Friday, February 24, 2012

I have a surprise for you!

Sejak kawen until now that is the most frequent text I received from the husband whenever I'm feeling down, whether I'm merajuk or kecik hati etc. And I received the same text again yesterday! But it's not because I'm in the event of both situations I have mentioned just now, I was just.. feeling hungry! You know how outrageous it would be when a pregnant lady gets hungry? Ngeee..
I always have the urge to eat something around 4.30pm and the need has become recurrent in the 3rd trimester. I know it's normal, I'm pregnant. The not so 'normal' part is I'm getting bored with the foods I'm having at my workstation. Chipsmore, Kjeldsen butter cookies, Toblerone, Snickers. All that equals to boring. Nak pegi cafe or kedai serbaneka - malas.
Typically I will be having a slice of cheesecake as the 'surprise'. Knowing that cheesecakes have never failed the trick huh? =) Maybe.. But then, he was undergoing a workshop at Maya Hotel yesterday so I was thinking it will never be a cheesecake again, as he'll definitely rushed to my office from the hotel, takde masa nak singgah Secret Recipe..

And the surprise turned out - few mini pizzas! Hehehe.. The crispy crust pizza with yummy crab meat topping has just boost my happy hormones back to limits! Alhamdulillah.. I'm sure he's getting it from the hotel during coffee break but where the heck did he get the plastic container? I've asked, but as expected he'll never answer it. Eksyen! Anyhow, thanks for the yummy surprise darling! I'm delighted.. as always =)

Again, gendang gendut tali kecapi kenyang perut suka hati.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trip to Port Dickson - The Introduction

The long pending unpublished holiday entry. Hehe. Been super busy and extra exhaustive these days. I've started my week 32 few days ago and my body seems heavier than ever. With an active toddler to look at, a darling husband to pamper, a house to complete the chores, an office that gets my head spinning every now and then.. Pheww.. Supermom doesn't sigh Lisa! Yeah..

The journey to PD began so early that the birds were still sleeping and the mighty sun was still out of sight for every Malaysians. Actually we were sending atok and nenek Faheem to LCCT that morning, their flight scheduled at 7am. My mom insisted to reach home as early possible as she needs to attend a Maulidur Rasul program hosted by her colleagues - geng2 surau die la.

By the time we reached the airport it was about time for my parents to depart. And it was jam packed as always at LCCT. Boring. On our way to the car-park I bought 6 pieces of Dunkin Donuts! Teringin sangat tengok donut yang fresh lagi gebu tersebut =D Ingat nak makan dalam kereta je tapi hubby ajak lepak Starbucks, hantu kopi kan.. Faheem yang masyam tak mandi tu da terjaga that time and he really enjoyed being awake at a totally unusual place. Excited habes!

The check in time at Avillion PD is 3pm so we decided to spend few hours with a good rest and get Faheem to have a bath at a nearby hotel. Tune Hotel LCCT is the perfect choice since it is the nearest and the Refresher Package rate is the cheapest! Unfortunately, the rooms are only available at 10am. And we already there at 8.10am? Goshh.. And so we googled few nearby hotels for a day-use but to no avail! According to the receptionist there were numbers of delayed flights on the night before so the rooms were fully occupied. We were at our wits end. We woke up as early as 4.30am and we just don't have a place to lie back before checking in at 3pm?

Pan Pacific KLIA got rooms available but to spend RM280 for 4 hours is ridiculous. The only choice we had was Concorde Inn. The receptionist said there's a room available for us with a rate of RM180. And so we rushed to the hotel but got so frustrated when the other receptionist said there's not even a room available!! Then who the heck on the line who told us the opposite thing?? Huhu. Realizing that there's no other better choice left, hubby decided to begin the journey to PD. We planned to stay at Avillion until the room's ready. Sian sangat Faheem pukul 9 pun tak mandi2 lagi..

This is our 2nd family trip to PD and what is the worst to expect? Kedai makan! Memang susah sangat nak carik yang betul2 kene dgn selera we all. For dinner tu ada la few places that we can find since we've went there before - Trip to Thistle PD. But there's always rainbows after the heavy rains right? Hehe. Got so disturbed with the hotels-in-Klia issue, but we managed to find kedai makan yang best! (well, best in PD only lah.. hek). It's Restoran Kulit Kayu Manis, luckily the striking orangie signage attracted this lil family who's in hunger! Hehe..

They served nasi berlauk and the lauk were plenty! You just name it. I guess there were about 20 types of lauk pauks served nicely just for you and it tasted great. Alhamdulillah.. Lil explorer was sleeping soundly in his stroller so we decided to lepak at the restaurant just to kill time. The sunny and breezy day was just prefect for this hectic parents to have their quality conversation. You know how hard it is for us to have an effective two-way communication when Faheem is around? We rarely had, seriously. He, apparently needs more attention, especially when the parents are talking. Haiyyoo..

Gendang gendut tali kecapi. Kenyang perut suka hati.

We went straight to Avillion at 2pm!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bumbu Desa at Festival City Mall?!

Remember Bumbu Desa that we've went to few months back at KLCC?
The deep fried Talapia with sambal mangga? The lip smacking pulut durian?


Monday, February 20, 2012

Luncheon at Jombali Setapak

I have just back from a lunch date with dearest hubby. Both of us were so stressed out today, it's not because of the Monday blues but we were worn out by the activities we had during the weekend. Saturday has totally gone since we attended Parentcraft Classes at Prince Court Medical Centre - The one day course was terrific. The presenters/instructors were superb, the information conveyed was plentiful, the food was yummy, the punctuality for each class was in placed and.. the course was fun! Value for money, enough said.

And we were left with only Sunday for the house chores and all? Huhu. Our Sunday started with brunch at Pelita Nasi Kandar at PV128 and I suggested the husband to get Faheem entertained at the Fun Land in Festival City Mall that was just near by the Pelita. Faheem behaved so well when we left him with his favorite auntie, Mak Long on Saturday so I think he deserved to be treated extra fine (I shall update the pictures of the energetic boy at the fun land soon, well very soon enough if I have the time to do so. Erk!)

Back to the luncheon story.. This is the second Jombali outlet that we've went to. Before this we used to have dinner at Jombali Wangsa Maju. And my personal review? Yeah.. We never regret this place, like seriously. We had fried rice with black pepper chicken, sang mee king prawn, bandung sago plus plain water. The portion was big and the taste was yummy. Oh the interior design was interesting too. I love the ceiling lamps! The staffs were efficient and the eatery was clean. We enjoyed ourselves until 2.30pm! And the fun lunch with your loved ones only cost you RM40. Fair enough.

A lunch date with the charming husband has really jump start my afternoon now. Semakin berkobar2 nak siapkan kerja2 yang bertambun ni. Serious! Hehe.. I'm sure he feels the same thing too =) Monday has always been an exhaustive day for us, due to the activities we had on the weekend. InsyaAllah everything will get back to normal once the clock started ticking 5pm and we off to fetch the darling Faheem. Oh janganlah hujan lebat petang nanti, no more Monday traffic jam please!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prenatal visit at 31 weeks

Tuesday morning started with a flat tire once we dropped Faheem at his school. Thanks to the pakcik on the motorcycle who informed us the unfortunate event and many thanks to the A&E staff of HKL who helped my husband with the tire changing stuff. Mama beriya2 nak call Honda but he insisted to settle it all by himself. Guys? Whatever.. Book-smart vs street-smart? Ok. Street smart obviously wins this time. Heh!

Isteri mithali cuba menjadi bayang2 supaya encik suami tidak kepanasan.
Suami mithali pula berkali2 bilang sama isteri supaya duduk di dlm kereta supaya tidak kepanasan dan kelenguhan kaki. Sama2 degil barangkali.. =D

Done with the spare tire we rushed to Prince Court as I need to undergo MGTT test that morning. The later I arrived the longer I would have to fast! Waaa.. Oh how I hate the glucose drink! I'm sure everybody feels the same. Yucks. Luckily I can help myself from vomiting after each sips. Oh the beloved husband? He's off to Corus Hotel, attending a training course. 9.40am bru die sampai, cian nye papa Faheem..

Prenatal updates:
  1. As expected, the gestational week is later by almost 2 weeks. As a mother, yes I'm worried. But according to the gynecologist (again), the 2 weeks gap is still be considered as normal. Moreover, I've experienced the same thing with Faheem. "No worries la mommy, ingat tak Faheem dulu mcm mane? And look how tall and brilliant he is now compared to his friends with the same age!". Ok, sejuk sikit hati dgr gynae ckp cmtu.

  2. Baby is 1.467kg. She moves a lot than her big bother! Active sungguh.. But she stay still when the gynae pressed the transducer to my belly. She also covered her face with her palm and elbows! Hihi. The gynae then asked me to lie on my left then finally her face was visible. Subhanallah.. Next check up I'm planning to bring Faheem along lah. He always kisses my bulgy tummy and keep calling the baby's name (of course not be revealed yet). Maybe his love for the lil sis would grows fonder when he witness her himself!

  3. Oh the baby's name? During the first pregnancy we already spared a pair of name, of a boy and a girl. I've spent almost 3 weeks searching for the names once I knew I'm positively pregnant. Hehe. Standard la excited habes kan. We had conversation each days via Gtalk and get the husband updated with the name list. Which ever that he likes it the least, I slashed them right away. So this time around, insyaAllah it will turn out the opposite gender. So guna je la nama satu lagi tu =)

  4. Mama's weight? Phewwww... I've gained a total of 13 kilos now! I just need another 8 kilos to beat the husband's weight. Like seriously! And my thighs are bigger than his these days. Stress je lepak atas settee sama2 ok. He eats a lot but still maintain a nice curve at his belly and thighs and all. Lisa, you are pregnant? Ok. Ok. Ok. The weight gain is still in a normal range so think +ve ok momma!

  5. Oh I scored 4.5 in the MGTT test yesterday. Alhamdulillah.. Obviously there's no issue of gestational diabetes, lega! I may consume Toblerone and Snickers full-heartedly now. Tiada rasa bersalah, risau dan susah hati lagi.. Hehehe =)
The follow up with the gynae initially scheduled at 2pm (we agreed; so that hubby can tag along in the discussion) but once the MGTT test has come to an end, the staff nurse asked me whether is it ok if I meet the gynae earlier? I was stunned for a while, well I do understand the super busy life of my gynae (susah amat nak change appointments ok, asyik fully booked je her clinic hours). But I just said yes considering that; the earlier I get home the better. Tho hubby couldn't be around since the course was still running that time.

Done with the prenatal stuff hubby fetched me and we were off for lunch. We were a bit clueless on where should we be heading to as it was already half past lunch hour and you can imagine how the traffic treated us yesterday. I'm thinking of Istana Budaya but it would be such a mess to make a u-turn at Tun Razak and suddenly he said, "Kite makan sedap2 sikit lah yang arini, da lama tak lunch sama2 hari keje". Comelnyeeee... Manja ada makna? Oppss =p Actually takdela lama sgt pun tak mkn sama =D Tapi banyak kali skip lunch sama2 lately sebab: He's busy or the wifey's busy or the wifey mmg tak larat sgt nak keluar lunch. Hehe.. But we really running out of time dgn jam lagi so we planned to have nasi berlauk je la.

I suggested Sekinchan Ikan Bakar, mcm teringin nak makan pari bakar. Tapi tutup la pulak. Half heartedly he just drove by the restaurant with both of us totally blank nak lunch kat mane. Until we arrived at Setapak and spotted the Pelita Nasi Kandar signboard, and of course.. the crowd =D "Pelita jomm??" He said. Mama Faheem apa lagi.. "Jommmm.. Kedai baru da bukak!" Hm. I don't think I should be telling the world what I'm having for lunch yesterday. I ate like nobody's business. Enough said =D

  • Car centre - Settle the tire stuff
  • Fetch beloved Faheem at school
  • Carrefour - purchased a baby plant for Faheem's Go Green Campaign at school
  • Mamak - dinner roti telur, nasi goreng cina & mee goreng mamak

Actually we've planned to visit nurseries nearby our house to search for the best baby plant for Faheem. It would be Faheem's first experience being in a nursery/an orchard. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side that day. It started to drizzle when we reached Faheem's school. The next option we have was non other than Carrefour jela. Very limited plants they have tapi cantik2 pokok kat sana. Oh Pediasure and Huggies pun tengah best buy, so papa pun beli la terus, weekend nanti kurang sikit barang dalam kereta.

What with the long story lah.. Should get back to work now. Esok Jumaat!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Newborn checklist - for the second baby

Alhamdulillah.. This time around the preparation for the new offspring isn't as hectic as 2 years back, with the long list! Hehe. Sempoi tak sempoi mama Faheem ni, da masuk 27th week baru I'm slowly itemizing the newborn checklist for Faheem's lil sis. It's not that your stuff isn't important to us baby sayang, but most of your big brother's stuff are still in a very good condition and can be hands down to you at anytime =)

The longgg list I made during the first pregnancy =D

Papa is back in town now and suddenly the urge to make up the checklist has begun (merely because the offcial driver is back in action. Heheh). For the past few weeks adala few items yang mama and papa da make it ready for you. But it was not into detail like the first pregnancy - we start from zero kan. Be it the baby's stuff or things related to the confinement mommy. Barang2 abg faheem yang dalam storage box tu mama da pre-wash and re-organize elok2. Barang2 yang tumpang kat rumah atok nenek pun da bawak balik KL cuti CNY haritu.

So far few items that are still pending:
  1. Rocker/bouncer - It's pretty hard to decide which one to pick since we have seen so many brands and types of rocker. I need the most practical ones. Hm.. But worst come to worst, Faheem's Halford infant car seat can be switched to a rocker too. Least priority maybe?
  2. Maternity bras - This one last minute pun takpe since almost every weekend pun memang pergi mall (for the groceries). Most malls that we've went to got lingerie outlets.
  3. Postnatal care set - Tanamera post natal set seems to attract more mommies these days. Will make a research bout that soon. Oh my officemate pun is a supplier for all sorts of confinement set (with good price). You just name it. This one again, last minute pun takpe..
  4. Tungku baby - Last time my mom used segumpal kain, panaskan dgn iron and taraa dah jadik tungku baby. Hehe. Tapi baru2 ni I saw a specially made tungku baby - kecik, colorful and practical sangat. Nanti kene beli..
  5. Bottle sterilizer - Last time pakai Little Bean gune voucher Isetan. Tapi this time we decided to use Tommee Tippee bottles so obviously we need to get a new sterilizer to fit in the bulgy bottles. Found the sterilizer but it's quiet costly, RM343+. According to the sales assistant TT bottles can fit in Autumz Sterilizer (which is way cheaper) but it comes with a bottle warmer. But we already have a bottle warmer! Haihh.. KIV dulu lah..
  6. Baby blanket - Faheem's are still in a good condition since we have plenty of them back then (sumenye boy's colour). Suka beli blanket dulu sebab geram, comel sgt! Hubby said no need to buy anymore. But.. nak beli jugak la yang pinky2 sikit. Plsss..
  7. That's all I guess. Yang lain2 mostly da beli and and bole je share with the big brother such as the toiletries.. Will add in the list of other important items, well if I've missed any.

Oh by the way, I think I've prepared a proper lunch meal for the first time during the 2nd pregnancy today. Haha, no joke fellas. Bukan sensitif dengan bau tumisan or tak larat sgt etc. But the beloved husband was away for 6 months plus and I don't really have the perasaan to cook at home. Beriya masak tapi husband tak ada no point jugak kan.. =D Ayam masak merah, sup sayur (Faheem ate sawi for the first time today! Before this asyik2 carrot, celery, peas, bawang je. Berbaloi baloi mama masak, alhamdulillah..) and telur dadar. Simple je. Tak larat nak berdiri lama2 kat dapur. And so petang tadi hubby treated us cheesecakes at Secret Recipe sebab mama sanggup berhempas pulas kat dapur tho I'm so not in a great condition to be in the kitchen for more than 15 mins. Thanks papa.. =)

Yawnnnn... Good night all. Don't let the bedbugs bite!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Wahab's Cendol Sri Rampai - The Best Cendol in Town?

Out of the blue, I'm thinking of ice cendol with pulut once I'm done with the Asar prayer at the office yesterday. A bit frustrated, yes I am. Since I was thinking, where the heck can we find ice cendol pulut around the neighbourhood. I tried to wash away the sounds-a-bit-impossible thoughts but I'm actually text-ing the husband while I'm in front of the lift =P Well, my husband always finds a solution for my problems (tho sometimes the solution might be suitable for guys-only and.. a bit annoying). Ngeee..

Wifey: Pa.. Rs nk mkn ice cendol pulut lah.. Hukk
Hubby: Hukkk.. Tapau la nt
Wifey: Kt mane?
(Please mind the short term memory loss of this pregnant lady)
Hubby: Wahab cendol
Wifey: Ooooooooooooo.. ok!!!
Hubby: ;)
Wifey: Tak teringat lgsg tadik! Yeayyy...
Hubby: Yeayy

The good side -
  • It's a restaurant, with running water tap. Not a typical cendol stall by the road
  • The taste was good, the cendol seems fresh
  • The price was reasonable. Whose gonna charge so high for a bowl of cendol right?
The not so good side -
  • The pulut was a bit keras, and they served plastic spoon? Duh..
  • Pak Wahab, the cashier (I believe the owner too) was terribly slow in handling the cash register machine. Papa Faheem yang ala2 the coolest guy on earth pun almost turned to incredible hulk yesterday!
  • The staffs were plenty, but seems clueless.. Tanya satu jawap satu bwk bnde lain?
All in all, bole la singgah sini kalau teringin sangat2 nak makan cendol! Hehehe..

Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Family Vacation in 2012

That will be followed by another trip shortly after the first one by the way ='D

Oh can't wait!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Cream & Fudge Factory, KLCC

This delectable ice cream with crunchy wafer can beat Haagen Dazs at anytime gals!
I so gonna get it again and again after this.. Yums!

Quick update on last weekend - Went to KLCC on Sat.
  • Tissot - As expected momma's wrist has grown bigger and wider at 29 weeks of pregnancy. Need to lengthen my Fabulous Garden (Luckily I can still fit in my rings!)
  • Cool Shades - Hubby went to see his friend, the optometrist. His Oakley frame needs re-alignment after being hit accidentally by Faheem few days back.
  • Lunch - Mama was craving for Subway's Chicken Teriyaki while papa apa lagi tengah hari, haruslah nasi kandar kat level 2. Faheem makan plain rice with vege soup plus Subway's double choc chip (sebeleum die main pusing2 sampai jatuh - diri sendiri dan juga cookies tersebut). He felt guilty then terus tertido lepas mama dukung. Hehe
  • Mothercare - Shopping baju adik Faheem sikit. Tapi frust coz jumpe banyak yang berkenan, tapi size newborn da habes. So rembat la legging with 30% off, hair band and a new arrival blouse with cardigan yang comel bangat. 3 items that cost me RM260. Err.. There goes my jimat cermat plan, sobs..
  • The Cream & Fudge Factory - Decided to treat the charming husband for the first time here - for being full of patience while I'm spending almost 1hour in Mothercare. Heee...


  • Pasar pagi - As usual Faheem was the one who wakes us up during weekend mornings, he's such a morning person ok =D Mama gets the sandwiches and laundry ready while papa brought the lil explorer to pasar pagi, beli ayam seekor.
  • Cold Storage - Groceries shopping. Malas nak pergi Jusco or Carrefour cos highly congested homo sapiens is highly expected - our Chinese friends mesti da balik KL and they might be busy stocking up their groceries too.
  • Rotiboy - Mama beli walnut & raisin bread yang besa gedabak tu untuk stock kat office. Lapaaaaaa jek kat office sekarang ni hoke!
  • KFC Drive thru - Tapau nasi ayam for Faheem dearie. He's a number 1 fan of chicken rice! Kalau makan kat The Chicken Rice Shop tu, almost satu pinggan nasi with chicken soup tu die bole habiskan. Believe it or not..
  • Pizza Hut - Papa tetibe nak belanja Pizza with chicken wings sebab die tak lapa sangat, 3 set egg sandwich dia habiskan during breakfast, along with alicafe ginseng (bagi papa Faheem, pizza tu macam makan roti dengan jam je, tak kenyang langsung).
  • As soon as the lil explorer woke up from his afternoon nap, papa brought him to the playground with his red hot tricycle. Show off kat Sarah & Luqman like always =p Mama tak turun sebab papa suruh rest and get ready mentally and physically for Monday. Hoho
  • Dinner - Papa masak nasi goreng kampung while mama and Faheem makan home made banana split. Weee... Seronoknye ada encik husband yang willing to masuk dapur dikala cik isteri tengah sarat ni. Hikk.. Muchos gracias mi amor!
And now, both lovable guys had fallen asleep.. I should be joining them too. Need to rest accordingly as tomorrow is public holiday and we need extra work to entertain the lil explorer. Nity nites all! Selamat Hari Wilayah =) Assalamualaikum..


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