Monday, January 16, 2012

The day they get reunited blisfully..

Done with the final presentation to the big bosses, the husband had lunch with all the bosses and team mates at The Moghul's Restaurant & Lounge and then off to Estancia at Shadowlake for the last time. The chauffeur arrived about half an hour later and off he went to George Bush Intercontinental Airport, bidding farewell to United States full heartedly. Hehe =D (That was also the last time he's wearing his forever fav Timberland shoe, regrettably his 2 pairs of Timberland and Kickers shoes had been stolen from our shoe rack yesterday! Sobs..)

The happy husband =) 16 hours trip to reach Dubai International Airport plus another 6 hours to finally step his foot on Kuala Lumpur. Alhamdulillah.. Selamat sampai jugak papa Faheem tu kat ibu kota cinta ni akhirnya. He's flying with the latest double deck Emirates Airbus A380. Syok nyeh! The business class seating was much more awesomerr than the previous one, I shall stick on few images of the super nice seating in the next entry soon.

Once he arrived at the international arrival, both of us were a bit startled. Yeah, it has been such a long time right. Hehe. It was still early so hubby decided to get some rest during the tea time at Secret Recipe KLIA. The settee was so fluffy and just great for pregnant ladies! But the oreo cheesecake was a total set back. It was so clear that the cake was seriously lack of oreos! =( It tasted just like a plain cheesecake, even the crust didn't taste like oreo - tasteless black crust. I wonder how would this be happening since the cakes were made from the designated factories right? And this was the first time I'm experiencing this awful cheesecake at Secret Recipe.. The wantan was yummy, but oily. I guess they were running out of paper towels? Sigh..

Around 5pm we decided to get home once the wifey has done with stocking up her chocolate bars at the choc booth. This time we didn't get on the premier limo like always. Da boring asik2 naik Perdana V6 buruk. Moreover his luggage were huge and plentiful, plus Mr. Man was so exhausted after the super long hours of journey. So we tried the luxury limo, dapat la Mercedes buruk.. Kkikik. Tapi okla, the seat was rather comfy compared to the Perdana V6. Once the journey began, hubby opened up his Bose portable speaker and linked up with his iPhone to listen to his fav iHeart radio. Niceeee.. Sounds system bawak sendiri, nasib baik abang driver cool je =D (Kat TV dah ada speaker, dalam bilik pun ada speaker, ni tambah lagi satu portable speaker.. Hmm.. Penuh dengan spekaer dah dalam rumah ni).

On Saturday we just rest at home since the beloved wifey wasn't that well. But the husband was so busy unpacking and cluttering his stuff. Da macam tongkang pecah rumah tu. Luckily most of his attires had been compressed in the space bags and the lil guys wasn't around too! Or else he'll bring much more disastrous events at the living area! Phewwww...

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  1. wah kak lisa bestnya..dh mcm dekat hollywood naik limosin..nk tnye mcm mne akak edit pic tu bleh byk2 dlm 1 gmbr..???pkai aper erk..??



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