Thursday, January 26, 2012

Switching from Avent to Tommee Tippee

Dear Faheem has been using Avent bottles since newborn until now. He has never refused the said brand from the very first day I'm introducing bottle feeding to him. Alhamdulillah.. Well my mom had been advising me way months before I'm giving birth to dearest Faheem - let your son drink from the bottles! Or else you gonna face big trouble when the maternity leaves come to an end. I did, and somehow it can be considered as a success for both me and the lil boy. Hurrey!

And now we will be having another little bundle of joy in 3months time, I'm thinking to introduce a different brand of feeding bottles to adik Faheem. There's no specific reason for that tho. I've just getting board with Avent bottles and the forever and always leaking issue (tho that's not such a huge matter for me). And I'm thinking of that montel and comel Tommee Tippee bottles!

Hubby had reminded me so many times regarding the baby stuff that we need to purchase while he was in the states. Kalau boleh semua semua barang baby die nak beli kat sana sebab murah sangat. So I've made a list for him and feeding bottles was among our fav search. Hehehe. Avent PES has been my most favorite bottles unfortunately and shockingly, there's NO Avent PES in the US market! Huhu. And so we narrow down the search to Tommee Tippee.

I've received many +ve feedbacks regarding Tommee Tippee usage and experience from dear mommies at my FB page so I think it should be ok. Moreover, the price was cheaper compared to here in Malaysia so takdela terkesan sangat kut2 adik faheem refuse the bottles nanti. Geram sangat tengok botol TT yang montel ni tau. So one fine day during Chinese New Year leave, I decided to curik one 260 oz punye bottle and try bagi kat faheem. As expected, he never refused any bottles that we gave him! heheh.. Good boy lah anak mama!

If I'm not mistaken the price was about USD17.99 per package.
I shall update the real price when hubby wakes up from his afternoon nap ok.

And he loves the new bottle too! Dapat botol baru macam dapat toys baru la agaknye. Excited je minum susu dengan botol montel tu sampai habes licin. Papa pun happy sebab gamble je beli Tommee Tippee ni haritu sebab mama da frust sangat papa tak jumpe Avent PES kat US. Da la papa beli sampai 6 ketul, kalau Faheem ok tu hopefully adik nya pun okla nanti. Aminnn..


  1. klau beli TT yg printed tu pun comel jugak..:)

  2. tgk online x comel mane ana. lps tgk real life kt OU aritu kaler pink bunga2 tu nyesal plak x suruh papa nye amik yg tu dlu. huk



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