Friday, January 13, 2012

ERL seat. Fresh new look!!

I was surprised. Totally surprised. Remember last time (about a month ago), I've posted an entry titled 'Pretty Disgusting ERL Seating'? They've changed the seat fellas! No more swanky looks. Haha. Nice one lah KLIA Express =) Finally rasa berbaloi sangat naik ERL. Dah la da bole pakai Touch & Go sekarang.

Anyway, I'm at KLIA now. The husband is coming back for good today. Texas-Dubai-KL. I'm not so keen to drive all alone to the airport - concerning my current condition now it's better to use the public transport right? More over I don't think his luggage would fit into our ride. Banyak sgt plus they are huge in size! Kite henyak airport limo jela nanti.

Oh the beloved husband texted me just now! The brand new Emirates Airbus A380 has just landed safely. Alhamdulillah! Ok Ok. Excited sgt. Tapi nervous. Da lama sgt tak jumpe si dia. Mcm nak jumpe someone totally new je. Hihi. I got to go now. Off to the international arrival. Thank you Allah, finally this thing has come to an end. No more being apart with the charming husband, for months! Half a year to be exact. Pheww..

This has keeps me thinking for a zillion times now, what have we got ourselves into?! Hehehe

"You'll never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."

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