Monday, February 20, 2012

Luncheon at Jombali Setapak

I have just back from a lunch date with dearest hubby. Both of us were so stressed out today, it's not because of the Monday blues but we were worn out by the activities we had during the weekend. Saturday has totally gone since we attended Parentcraft Classes at Prince Court Medical Centre - The one day course was terrific. The presenters/instructors were superb, the information conveyed was plentiful, the food was yummy, the punctuality for each class was in placed and.. the course was fun! Value for money, enough said.

And we were left with only Sunday for the house chores and all? Huhu. Our Sunday started with brunch at Pelita Nasi Kandar at PV128 and I suggested the husband to get Faheem entertained at the Fun Land in Festival City Mall that was just near by the Pelita. Faheem behaved so well when we left him with his favorite auntie, Mak Long on Saturday so I think he deserved to be treated extra fine (I shall update the pictures of the energetic boy at the fun land soon, well very soon enough if I have the time to do so. Erk!)

Back to the luncheon story.. This is the second Jombali outlet that we've went to. Before this we used to have dinner at Jombali Wangsa Maju. And my personal review? Yeah.. We never regret this place, like seriously. We had fried rice with black pepper chicken, sang mee king prawn, bandung sago plus plain water. The portion was big and the taste was yummy. Oh the interior design was interesting too. I love the ceiling lamps! The staffs were efficient and the eatery was clean. We enjoyed ourselves until 2.30pm! And the fun lunch with your loved ones only cost you RM40. Fair enough.

A lunch date with the charming husband has really jump start my afternoon now. Semakin berkobar2 nak siapkan kerja2 yang bertambun ni. Serious! Hehe.. I'm sure he feels the same thing too =) Monday has always been an exhaustive day for us, due to the activities we had on the weekend. InsyaAllah everything will get back to normal once the clock started ticking 5pm and we off to fetch the darling Faheem. Oh janganlah hujan lebat petang nanti, no more Monday traffic jam please!


  1. Saya selalunya makanan didepan mata trus zaaaz makan..bila dh half makn baru ka teringat nk amik gambar ;-)

    Ps: bila edd?

  2. ktrg bnyk ckp.. time2 faheem not around lagi la non stop berckp. makanan da smpai pn hold dlu sbb nk habeskan discussion. heheh

    faheem tu pantang mama papa die beckp suke sgt menyampuk skg ni, lg kite ignore lg kuat die jerit! suh layan die sorg je.. hoho

    insyaAllah end of April..



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