Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cloth Diaper. Should or shouldn't we?

We were given this pamphlet of Bum Genius cloth diaper by the owner of BB Oasis at KL Festival City that day. I always love to see the colourful and funky designs printed on the cloth diaper but I've never seriously into it since hubby wasn't keen of putting the soiled diaper into the washing machine (datang was was akan status kebersihan baju2 lain that will be dumped into the same washing machine). Well we can soak it in a pail first with Dettol for a day or more before dumping it to the machine plus applying disposable nappy liners to the cloth diaper etc but.. Don't you think it is soo time-consuming? Nak kene basuh jemur basuh jemur banyak2 kali lagik. Akak2 manis kat daycare or pre-school tu sanggup ke layan budak2 with cloth diaper? Hmm.. Housewife ok kut, since they got plenty of times at home.

Benefits of cloth diaper:
  1. You'll save money - RM3k plus within 2 and a half years?
  2. You'll prevent waste - I'd always love to keep the earth green! Lesser landfill waste..
  3. They say it's more convenient as cloth diaper may prevent leaks. I don't think this one applied to us since Faheem rarely faced any diaper leaking or nappy rash - that's the good thing of having a stay-at-home babysitter I guess. I always reminded her to regularly change Faheem's diaper to prevent those leaking and rashes issue and she obeys it =)

But when I saw this baby blue cloth diaper, nampak kemas sangat.. Smart pun ada. Macam teringin pulak. Hehe. It's for the lil one in my tummy actually, not for her/his bro. Oh Abg Faheem has been successfully trained as 95% diaper less kid since November last year (he wear diaper during nights and going outs). Zillion thanks to atok and nenek Faheem who 'forced' me to slowly train him as (according to them) Faheem is a big boy now, it's time to teach him to speak up whenever he wants to pee pee or poo poo. And I was quite surprise that he passed the test within 2 weeks! =) At first we need to continuously ask him whether he wants to pee or not. Until he get used to the same question and tell us directly whenever he feels like going to the wash room. But then, he still refuse the potty chair tho, not comfortable I guess? Nanti papa balik mama survey2 potty seat pulak ok? Hopefully he'll change his mind then!

Back to the cloth diaper issue. Hmm.. I think it's finalize now. I'm gonna use it if and only if, I'm switching from a career mom to stay at home mom this coming June 2012. We'll see how la..
Setiap kali pregnant banyak nye super tough decisions that I have to make..
Give me strength ya Allah. And please please lead me to the right path. Amin


  1. Aku pun suka tengok cloth diaper sbb banyak pattern yg cute2.. tapi not into it lagi ler kalau nak suh aku guna sbb all the membasuh part, and bcoz kitorang ni kadang2 bukan tentu balik tido umah sendiri since my mom's house just 5 minutes away.. so satgi kang ada yg rendam dalam baldi, pastu tinggal kat situ 2-3 hari.. erkkk.. tak sanggup...

  2. you should try dear...nita dah gune CD since Qaseh newborn..sgt berbaloi..tak payah pikir nak beli DD every month..dah jimat kat situ then BF pulak..lagi la jimat..hehee do not think twice :)

    tapi....lisa kene la rajen sket bile dah pakai CD ni...setiap 3 or 4 hari kene basuh CD...ade care2 yg sgt senang nak handle CD ni...kalu terlebih rajen basuh la tiap2 hari..tapi tak sanggup...heheh

    bum genius tu nita ade color pink dgn merah..gojes kan ?? cube la tak rugi pun...greeennnnn...

  3. mash:
    ic ic.. kte hampir serupa la cmtu. syok gle umh ko dkt dgn umh mak ko kn. xde masalah pn nk tgal anak2 kt mane time keje ke time ada hal pape ke. aku jgk tgh pening ni nk letak mane la adik faheem nt ni. nk bg nursery takut.. nk hantar umh penagsuh pn takut.. nk jg sndri.. hmmm.. saving x bnyk lg ni =/

    itula.. that's the main point - kene rajin kalo nk pkai CD ni kn. nita mmg gigih org nye, very determine. msti xde masalah punye. hehe. lisa ni liat sikit bab nk rendam2 dlu ni. sume bnde nk msk machine je keje. kikikki.. tp terpk jgk, kalo pkai CD mlm2 pn ok kn. pagi b4 pg keje rendam, blk keje bsuh, esk nye kering pkai blk mlm tu.. hmm i can try with that first!

  4. lisa...CD tak bole rendam tau...

    ape yg nita buat camni... malam, bilas semua cd yang dah guna on that day..lepas dah bilas bersih (guna banyak air), sidai, keringkan...camtula jugak hari2 seterusnya...

    lepas dah masuk hari ke 3 or 4...cd2 yg dah dibilas dan kering tadi, masukkan dalm WM..cuci macam biase...nak cuci CD ni lisa bole gune pureen HAD atau cosway punye (kids wash color biru)...

    Jangan rendam! bakteria ngan kulat2 akan spread out kat inner & outer cds.

  5. laaaa yeke! tq so much 4 da info nita!!

    tulaa.. nak tu nak ni. info x carik habis2 mama faheem ni. kikiki =D Bum Genius tu so far nita pkai ok x? mcm nk try la yg tu..

  6. BG mmg best...gune yg snap jenis velcro..lagi senang..zapped kan je..hehehe rase BG takde yg button snap..tak pasti..

    lisa, bole try dulu...try 5 cds first..memula mmg rase leceh nak membasuh bagai..tapi lame2 jd biase..btw colourful cds, rase nak kunyah2 jelly..:)

  7. lisa cube cari BG cds & all US CDs kat sini, ...skang ade sale!

  8. oooo okes. nt lisa terjah! Thanx again nita! =)

  9. Cloth diapers, despite all the benefit, is the trend too :)
    Try it, u'll become addicted like me ;)
    I specifically like bamboo material, can read my blog :)



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