Monday, January 30, 2012

Finding the right breast pump for yours truly

This is among the most head spinning issue during my second pregnancy. And why is that? Mothers can't just simply pick and pay the pump. The pump that you purchase has to SUIT perfectly to the mothers who are pumping it. Weather you are working moms, stay at home moms, work from home moms etc. Or else, it doesn't fit the purpose brilliantly. Well it can, but one might be facing troubles while handling it during the nursing days. And in my case, yes I'm an 8-5 career mom. But.. Ahh.. The 'but' has really given us headaches since months ago..

Suke sangat Avent single electric pump ni sebab pump die nipis je.
Sangat sesuai bawak ofis and traveling. Tapi mahal sikit kt US compare to Medela Swing.

Back then during the first newborn, I'm so addicted with Avent's product and so without thinking much I simply purchased Avent manual breast pump. The said pump was functioning well, but being a working mom that lives on a fast lane with a limited me-time at the office what more at home during weekdays, I really have to admit that manual pump doesn't help me much with the breastfeeding mission. That explains why Faheem has weaned off as early as 9 months old. Why didn't you buy another pump to overcome the problem? Why didn't you seek help with friends who mastered breastfeeding? Umm.. I don't really have the time to even think about it since the husband was working abroad and I need to handle the home, the ride, the kid, the office workload and for god sake my very own self - all by myself.

With the biggest problem I faced just a day before the maternity leaves come to an end - our home sweetest home had been ruined with buckling tiles during heavy rains, on one horrible night! =( Me, the lil Faheem, the babysitter and my mom needed to switch from this house to another house for 2 months until the developer fix in the new tiles, FOC. The first house we stayed was my cousin's and she had so many anak saudara, anak sepupu and all (da macam daycare tidak berlesen umah tu. So we only survived for a week). Then we stayed at my other cousin's house (it's a vacant house - there was no fridge so how should I store the EBMs? And my husband was having trouble to get back to KL those days since his project had started to kick in and his presence was totally crucial. Gosshh.. I'm sorry. Bukan nak mengeluh sangat. Tapi bile teringat balik what I've gone through years back.. It's pretty horrifying guys. But alhamdulillah.. I'm so grateful of what I'm having now. Bersusah susah dahulu, bersenang2 kemudian kan? =)
But then, the second item to be blamed is actually the huge de-motivation in me those times. Enough said.
Lesson learnt. Hopefully pisang tak akan berbuah dua kali this time. I really wish to fully breastfeed Faheem's lil sis/bro exclusively for 6 months (as been recommended by WHO) and if god's willing and if the motivation is strong enough, I really wish to proceed the mission until the lil one is turning 2. Pahala dapat anak pun sihat insyaAllah. Aminnn.. Well, the prob that I've mentioned earlier is, should I pursue my career right after the 2nd birth or should I quit and become a stay at home mom? A full time housewife, a proud home maker.. Whereby yours truly may BF her kids (and take care the blessed off springs all by herself) with much less of hesitation?

This issue arisen since we haven't owned any babysitter nor house helper since months ago. My parents have been baby sitting dear Faheem since the school break last November until January this year. And now the lil explorer is attending a play school - about 5mins ride form our home. There are 3 options that we have previously; 1. Hire a bibik 2. Play school/daycare 3. Momma resign. We finally chose the 2nd option since we don't really trust a bibik (without any other adult family member at home) and option 3.. Saving mama tak banyak lagi. Tak yakin nak resign sekarang. Dengan keperluan dan kehendak yang masih lagi bergelandangan di dlm fikiran. Sobs..

The initial problem has been solved alhamdulillah.. But the second problem will take place right after the 2nd birth, but of course we need to find the solution earlier. Dear husband repetitively suggested me on being a full time housewife. I was ok with the plan, at first. But as days went by so many things came and keep on mingling in my mind. I've discussed with my parents, family members and good friends. And almost everyone didn't agree with that option! Panjang sangat ceritanya, banyak sangat pros and cons nye. Tak perlulah diceritakan satu persatu kat sini. So, tak sanggup nak tinggal newborn kat nursery, apetah lagi kat maid sorang2 kat umah walaupun ada CCTV. Nenek offer nak jaga baby tapi nun jauh di Terengganu, oh tidak sanggup! Nak berenti keje pun tak mahu. Berenti tu ok actually, but not now lah.. "Belajar bagai nak rak dulu2, pastu tak keje". Memang rasa rugi sangat bile teringat kata2 itu. Moreover, our second home will be ready in 2 years time. Banyak nye duit nak pakai time tu. Tak bole berenti lagi sekarang. Just not now..

Switching from Avent to Medela la pulak this time..

I think this entry has swayed far away from the main subject. Hehehe. Membebel banyak2 no point jugak. Mari kita terus berusaha untuk mencari solution terbaik akan permasalan ini, doa banyak2 mintak petunjuk dari yang maha mengetahui dan tawakkal lah.. Takde mood dah nak type panjang2. Sigh.. To cut a long story short, dear husband had purchased Medela Swing breast pump during his last few days at United States. As always, cik abang sayang beriya2 sangat nak beli kat sana sebab murah - USD120 sahaja ok. Kat Malaysia nearly RM688 tak silap. Berangan Medela Freestyle dan sebagainya, but after a few discussions that finally resulted the mommy (most probably will still be working at the end of the day), so hubby belikan Swing jela. Nanti beli mahal2 tak pakai mane membazir pulak katanya..

Oh penatnye menaip..

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Switching from Avent to Tommee Tippee

Dear Faheem has been using Avent bottles since newborn until now. He has never refused the said brand from the very first day I'm introducing bottle feeding to him. Alhamdulillah.. Well my mom had been advising me way months before I'm giving birth to dearest Faheem - let your son drink from the bottles! Or else you gonna face big trouble when the maternity leaves come to an end. I did, and somehow it can be considered as a success for both me and the lil boy. Hurrey!

And now we will be having another little bundle of joy in 3months time, I'm thinking to introduce a different brand of feeding bottles to adik Faheem. There's no specific reason for that tho. I've just getting board with Avent bottles and the forever and always leaking issue (tho that's not such a huge matter for me). And I'm thinking of that montel and comel Tommee Tippee bottles!

Hubby had reminded me so many times regarding the baby stuff that we need to purchase while he was in the states. Kalau boleh semua semua barang baby die nak beli kat sana sebab murah sangat. So I've made a list for him and feeding bottles was among our fav search. Hehehe. Avent PES has been my most favorite bottles unfortunately and shockingly, there's NO Avent PES in the US market! Huhu. And so we narrow down the search to Tommee Tippee.

I've received many +ve feedbacks regarding Tommee Tippee usage and experience from dear mommies at my FB page so I think it should be ok. Moreover, the price was cheaper compared to here in Malaysia so takdela terkesan sangat kut2 adik faheem refuse the bottles nanti. Geram sangat tengok botol TT yang montel ni tau. So one fine day during Chinese New Year leave, I decided to curik one 260 oz punye bottle and try bagi kat faheem. As expected, he never refused any bottles that we gave him! heheh.. Good boy lah anak mama!

If I'm not mistaken the price was about USD17.99 per package.
I shall update the real price when hubby wakes up from his afternoon nap ok.

And he loves the new bottle too! Dapat botol baru macam dapat toys baru la agaknye. Excited je minum susu dengan botol montel tu sampai habes licin. Papa pun happy sebab gamble je beli Tommee Tippee ni haritu sebab mama da frust sangat papa tak jumpe Avent PES kat US. Da la papa beli sampai 6 ketul, kalau Faheem ok tu hopefully adik nya pun okla nanti. Aminnn..

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MeatWorks Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara

Yesterday me and the husband headed to Solaris Mont Kiara since we have an appointment with a colleague there. Solaris Mont Kiara is just nearby Solaris Dutamas by the way. That was the first time we met up for a business purpose appointment at Mont Kiara. Previously we tend to set meetings around Wangsa Maju since the colleague's office was there and there's plenty of nice eateries and coffee houses around that elite compound. But the good friend has been shifting to a new office starting this year so Solaris Mont Kiara is the new check up point for us.

I got to know about MeatWorks when I watched Masterchef Malaysia few weeks back (congratulations Dr. Ezani! hehe). There was an episode where the winners of the week have been treated with appetizing meals served with various kind of meats at MeatWorks; be it steak, ribs, burgers and even satay, salads and sandwiches.
FYI MeatWorks uses Gemas Gold Meat - (claimed as) Sourcing the world's best livestock and rearing them with gentle care at Gemas, Negeri Sembilan that offer juiciest, freshest and most tender of meat. I copied that from their menu book =p

Hubby ordered this lamb shank. Ya ampun, sedap sungguh. The tenderness of the meat, the rich gravy, the soft and creamy mashed potato. Aww.. Marvelous. Enough said lah. Disebabkan sedap sangat I switched my meal with his. Hehehe. (I already had nasi beriyani with lamb during lunch yesterday and continued with another lamb during night, great. Huhu)

This T-Bone Steak supposedly was mine. But it was barely overcooked err over grilled? Keras, liat dan seangkatan dengan nya. So my husband took this meal. Hehe. Dear husband reminded the waiter (for 3 times) to make it well done. I think the waiter reminded the chef to make it 'triple' well done than usual, that explained the kekerasan steak tersebut. Make sense what?

The MeatWorks interior deco. I spotted few stuffs are from Ikea.

Oh the colleague, she ordered the oxtail soup and according to her it was yummy. As for the drinks, me and my friend had pink guava while hubby with his fav carrot juice. And it was chilling nice. The total bill last night was RM180+. Phewww.. Selalunye we all makan mahal2 camni time celebrate important events in the family je. Takpela, at least ada good news jugak during the appointment, mini celebration without Faheem lah kiranya.. Alahaiii rindunye Abang Faheem!

Monday, January 16, 2012

The day they get reunited blisfully..

Done with the final presentation to the big bosses, the husband had lunch with all the bosses and team mates at The Moghul's Restaurant & Lounge and then off to Estancia at Shadowlake for the last time. The chauffeur arrived about half an hour later and off he went to George Bush Intercontinental Airport, bidding farewell to United States full heartedly. Hehe =D (That was also the last time he's wearing his forever fav Timberland shoe, regrettably his 2 pairs of Timberland and Kickers shoes had been stolen from our shoe rack yesterday! Sobs..)

The happy husband =) 16 hours trip to reach Dubai International Airport plus another 6 hours to finally step his foot on Kuala Lumpur. Alhamdulillah.. Selamat sampai jugak papa Faheem tu kat ibu kota cinta ni akhirnya. He's flying with the latest double deck Emirates Airbus A380. Syok nyeh! The business class seating was much more awesomerr than the previous one, I shall stick on few images of the super nice seating in the next entry soon.

Once he arrived at the international arrival, both of us were a bit startled. Yeah, it has been such a long time right. Hehe. It was still early so hubby decided to get some rest during the tea time at Secret Recipe KLIA. The settee was so fluffy and just great for pregnant ladies! But the oreo cheesecake was a total set back. It was so clear that the cake was seriously lack of oreos! =( It tasted just like a plain cheesecake, even the crust didn't taste like oreo - tasteless black crust. I wonder how would this be happening since the cakes were made from the designated factories right? And this was the first time I'm experiencing this awful cheesecake at Secret Recipe.. The wantan was yummy, but oily. I guess they were running out of paper towels? Sigh..

Around 5pm we decided to get home once the wifey has done with stocking up her chocolate bars at the choc booth. This time we didn't get on the premier limo like always. Da boring asik2 naik Perdana V6 buruk. Moreover his luggage were huge and plentiful, plus Mr. Man was so exhausted after the super long hours of journey. So we tried the luxury limo, dapat la Mercedes buruk.. Kkikik. Tapi okla, the seat was rather comfy compared to the Perdana V6. Once the journey began, hubby opened up his Bose portable speaker and linked up with his iPhone to listen to his fav iHeart radio. Niceeee.. Sounds system bawak sendiri, nasib baik abang driver cool je =D (Kat TV dah ada speaker, dalam bilik pun ada speaker, ni tambah lagi satu portable speaker.. Hmm.. Penuh dengan spekaer dah dalam rumah ni).

On Saturday we just rest at home since the beloved wifey wasn't that well. But the husband was so busy unpacking and cluttering his stuff. Da macam tongkang pecah rumah tu. Luckily most of his attires had been compressed in the space bags and the lil guys wasn't around too! Or else he'll bring much more disastrous events at the living area! Phewwww...

Friday, January 13, 2012

ERL seat. Fresh new look!!

I was surprised. Totally surprised. Remember last time (about a month ago), I've posted an entry titled 'Pretty Disgusting ERL Seating'? They've changed the seat fellas! No more swanky looks. Haha. Nice one lah KLIA Express =) Finally rasa berbaloi sangat naik ERL. Dah la da bole pakai Touch & Go sekarang.

Anyway, I'm at KLIA now. The husband is coming back for good today. Texas-Dubai-KL. I'm not so keen to drive all alone to the airport - concerning my current condition now it's better to use the public transport right? More over I don't think his luggage would fit into our ride. Banyak sgt plus they are huge in size! Kite henyak airport limo jela nanti.

Oh the beloved husband texted me just now! The brand new Emirates Airbus A380 has just landed safely. Alhamdulillah! Ok Ok. Excited sgt. Tapi nervous. Da lama sgt tak jumpe si dia. Mcm nak jumpe someone totally new je. Hihi. I got to go now. Off to the international arrival. Thank you Allah, finally this thing has come to an end. No more being apart with the charming husband, for months! Half a year to be exact. Pheww..

This has keeps me thinking for a zillion times now, what have we got ourselves into?! Hehehe

"You'll never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kenny Rogers Roasters. Buy 1 Free 1 today!

Much thanks to my officemate, Ana. She was the one who spread the news of Roasters Healthy Eating Day today! =) Regrettably, I was so tied up with work and wasn't able to accompany her during luncheon. Around 4.30pm (when demotivation has stroke everyone in the office, hehe) this 'once in a blue moon' promo by Kenny Rogers suddenly comes to mind and I text-ed my lil sis asking whether she knows anything about this and she answered Yes! (she said she already knew about that from from KRR FB page). But one of us has to wear RED. Yours truly is wearing turquoise from head to toe today so the lil sis is the one that should be spotted red. Sap sap sui!

I rushed home from work, picked her up and off to the nearest KRR.
Luckily we were seated only a few minutes after that!

The side dishes were fixed tho with mashed potato, coleslaw and baked beans.
But with half the price?? Anything is pleasurable lah kan =D

Kalau lah ter-sampai lambat sikit tadi.. Spot the long queue! Hoho..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cloth Diaper. Should or shouldn't we?

We were given this pamphlet of Bum Genius cloth diaper by the owner of BB Oasis at KL Festival City that day. I always love to see the colourful and funky designs printed on the cloth diaper but I've never seriously into it since hubby wasn't keen of putting the soiled diaper into the washing machine (datang was was akan status kebersihan baju2 lain that will be dumped into the same washing machine). Well we can soak it in a pail first with Dettol for a day or more before dumping it to the machine plus applying disposable nappy liners to the cloth diaper etc but.. Don't you think it is soo time-consuming? Nak kene basuh jemur basuh jemur banyak2 kali lagik. Akak2 manis kat daycare or pre-school tu sanggup ke layan budak2 with cloth diaper? Hmm.. Housewife ok kut, since they got plenty of times at home.

Benefits of cloth diaper:
  1. You'll save money - RM3k plus within 2 and a half years?
  2. You'll prevent waste - I'd always love to keep the earth green! Lesser landfill waste..
  3. They say it's more convenient as cloth diaper may prevent leaks. I don't think this one applied to us since Faheem rarely faced any diaper leaking or nappy rash - that's the good thing of having a stay-at-home babysitter I guess. I always reminded her to regularly change Faheem's diaper to prevent those leaking and rashes issue and she obeys it =)

But when I saw this baby blue cloth diaper, nampak kemas sangat.. Smart pun ada. Macam teringin pulak. Hehe. It's for the lil one in my tummy actually, not for her/his bro. Oh Abg Faheem has been successfully trained as 95% diaper less kid since November last year (he wear diaper during nights and going outs). Zillion thanks to atok and nenek Faheem who 'forced' me to slowly train him as (according to them) Faheem is a big boy now, it's time to teach him to speak up whenever he wants to pee pee or poo poo. And I was quite surprise that he passed the test within 2 weeks! =) At first we need to continuously ask him whether he wants to pee or not. Until he get used to the same question and tell us directly whenever he feels like going to the wash room. But then, he still refuse the potty chair tho, not comfortable I guess? Nanti papa balik mama survey2 potty seat pulak ok? Hopefully he'll change his mind then!

Back to the cloth diaper issue. Hmm.. I think it's finalize now. I'm gonna use it if and only if, I'm switching from a career mom to stay at home mom this coming June 2012. We'll see how la..
Setiap kali pregnant banyak nye super tough decisions that I have to make..
Give me strength ya Allah. And please please lead me to the right path. Amin

Friday, January 6, 2012

Parentcraft Class (Antenatal Class) at Prince Court Medical Centre

I'm in my 25th week of pregnancy now and I guess this is the time I should be thinking about attending a prenatal class. I didn't attend any prenatal classes during my first pregnancy. Both of us decided to do so when I'm safely entering the third trimester but the husband coincidentally been transferred to Ho Chi Minh City just when we were about to register ourselves for the class. The precious weekends that we have (before he's flying to Saigon) had been fully occupied with baby shopping. The baby stuff was 98% completed once he stepped his foot on Tan Son Nhat International Airport. He went back home (KL) almost every weekends since then but the limited (1-day and a half) weekend were being spared for him to rest at home and pampered the beloved wifey (yours truly was on a 2-month of unpaid leaves). Heaven nye..

And this time around, the forever missed husband is coming back for good in a few days time. Plus I'll be entering the third trimester (insyaAllah) in a few weeks time. So we should attend the class, by hook or by crook. I don't have times to search for places that serve this kind of classes but the one that I'm very familiar of is in Prince Court Medical Center (I saw the bunting at the clinic entrance each time I went there for the routine visits). The registration fee is RM250 per couple for a 1-day class. The next class shall be next month, Feb 18th (Saturday).

I was about to register ourselves that day but the husband said he's not sure whether he's gonna be in town on the said date. He can be at offshore or onshore or anywhere around the globe. Goshhh.. So I just postponed it. Sebab kat PCMC if you have registered and you're not able to make it - burn camtula jela 250 tu. Tak bole nak carry forward to the next class dah. That day we all da burn RM400 for the flight tickets so skarang nak simply2 burn lagi RM250 memang takkk la kan? So now he was quite firm that he shall be in KL on the 18th of Feb, but the other problem suddenly arisen was, who's gonna babysit Faheem then? (We have stopped 'owning' a house helper cum babysitter since 2 months back). Sabar mama sabar... Hmmm. He was so yakin nak bawak Faheem sekali to the class. Kalau Faheem membuas nanti (bukan kalau dah tu, what do you expect from a 2-yr old boy? Faheem Darwish some more? No No No).

So now how?

The topics that will be covered in the Parentcraft Class at PCMC

Monday, January 2, 2012

Fetal Anomaly Scan (Detailed Scan) at 22 weeks

Went to PCMC two weeks back for a detailed scan appointment with Dr. Tan Niap Hong (the detailed scan sonographer) followed with a routine check up with the gynae, Dr. Seri (well supposedly). But the appointment with the gynae has been rescheduled to a later date, with a very last minute notification (what ever your reasons are). I'm a bit pissed remembering this unfortunate event so let's just proceed with the detailed scan thingy.

So what is this all about? Is it the same as the routine scan you undergo each months/weeks? Yeah, the procedure is pretty much the same but the outcome is different. Fetal Anomaly Scan is a procedure to seek baby's anatomy in detail and try to find out any developmental and structural abnormalities of the baby. Plus to determine the position of the placenta. This scan is being offered to the mother during her 18-23 weeks of pregnancy and you have to pay by yourself, as this procedure (usually) is not being covered by the medical insurance agency. At Prince Court Medical Center the charges of the procedure is RM300.

There's a specific week to undergo the procedure because the baby's parts are not crowded as yet, liquid is adequate and most of the fetal part can easily be seen. The scanning process usually takes about 30-45mins but the sonographer might need a longer time if the baby is facing downward, moving excessively or the amniotic sac has decreased it's liquid volume.

Hello anak mama! Assalamualaikummm.. =')

And how's the result? Alhamdulillah.. By far the critical parts (brain, spine, face, heart, stomach, bowel, kidney, limbs etc) of the lil one are developing pretty well. It's just that she might be born small, just like the the big brother I reckon - remember The Birth Story of Faheem? The lil one's EDD has to be extended to the end of April, which is almost 2 weeks later than the EDD in responsive of the last period date. According to Dr. Tan 2 weeks gap from the last date of period calculation is normal and there's nothing to be worried of. And there's no specific explanation or causes of this tho. I'm eating well and the weight gain for each month is normal. So it may be due the inefficiency of the placenta (again?) or genetically the chromosomes carry the petite size of the mommy? Wallahualam.. As long as the the baby is healthy, I'm more than happy. Amin!

Done with the scanning procedure, each mommies will be given a report of the detailed scan for further review by your very own gynecologist and a CD copy of the images captured by the sonographer. Aww.. Suddenly, I just can't wait to see you baby.. =') Just can't imagine how would the big bro reacted when seeing his tiny sis right in front of him, for the first time! He kisses momma's tummy each night before going to bed and he wishes good night too. How sweet is that? =) Faheem tak bole main ganas2 dengan baby tau sayang! Hmmm.. Jom survey baby stuff online sekarang.. =D


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