Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Cream & Fudge Factory, KLCC

This delectable ice cream with crunchy wafer can beat Haagen Dazs at anytime gals!
I so gonna get it again and again after this.. Yums!

Quick update on last weekend - Went to KLCC on Sat.
  • Tissot - As expected momma's wrist has grown bigger and wider at 29 weeks of pregnancy. Need to lengthen my Fabulous Garden (Luckily I can still fit in my rings!)
  • Cool Shades - Hubby went to see his friend, the optometrist. His Oakley frame needs re-alignment after being hit accidentally by Faheem few days back.
  • Lunch - Mama was craving for Subway's Chicken Teriyaki while papa apa lagi tengah hari, haruslah nasi kandar kat level 2. Faheem makan plain rice with vege soup plus Subway's double choc chip (sebeleum die main pusing2 sampai jatuh - diri sendiri dan juga cookies tersebut). He felt guilty then terus tertido lepas mama dukung. Hehe
  • Mothercare - Shopping baju adik Faheem sikit. Tapi frust coz jumpe banyak yang berkenan, tapi size newborn da habes. So rembat la legging with 30% off, hair band and a new arrival blouse with cardigan yang comel bangat. 3 items that cost me RM260. Err.. There goes my jimat cermat plan, sobs..
  • The Cream & Fudge Factory - Decided to treat the charming husband for the first time here - for being full of patience while I'm spending almost 1hour in Mothercare. Heee...


  • Pasar pagi - As usual Faheem was the one who wakes us up during weekend mornings, he's such a morning person ok =D Mama gets the sandwiches and laundry ready while papa brought the lil explorer to pasar pagi, beli ayam seekor.
  • Cold Storage - Groceries shopping. Malas nak pergi Jusco or Carrefour cos highly congested homo sapiens is highly expected - our Chinese friends mesti da balik KL and they might be busy stocking up their groceries too.
  • Rotiboy - Mama beli walnut & raisin bread yang besa gedabak tu untuk stock kat office. Lapaaaaaa jek kat office sekarang ni hoke!
  • KFC Drive thru - Tapau nasi ayam for Faheem dearie. He's a number 1 fan of chicken rice! Kalau makan kat The Chicken Rice Shop tu, almost satu pinggan nasi with chicken soup tu die bole habiskan. Believe it or not..
  • Pizza Hut - Papa tetibe nak belanja Pizza with chicken wings sebab die tak lapa sangat, 3 set egg sandwich dia habiskan during breakfast, along with alicafe ginseng (bagi papa Faheem, pizza tu macam makan roti dengan jam je, tak kenyang langsung).
  • As soon as the lil explorer woke up from his afternoon nap, papa brought him to the playground with his red hot tricycle. Show off kat Sarah & Luqman like always =p Mama tak turun sebab papa suruh rest and get ready mentally and physically for Monday. Hoho
  • Dinner - Papa masak nasi goreng kampung while mama and Faheem makan home made banana split. Weee... Seronoknye ada encik husband yang willing to masuk dapur dikala cik isteri tengah sarat ni. Hikk.. Muchos gracias mi amor!
And now, both lovable guys had fallen asleep.. I should be joining them too. Need to rest accordingly as tomorrow is public holiday and we need extra work to entertain the lil explorer. Nity nites all! Selamat Hari Wilayah =) Assalamualaikum..


  1. hey, i was there on Sat too! ;) after my luncheon at the makan kitchen. maybe ada kita berselisih tp xperasan. hehehe.

    1. Laa yeke. Nx time we shud sit n hv some ice cream together la kalau terserempak :D

  2. Tried the ice cream dkt Alamanda. Not so great. Maybe klcc one is better ;-)

    1. Oh.. Ktrg bru try skali. N kebetulan sedap sguh yg tu. X manis mcm ice cream lain.



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