Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MeatWorks Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara

Yesterday me and the husband headed to Solaris Mont Kiara since we have an appointment with a colleague there. Solaris Mont Kiara is just nearby Solaris Dutamas by the way. That was the first time we met up for a business purpose appointment at Mont Kiara. Previously we tend to set meetings around Wangsa Maju since the colleague's office was there and there's plenty of nice eateries and coffee houses around that elite compound. But the good friend has been shifting to a new office starting this year so Solaris Mont Kiara is the new check up point for us.

I got to know about MeatWorks when I watched Masterchef Malaysia few weeks back (congratulations Dr. Ezani! hehe). There was an episode where the winners of the week have been treated with appetizing meals served with various kind of meats at MeatWorks; be it steak, ribs, burgers and even satay, salads and sandwiches.
FYI MeatWorks uses Gemas Gold Meat - (claimed as) Sourcing the world's best livestock and rearing them with gentle care at Gemas, Negeri Sembilan that offer juiciest, freshest and most tender of meat. I copied that from their menu book =p

Hubby ordered this lamb shank. Ya ampun, sedap sungguh. The tenderness of the meat, the rich gravy, the soft and creamy mashed potato. Aww.. Marvelous. Enough said lah. Disebabkan sedap sangat I switched my meal with his. Hehehe. (I already had nasi beriyani with lamb during lunch yesterday and continued with another lamb during night, great. Huhu)

This T-Bone Steak supposedly was mine. But it was barely overcooked err over grilled? Keras, liat dan seangkatan dengan nya. So my husband took this meal. Hehe. Dear husband reminded the waiter (for 3 times) to make it well done. I think the waiter reminded the chef to make it 'triple' well done than usual, that explained the kekerasan steak tersebut. Make sense what?

The MeatWorks interior deco. I spotted few stuffs are from Ikea.

Oh the colleague, she ordered the oxtail soup and according to her it was yummy. As for the drinks, me and my friend had pink guava while hubby with his fav carrot juice. And it was chilling nice. The total bill last night was RM180+. Phewww.. Selalunye we all makan mahal2 camni time celebrate important events in the family je. Takpela, at least ada good news jugak during the appointment, mini celebration without Faheem lah kiranya.. Alahaiii rindunye Abang Faheem!


  1. the lamb shank looks absolutely yummy! nnt nk cuba la. Meatworks ada dlm list, tp everytime lapar cari nasik, xsmpt menyinggah lg. ;p yum yum yum!

  2. cuti2 nanti singgah la k. u'll never regret the lamb shank! hehe.. =D



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