Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet. Halal foods in Houston.

My apology for postponing the Factory Outlets entry (as promised) dear readers. I have so many pictures of them and I get confused in picking up which one is the right ones to put in here. To make my life easier, I shall proceed with other entries that require less images first (I really need some time to explore them!)

Anyhow being in the states, you need not to worry about finding halal food. Just click and you may find a selection of Halal Restaurants near you. We had chosen Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet since it is located in the heart of Houston town, just a few minutes away from The Galleria (the shopping mall). Hehe. Moreover it's great to have 'buffet-ed' meals for lunch and we heard the place charged a reasonable price too.

The journey from Sheraton Houston West Hotel took us approximately 25 minutes to reach Dimassi's. And we really enjoy the short trip because of the routes it led us through! Remember Desperate Housewives? The beautiful houses they lived in? Especially Bree? Gosh I managed to witness many of them each time we were on our way to Dimassi's! With greenish grass and well decorated entrance and beautiful houses.. Ahh.. I just went speechless. Will upload the pictures in the next next entry hopefully =)

The restaurant is just opposite the main road - Westhiemer Rd. So no worries, you'll find it easily. Upon arriving it was almost 12.30pm and the sun blaze stroke us 90 degree on the head. Panas sangat ya Allah! Luckily the drinks were ready and the chefs were serving the foods by the time we get inside the restaurant. We were the first customers that day!

While waiting for the food to get ready hubby had a conversation with the restaurant manager. He's an Iranian if I'm not mistaken. The restaurant belongs to his good friend. The lunch buffet priced at USD12 per person. Really value for money!

Manisan mak2 arab.. Ingat nak beli jugak sebekas tu, makan dalam kereta ke dalam bilik ke, but hubby is never keen of any sweetie desserts so tak jadila. Sorang2 je enjoy makan tak syok la kan!


The side dishes..

Looking at the main courses really flashed back the mouthful memories of Al-Rawsha or Hadramawt.. I'm really hoping it would tasted the same. Or at least near to that. But nahhh... The foods were pretty plain (well for my taste buds). Less salt, less sugar, less spices. But it was indeed a healthy food la. Halal some more. I don't blame the restaurant anyway. I came to their place and I should respect their food. It's just that I'm a truly Asian and I eat a bit more spicy and saltier foods than you do. The only thing that I really love is the fried chicken. Yang tu sodap! Sampai 3 ketul la ratah sorang2.. =p

Another side of desserts. Povlovas.. Manis gilak. Makan secubit je..

Wide variety of hot and cold drinks. Oh there's a Koi pond inside the restaurant =)

That's all for the Halal foods in Houston.
The place is indeed very value for the penny spent
- if you're arriving there for lunch.
Check out for more Halal Restaurants in

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sheraton Houston West Hotel. Magnificent Stay!

This is where we stayed during our first trip to Houston few weeks back. It was just perfect tho initially I found it a bit confusing in finding the right hotel for us. This was merely due to the 'hotel' term itself that seemed a bit different compared to what we practically use in Malaysia. According to hubby most of his friends tend to stay at La Quinta Inn when ever they are on a business trip to Houston. There are hundreds of La Quinta Inns all over Texas itself!

Without hesitating much I visited their official website and became a fan of their FB page to dig more info about La Quinta and I found one La Quinta Inn that is situated just a few miles from the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (great!) but it will takes nearly an hour (or more if you're stuck in a massive traffic jam) to reach hubby's working place. So it's a NO.

Later that day I found something that was quite shocking. La Quinta actually allows their valued guests to bring their pets into the rooms! It's a double NO then (I don't have any idea how in the first place that La Quinta has been highly recommended by his colleague). After a few days of facing trouble on deciding which hotel to stay we finally chose Sheraton because it's the nearest from his workplace.

Moreover, there's Sheraton all over the globe right?! (I'm speaking about that Q factor).

And luckily we just fell in love with the hotel once we stepped in!

The main lobby. It looked so elegant and I like it!

But I just can't bear the smell of alcohol!
The bar with wide selections of wines and what not are just nearby the lobby itself.

Just beside the lobby was the restaurant area.
And this was the place we rushed every morning for breakfast!

Complimentary Zero Coke at the entrance. Takde Coke tak US lah kan.. =p

How creative was this?!
Physically it was exactly like the traditional rotary dial phone.
But this one is without the turning-dial. Digitalized already =D

The room's access cards.
We actually collect all hotel's access cards that we have been to before this.
Saje2 simpan buat memory, we have quite a number of them now..

Everything in Sheraton Houston West was so neat and nice..
Just suits a perfectionist-as like me!

Our king size bed. They called it sweet sleeper bed. We don't have any idea what does it really means until we laid our exhaustive body on the first night we reached Houston. Oh dear, the comfort-ness of the bed was beyond our expectation, like seriously. We had such a quality sleep each nights!

42" LCD TV with Full HD. The channels are numerous.
From the free ones to the paid ones.


Layan morning crew with no hassle at all!

This was among the best part of all. In-room Starbucks available in every rooms!

The bathroom was pretty simple but it was so neat and clean!
The water pressure was high too!

Complimentary newspapers every morning. There's also a snack vending machine in the hotel (if you need some chewies in the middle of the night) and the colorful flowers at the car-park was indeed soothing. By the way it was sizzling hot summer at Houston during the trip. And I really mean it, SIZZLING hot summer. Tak best part tu!

Summer holiday has brought us Summer Sale!
Will updates on the wonderful factory outlets in Houston soon!
We shopped like crazyyy... Enough said.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bumbu Desa KLCC. Last iftar with hubby.

On hubby's last day in KL, we went to Bumbu Desa Restaurant in KLCC for our last iftar together. Why Bumbu Desa? Maybe because it's near to my office (I'm working that day). And the other reason was probably due to the meal choices that we have at Bumbu Desa. My husband has always prone to have only nasi for iftar and Bumbu Desa provides rice with various kind of lauk pauk yang seakan sama dengan masakan Malaysia.

(Bumbu Desa originates from Indonesia. It serves Sundanese Food).

Moreover a good friend of mine has posted few pictures of her favorite ayam cabai hijau of Bumbu Desa at FB. I sometimes drooled looking at the pictures even tho I haven't tasted it before. Oh I had texted her before I proceed with the reservation. She gave me the green light so here we go!

These were the lauk pauks that we ordered that day. I just can't remember the authentic names of each meals but there's ayam goreng, gulai ayam, kailan goreng and err.. tempe. I know it's healthy. Nanti kulit bole cantek mantek macam ex MB Selangor itu! Ooppss. Regrettably I'm not so keen with tempe. Only hubby and Faheem ate that!

Oh I forgot, there's also gulai sotong!

Of all the menus this is what I like the most! The Talapia was being fried so long until it turned so crispy and yummy! And that sambal with mangga was simply a lip smacking. Enough said.

The second one in the top rank is this pulut durian! Do you believe me that I haven't tried pulut durian in my whole life?? I don't know why but I only eat durian, the fruit itself. I shall say NO to segala macam makanan that mix with durian. Ntah. Macam pelik. Hubby ordered that pulut durian and he kinda forced me to give it a try. And I did half heartedly..

Ya Allah sedapnye Pulut Durian!! Tak tahu pulak sesedap itu selame ni.. =D
Lepas ni pergi KLCC kene makan lagi. Serious.

Faheem playing with Tommy. The interior deco was quite nice too..

Done with the wonderful meals we went to Mandarin Oriental Hotel to perform Maghrib and Isya' prayers. Chit chat for a while and he sent us to the car-park. Get his stuff ready and we were off to our home sweetest home, without the darling husband. He's off to the airport by himself. Huhu. I shall not elaborate more on this heart wrenching event.

Anyhow, I would like to recommend Bumbu Desa to all of you!
Nice food, friendly staffs, beautiful interior and clean environment =)

IKEA Catalogue 2012 is ready for viewing!

Guys, the latest IKEA Catalogue 2012 is ready for viewing now.
And I have just downloaded it yesterday thru the iPhone apps. Weehoo..!

This home-deco-freak mommy just can't wait to beautify her new crib soon!
(Tho the most anticipated dream will only be ready in the next three years?)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sayang nak iPad tak?

Yet another surprise and a dream come true by the darling husband?
Alhamdulillah.. He has never fail to do so since the first day I get to know him! =)

Well it's an iPad 2. I know I know I'm late! =p I'm sure everybody would love to have an iPad but both of us already have our own laptops so (initially) I don't think we should spend on something that we already have. Membazir amalan shaiton! But I do have to agree that iPad is a great learning gadget for dear Faheem. But don't you think he's still small for that? Oh he used to threw my iPhone whenever he fells like doing so and I can't imagine if he did the same thing to the iPad? *Fainted. Luckily Apple products were robust enough for this tiny aggressive family =D

Hurriedly went to Machines KLCC when we noticed
that they have re-stocked iPad 2 via Machines' FB Page.
Done with the iPad we had lunch at our forever favorite Chakri!

Ok. Things just happen when hubby received a golden opportunity for a training course on Shale Gas at the states. We're gonna be apart again that's one thing for sure. So communication is crucial. We will text and call each other like always but video call is another important criteria - when you have a rapidly growing kid in the family. YM yeah. Skype yeah. FaceTime? It's a NO since hubby is using 3GS. So we are left with the iPad? - Ok, I make up story, haha.
"Sayang.. Sedihla nak tinggal sayang lagi.. I really need to get you something lah. As a present. Sayang nak ape?"
Cik isteri yang masih lagi terkejut dengan short notice tersebut just keeping her cutie lips shut. I have almost every happiness in the world now and I don't think I need anything else my dear, well for now la. I was just about to burst that isteri mithali-ish sentence when hubby suddenly said..
"Sayang nak iPad tak?"
I was speechless for a moment. Err.. I want it but not now. It's not a current necessity tho. But when hubby keeps on bugging me and repetitively asking if the iPad is ok for me, I just said yes. After all Faheem will have a new companion in the house, in the absence of his father. And video call made easy too with the brand new gadget. Thank you again papa!

Big hugs and smooches across the continents papa!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


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