Sunday, February 12, 2012

Newborn checklist - for the second baby

Alhamdulillah.. This time around the preparation for the new offspring isn't as hectic as 2 years back, with the long list! Hehe. Sempoi tak sempoi mama Faheem ni, da masuk 27th week baru I'm slowly itemizing the newborn checklist for Faheem's lil sis. It's not that your stuff isn't important to us baby sayang, but most of your big brother's stuff are still in a very good condition and can be hands down to you at anytime =)

The longgg list I made during the first pregnancy =D

Papa is back in town now and suddenly the urge to make up the checklist has begun (merely because the offcial driver is back in action. Heheh). For the past few weeks adala few items yang mama and papa da make it ready for you. But it was not into detail like the first pregnancy - we start from zero kan. Be it the baby's stuff or things related to the confinement mommy. Barang2 abg faheem yang dalam storage box tu mama da pre-wash and re-organize elok2. Barang2 yang tumpang kat rumah atok nenek pun da bawak balik KL cuti CNY haritu.

So far few items that are still pending:
  1. Rocker/bouncer - It's pretty hard to decide which one to pick since we have seen so many brands and types of rocker. I need the most practical ones. Hm.. But worst come to worst, Faheem's Halford infant car seat can be switched to a rocker too. Least priority maybe?
  2. Maternity bras - This one last minute pun takpe since almost every weekend pun memang pergi mall (for the groceries). Most malls that we've went to got lingerie outlets.
  3. Postnatal care set - Tanamera post natal set seems to attract more mommies these days. Will make a research bout that soon. Oh my officemate pun is a supplier for all sorts of confinement set (with good price). You just name it. This one again, last minute pun takpe..
  4. Tungku baby - Last time my mom used segumpal kain, panaskan dgn iron and taraa dah jadik tungku baby. Hehe. Tapi baru2 ni I saw a specially made tungku baby - kecik, colorful and practical sangat. Nanti kene beli..
  5. Bottle sterilizer - Last time pakai Little Bean gune voucher Isetan. Tapi this time we decided to use Tommee Tippee bottles so obviously we need to get a new sterilizer to fit in the bulgy bottles. Found the sterilizer but it's quiet costly, RM343+. According to the sales assistant TT bottles can fit in Autumz Sterilizer (which is way cheaper) but it comes with a bottle warmer. But we already have a bottle warmer! Haihh.. KIV dulu lah..
  6. Baby blanket - Faheem's are still in a good condition since we have plenty of them back then (sumenye boy's colour). Suka beli blanket dulu sebab geram, comel sgt! Hubby said no need to buy anymore. But.. nak beli jugak la yang pinky2 sikit. Plsss..
  7. That's all I guess. Yang lain2 mostly da beli and and bole je share with the big brother such as the toiletries.. Will add in the list of other important items, well if I've missed any.

Oh by the way, I think I've prepared a proper lunch meal for the first time during the 2nd pregnancy today. Haha, no joke fellas. Bukan sensitif dengan bau tumisan or tak larat sgt etc. But the beloved husband was away for 6 months plus and I don't really have the perasaan to cook at home. Beriya masak tapi husband tak ada no point jugak kan.. =D Ayam masak merah, sup sayur (Faheem ate sawi for the first time today! Before this asyik2 carrot, celery, peas, bawang je. Berbaloi baloi mama masak, alhamdulillah..) and telur dadar. Simple je. Tak larat nak berdiri lama2 kat dapur. And so petang tadi hubby treated us cheesecakes at Secret Recipe sebab mama sanggup berhempas pulas kat dapur tho I'm so not in a great condition to be in the kitchen for more than 15 mins. Thanks papa.. =)

Yawnnnn... Good night all. Don't let the bedbugs bite!


  1. huhu.. aku belum lagi membelek barang apa nak kena tambah ni.. but dalam kepala skrg 2 benda : confinement set, dgn breastpump.. aiyakkk...

  2. list aku pn cincai je dlm fon ni mash. x bnyk yg nk kne bli compare to time faheem dlu. so lek lek je.. bju bajan je aku rajin bli sbb most probably different gender this time. hehe

  3. Lisa, nanti update on confinement set yer.. susah betol nak carik the best one!

  4. insyaAllah.. lisa pun pening jgk ni. nk pilih yg ramai mommies pakai n the most affordable ones!



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