Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prenatal visit at 31 weeks

Tuesday morning started with a flat tire once we dropped Faheem at his school. Thanks to the pakcik on the motorcycle who informed us the unfortunate event and many thanks to the A&E staff of HKL who helped my husband with the tire changing stuff. Mama beriya2 nak call Honda but he insisted to settle it all by himself. Guys? Whatever.. Book-smart vs street-smart? Ok. Street smart obviously wins this time. Heh!

Isteri mithali cuba menjadi bayang2 supaya encik suami tidak kepanasan.
Suami mithali pula berkali2 bilang sama isteri supaya duduk di dlm kereta supaya tidak kepanasan dan kelenguhan kaki. Sama2 degil barangkali.. =D

Done with the spare tire we rushed to Prince Court as I need to undergo MGTT test that morning. The later I arrived the longer I would have to fast! Waaa.. Oh how I hate the glucose drink! I'm sure everybody feels the same. Yucks. Luckily I can help myself from vomiting after each sips. Oh the beloved husband? He's off to Corus Hotel, attending a training course. 9.40am bru die sampai, cian nye papa Faheem..

Prenatal updates:
  1. As expected, the gestational week is later by almost 2 weeks. As a mother, yes I'm worried. But according to the gynecologist (again), the 2 weeks gap is still be considered as normal. Moreover, I've experienced the same thing with Faheem. "No worries la mommy, ingat tak Faheem dulu mcm mane? And look how tall and brilliant he is now compared to his friends with the same age!". Ok, sejuk sikit hati dgr gynae ckp cmtu.

  2. Baby is 1.467kg. She moves a lot than her big bother! Active sungguh.. But she stay still when the gynae pressed the transducer to my belly. She also covered her face with her palm and elbows! Hihi. The gynae then asked me to lie on my left then finally her face was visible. Subhanallah.. Next check up I'm planning to bring Faheem along lah. He always kisses my bulgy tummy and keep calling the baby's name (of course not be revealed yet). Maybe his love for the lil sis would grows fonder when he witness her himself!

  3. Oh the baby's name? During the first pregnancy we already spared a pair of name, of a boy and a girl. I've spent almost 3 weeks searching for the names once I knew I'm positively pregnant. Hehe. Standard la excited habes kan. We had conversation each days via Gtalk and get the husband updated with the name list. Which ever that he likes it the least, I slashed them right away. So this time around, insyaAllah it will turn out the opposite gender. So guna je la nama satu lagi tu =)

  4. Mama's weight? Phewwww... I've gained a total of 13 kilos now! I just need another 8 kilos to beat the husband's weight. Like seriously! And my thighs are bigger than his these days. Stress je lepak atas settee sama2 ok. He eats a lot but still maintain a nice curve at his belly and thighs and all. Lisa, you are pregnant? Ok. Ok. Ok. The weight gain is still in a normal range so think +ve ok momma!

  5. Oh I scored 4.5 in the MGTT test yesterday. Alhamdulillah.. Obviously there's no issue of gestational diabetes, lega! I may consume Toblerone and Snickers full-heartedly now. Tiada rasa bersalah, risau dan susah hati lagi.. Hehehe =)
The follow up with the gynae initially scheduled at 2pm (we agreed; so that hubby can tag along in the discussion) but once the MGTT test has come to an end, the staff nurse asked me whether is it ok if I meet the gynae earlier? I was stunned for a while, well I do understand the super busy life of my gynae (susah amat nak change appointments ok, asyik fully booked je her clinic hours). But I just said yes considering that; the earlier I get home the better. Tho hubby couldn't be around since the course was still running that time.

Done with the prenatal stuff hubby fetched me and we were off for lunch. We were a bit clueless on where should we be heading to as it was already half past lunch hour and you can imagine how the traffic treated us yesterday. I'm thinking of Istana Budaya but it would be such a mess to make a u-turn at Tun Razak and suddenly he said, "Kite makan sedap2 sikit lah yang arini, da lama tak lunch sama2 hari keje". Comelnyeeee... Manja ada makna? Oppss =p Actually takdela lama sgt pun tak mkn sama =D Tapi banyak kali skip lunch sama2 lately sebab: He's busy or the wifey's busy or the wifey mmg tak larat sgt nak keluar lunch. Hehe.. But we really running out of time dgn jam lagi so we planned to have nasi berlauk je la.

I suggested Sekinchan Ikan Bakar, mcm teringin nak makan pari bakar. Tapi tutup la pulak. Half heartedly he just drove by the restaurant with both of us totally blank nak lunch kat mane. Until we arrived at Setapak and spotted the Pelita Nasi Kandar signboard, and of course.. the crowd =D "Pelita jomm??" He said. Mama Faheem apa lagi.. "Jommmm.. Kedai baru da bukak!" Hm. I don't think I should be telling the world what I'm having for lunch yesterday. I ate like nobody's business. Enough said =D

  • Car centre - Settle the tire stuff
  • Fetch beloved Faheem at school
  • Carrefour - purchased a baby plant for Faheem's Go Green Campaign at school
  • Mamak - dinner roti telur, nasi goreng cina & mee goreng mamak

Actually we've planned to visit nurseries nearby our house to search for the best baby plant for Faheem. It would be Faheem's first experience being in a nursery/an orchard. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side that day. It started to drizzle when we reached Faheem's school. The next option we have was non other than Carrefour jela. Very limited plants they have tapi cantik2 pokok kat sana. Oh Pediasure and Huggies pun tengah best buy, so papa pun beli la terus, weekend nanti kurang sikit barang dalam kereta.

What with the long story lah.. Should get back to work now. Esok Jumaat!


  1. mama..gamba 31 weeks perut please!! mesti cute ;)

    1. pics at 30wks ada je time pg avillion tu are. tp xdan nk buat lg la entry tu, bnyk sgt pics xlarat nk view. hoho. but planning to post the latest me soon!

  2. Lisa, saya dok pernoh pon kna mggt test masa pregnant tu? Mmg sume org kna buat ke?

  3. eh dokla.. lisa kne buat sbb beloh atok faheem ramai diabetic. doc just nk make sure i'm ok la. tp kt negeri sembilan mmg ada rules sume pregnant mommies kne buat MGTT ble da msk 27weeks.



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