tom Yam is a must-try.
Seriously! Tak pedas sangat, tak masam sangat. Memang sedap lah..

Kerabu mangga. That is my favorite, no matter where I go.

Kailan goreng. Standard la. Yang penting the kailan is fresh!

And lastly telur dadar. Nampak biase je, tapi bila semua dah masuk mulut.. Yosh!

Carrot and orange juice to quench the thirst.
The drinks had failed us few times before this. It's not that juicy, you know what I mean.
But it's not a 5 star restaurant so we tend to think that it was acceptable in quality (half-heartedly) at times. Haha

The menus are of wide varieties actually. From dessert to light meal to main course. Somtam, Meangkam, Rojak Buah, Keropok Ikan, Me Celup to Kerapu Tiga Rasa, Daging Masak Merah, Sup Ekor and all lah. You name it you get it =D

So if you happen to be around Kampung Baru and feeling hungry? Feel free to drop by Sukhumvit and tell me what you have tried and how does it impressed you. Or if it doesn't. I wish to give it a try if others would highly recommend me so!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Travel Guide to Vietnam: Caravelle Hotel

I was browsing my draft entries (quite a number of them) recently and I found this - the never been published post of my last travel tale before I went to the labor room. Err.. approximately 20 months back. Hehe. I went to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) during my third trimester in 2009. It was definitely not a good idea to travel that far when you're carrying a bulgy and hefty front load with you but dearest hubby was working there those times so he decided to bring me for my last baby-moon trip that year. Further more I was on a two-months of unpaid leaves (I'm taking leaves way earlier before the little guy was born) and I will never refuse that kind of offer!

Caravelle Hotel, Saigon. The main lobby.

We decided to stay at Caravelle Hotel that is situated at the heart of Saigon (currently Caravelle Hotel is ranked #8 in the TripAdvisor Popularity Index in HCMC). Sheraton Hotel is just a walking distance from Caravelle but hubby mentioned earlier that the internet charge was so high. Compared to Caravelle - the high speed internet connection is FREE for you to enjoy 24/7 in-room and throughout the hotel. Oh the IT staff was so efficient and the manager himself responded to our queries so fast!

Further more, the golden plaque up here was quite an attraction. Ain't it!

The hotel is situated exactly in front of the Saigon Opera House.
The view of this building is magnificent during the night!

We were traveling via Air Asia for 2 hours. And it does gave me back ache as soon as we arrived at the Tan Son Nhat international airport. But I was truly contented when I'm witnessing this view once I stepped into the hotel room. The king size bed was as clean as a whistle, huge of course and the quilt was so comfy! The heavily pregnant lady just knew she would probably spend most of her quality hours just to be on the bed during the babymoon trip. Hehe

This is the wash room. It was very clean definitely. The toiletries were were plentiful and more than enough (tho I'm bringing my own, bole la buat souvenir balik Malaysia nanti. Hek). The water pressure was high and the water heater was just nice. Oh the tong sampah was quite big too. Takdela cinonet macam kat certain hotel tu. Cukup2 je nak masukkan polystyrene food containers itu. Huhu..

Each night after dinner we went to the roof top that accommodate the swimming pool plus jacuzzi, the gym and the salon & spa just to have a quality hubby-wifey talk and discussing so many issues - especially of regards to our soon to be born Faheem Darwish. The ambiance was so nice and soothing.

Saigon town was a bit dusty, well according to my hubby, but I don't really think so. Maybe I just can't sense the allergen as I'm having sinus upset (is there such thing? haha) from the first day I'm pregnant! With non stop coughing? Huhu. But I'm back to normal once Faheem was out from the tummy land, I seriously stopped coughing in the labor room itself. Alhamdulillah..

Anyway, will come out with another Saigon entry soon.
Halal foods in Vietnam!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kakak! Kakak! Kakak!

This is dear Faheem two nights ago, during dinner at PappaRich. There's a nice looking waitress (wearing black at the counter) that was so interested with him. Well, she entertained the little guy every now and then as soon as we stepped into the restaurant. And I'm sure that little guy with striped blue pyjama was so attracted to her too.

He keeps on calling that waitress "Kakak!" since then. And the lady came nearer and keeps on talking with him, threw out funny faces, gave him some sweets, pinched and squeezed his chubby cheeks and nose, so on and so forth until he laughed out happily. He really really likes that lady seriously.

The restaurant started to receive more customers when we were half way done with the yummy dinner. And of course, the lady has becoming busier entertaining the hungry homo sapiens. And Faheem seemed uncomfortable with that situation. He kept on calling that lady, "Kakak! kakak!" again and again. He'll never stop calling her until the lady come to our place. That waitress seemed truly serba salah. I know she insisted to answer the budak-comel's calls but she had other important things to do.

To the extend that Faheem can't stop from waving and calling her "Kakak! kakak!". We were so embarrassed when the customers (well most of them) keep on staring at us, due to the noisy boy of course. Papa tried to shut his mouth with his tiny palms but that just made Faheem raging even more. He shouted his heart out "Kakak! kakak! kakak!!!!" while struggling to get free from papa. Malu ok.

Mama macam biasa da start panic when everybody fiercely looking at us. So we decided to hurriedly get out from PappaRich, at that instant. Lucky that we already eaten almost half of the meals ordered. If not, harus kene tapau burger pulak on the way balik rumah..

He's already in the car but still calling for that kakak!


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