Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kenny Rogers Roasters. Buy 1 Free 1 today!

Much thanks to my officemate, Ana. She was the one who spread the news of Roasters Healthy Eating Day today! =) Regrettably, I was so tied up with work and wasn't able to accompany her during luncheon. Around 4.30pm (when demotivation has stroke everyone in the office, hehe) this 'once in a blue moon' promo by Kenny Rogers suddenly comes to mind and I text-ed my lil sis asking whether she knows anything about this and she answered Yes! (she said she already knew about that from from KRR FB page). But one of us has to wear RED. Yours truly is wearing turquoise from head to toe today so the lil sis is the one that should be spotted red. Sap sap sui!

I rushed home from work, picked her up and off to the nearest KRR.
Luckily we were seated only a few minutes after that!

The side dishes were fixed tho with mashed potato, coleslaw and baked beans.
But with half the price?? Anything is pleasurable lah kan =D

Kalau lah ter-sampai lambat sikit tadi.. Spot the long queue! Hoho..


  1. hey there! we went too! ;) i made hubby wore read. hihi. berbaloi2 kn? yum yum yum. ;p

  2. alaaa...ruginye tak tau...half price tu...

    nak tanye ni, btw akr n Nandos , mane lisa preffered??

    nita lagi suke KR...hhahah

  3. yanie: yeahh.. sgt berbaloi. last month i mkn bertiga almost 100 ringgit. tp smlm mkn berdua hanya 34 ringgit shj!sape xmo kn! heeeee.. =D

    nita: itula. lisa xtau pn mulanya. seb baik la kwn tu bgtau. bole la adik faheem merasa dinner best sikit mlm td. kikikik..

    lisa pn lg prefer KRR nita. sbb chicken die lg juicy dr nandos. tp nandos best die punye fries tu, besa dan tebal pstu peri2 powder tu menyedapkan lg fires tu. waah lapa pulak!

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