Friday, January 6, 2012

Parentcraft Class (Antenatal Class) at Prince Court Medical Centre

I'm in my 25th week of pregnancy now and I guess this is the time I should be thinking about attending a prenatal class. I didn't attend any prenatal classes during my first pregnancy. Both of us decided to do so when I'm safely entering the third trimester but the husband coincidentally been transferred to Ho Chi Minh City just when we were about to register ourselves for the class. The precious weekends that we have (before he's flying to Saigon) had been fully occupied with baby shopping. The baby stuff was 98% completed once he stepped his foot on Tan Son Nhat International Airport. He went back home (KL) almost every weekends since then but the limited (1-day and a half) weekend were being spared for him to rest at home and pampered the beloved wifey (yours truly was on a 2-month of unpaid leaves). Heaven nye..

And this time around, the forever missed husband is coming back for good in a few days time. Plus I'll be entering the third trimester (insyaAllah) in a few weeks time. So we should attend the class, by hook or by crook. I don't have times to search for places that serve this kind of classes but the one that I'm very familiar of is in Prince Court Medical Center (I saw the bunting at the clinic entrance each time I went there for the routine visits). The registration fee is RM250 per couple for a 1-day class. The next class shall be next month, Feb 18th (Saturday).

I was about to register ourselves that day but the husband said he's not sure whether he's gonna be in town on the said date. He can be at offshore or onshore or anywhere around the globe. Goshhh.. So I just postponed it. Sebab kat PCMC if you have registered and you're not able to make it - burn camtula jela 250 tu. Tak bole nak carry forward to the next class dah. That day we all da burn RM400 for the flight tickets so skarang nak simply2 burn lagi RM250 memang takkk la kan? So now he was quite firm that he shall be in KL on the 18th of Feb, but the other problem suddenly arisen was, who's gonna babysit Faheem then? (We have stopped 'owning' a house helper cum babysitter since 2 months back). Sabar mama sabar... Hmmm. He was so yakin nak bawak Faheem sekali to the class. Kalau Faheem membuas nanti (bukan kalau dah tu, what do you expect from a 2-yr old boy? Faheem Darwish some more? No No No).

So now how?

The topics that will be covered in the Parentcraft Class at PCMC


  1. Kat sini murah jer.. RM80.. Hehe.. Tapi pastu dia akan tolak dalam bil masa bersalin nanti.. Itu pun aku tak register2 lagi... The same reason ler.. The class buat time weekend yang husband aku keje... Dulu masa Eesya nak pegi, tapi dia punya tarikh semua yg pelik2 tak kena gaya... Tapi cam best kan kalau dapat attend...

  2. syoknye bole tolak dlm bill bersalin! aku ni bill bersalin nt dh lega sbb totally covered, tp utk prenatal class kne pulak xtra charge. aku bz sgt dgn keje skg, dgn sarat lg. mmg xdan n mls la nk survey tmpt lain =(

    aku rs mmg bgus sgt kalo dpt attend. internet, families n friends bole bgtau mcm2 info. tp kalo kte dpt sndri info tu dr clinicians lg bgus.. practical pn ada, mcm2 soklan bleh tnye on the dot. Faheem Faheem.. sapela nk jaga anak mama sorang ni..



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