Monday, January 2, 2012

Fetal Anomaly Scan (Detailed Scan) at 22 weeks

Went to PCMC two weeks back for a detailed scan appointment with Dr. Tan Niap Hong (the detailed scan sonographer) followed with a routine check up with the gynae, Dr. Seri (well supposedly). But the appointment with the gynae has been rescheduled to a later date, with a very last minute notification (what ever your reasons are). I'm a bit pissed remembering this unfortunate event so let's just proceed with the detailed scan thingy.

So what is this all about? Is it the same as the routine scan you undergo each months/weeks? Yeah, the procedure is pretty much the same but the outcome is different. Fetal Anomaly Scan is a procedure to seek baby's anatomy in detail and try to find out any developmental and structural abnormalities of the baby. Plus to determine the position of the placenta. This scan is being offered to the mother during her 18-23 weeks of pregnancy and you have to pay by yourself, as this procedure (usually) is not being covered by the medical insurance agency. At Prince Court Medical Center the charges of the procedure is RM300.

There's a specific week to undergo the procedure because the baby's parts are not crowded as yet, liquid is adequate and most of the fetal part can easily be seen. The scanning process usually takes about 30-45mins but the sonographer might need a longer time if the baby is facing downward, moving excessively or the amniotic sac has decreased it's liquid volume.

Hello anak mama! Assalamualaikummm.. =')

And how's the result? Alhamdulillah.. By far the critical parts (brain, spine, face, heart, stomach, bowel, kidney, limbs etc) of the lil one are developing pretty well. It's just that she might be born small, just like the the big brother I reckon - remember The Birth Story of Faheem? The lil one's EDD has to be extended to the end of April, which is almost 2 weeks later than the EDD in responsive of the last period date. According to Dr. Tan 2 weeks gap from the last date of period calculation is normal and there's nothing to be worried of. And there's no specific explanation or causes of this tho. I'm eating well and the weight gain for each month is normal. So it may be due the inefficiency of the placenta (again?) or genetically the chromosomes carry the petite size of the mommy? Wallahualam.. As long as the the baby is healthy, I'm more than happy. Amin!

Done with the scanning procedure, each mommies will be given a report of the detailed scan for further review by your very own gynecologist and a CD copy of the images captured by the sonographer. Aww.. Suddenly, I just can't wait to see you baby.. =') Just can't imagine how would the big bro reacted when seeing his tiny sis right in front of him, for the first time! He kisses momma's tummy each night before going to bed and he wishes good night too. How sweet is that? =) Faheem tak bole main ganas2 dengan baby tau sayang! Hmmm.. Jom survey baby stuff online sekarang.. =D


  1. mahal tak k.lisa scan dkt prince court..macam interesting aje..nak suruh kakak ipar try lah kat sane..:-)

  2. yg routine scan tu akak x sure brape sbb akak free je, insurance da cover. utk special scan ni (fetal anomaly scan) kene baya RM300. tp gynae x ramai kt pcmc. bole je try pcmc. tak pun pg gleneagles, lg rmai gynae kt sane =)



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