Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trip to Port Dickson - The Introduction

The long pending unpublished holiday entry. Hehe. Been super busy and extra exhaustive these days. I've started my week 32 few days ago and my body seems heavier than ever. With an active toddler to look at, a darling husband to pamper, a house to complete the chores, an office that gets my head spinning every now and then.. Pheww.. Supermom doesn't sigh Lisa! Yeah..

The journey to PD began so early that the birds were still sleeping and the mighty sun was still out of sight for every Malaysians. Actually we were sending atok and nenek Faheem to LCCT that morning, their flight scheduled at 7am. My mom insisted to reach home as early possible as she needs to attend a Maulidur Rasul program hosted by her colleagues - geng2 surau die la.

By the time we reached the airport it was about time for my parents to depart. And it was jam packed as always at LCCT. Boring. On our way to the car-park I bought 6 pieces of Dunkin Donuts! Teringin sangat tengok donut yang fresh lagi gebu tersebut =D Ingat nak makan dalam kereta je tapi hubby ajak lepak Starbucks, hantu kopi kan.. Faheem yang masyam tak mandi tu da terjaga that time and he really enjoyed being awake at a totally unusual place. Excited habes!

The check in time at Avillion PD is 3pm so we decided to spend few hours with a good rest and get Faheem to have a bath at a nearby hotel. Tune Hotel LCCT is the perfect choice since it is the nearest and the Refresher Package rate is the cheapest! Unfortunately, the rooms are only available at 10am. And we already there at 8.10am? Goshh.. And so we googled few nearby hotels for a day-use but to no avail! According to the receptionist there were numbers of delayed flights on the night before so the rooms were fully occupied. We were at our wits end. We woke up as early as 4.30am and we just don't have a place to lie back before checking in at 3pm?

Pan Pacific KLIA got rooms available but to spend RM280 for 4 hours is ridiculous. The only choice we had was Concorde Inn. The receptionist said there's a room available for us with a rate of RM180. And so we rushed to the hotel but got so frustrated when the other receptionist said there's not even a room available!! Then who the heck on the line who told us the opposite thing?? Huhu. Realizing that there's no other better choice left, hubby decided to begin the journey to PD. We planned to stay at Avillion until the room's ready. Sian sangat Faheem pukul 9 pun tak mandi2 lagi..

This is our 2nd family trip to PD and what is the worst to expect? Kedai makan! Memang susah sangat nak carik yang betul2 kene dgn selera we all. For dinner tu ada la few places that we can find since we've went there before - Trip to Thistle PD. But there's always rainbows after the heavy rains right? Hehe. Got so disturbed with the hotels-in-Klia issue, but we managed to find kedai makan yang best! (well, best in PD only lah.. hek). It's Restoran Kulit Kayu Manis, luckily the striking orangie signage attracted this lil family who's in hunger! Hehe..

They served nasi berlauk and the lauk were plenty! You just name it. I guess there were about 20 types of lauk pauks served nicely just for you and it tasted great. Alhamdulillah.. Lil explorer was sleeping soundly in his stroller so we decided to lepak at the restaurant just to kill time. The sunny and breezy day was just prefect for this hectic parents to have their quality conversation. You know how hard it is for us to have an effective two-way communication when Faheem is around? We rarely had, seriously. He, apparently needs more attention, especially when the parents are talking. Haiyyoo..

Gendang gendut tali kecapi. Kenyang perut suka hati.

We went straight to Avillion at 2pm!

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