Friday, February 3, 2012

Wahab's Cendol Sri Rampai - The Best Cendol in Town?

Out of the blue, I'm thinking of ice cendol with pulut once I'm done with the Asar prayer at the office yesterday. A bit frustrated, yes I am. Since I was thinking, where the heck can we find ice cendol pulut around the neighbourhood. I tried to wash away the sounds-a-bit-impossible thoughts but I'm actually text-ing the husband while I'm in front of the lift =P Well, my husband always finds a solution for my problems (tho sometimes the solution might be suitable for guys-only and.. a bit annoying). Ngeee..

Wifey: Pa.. Rs nk mkn ice cendol pulut lah.. Hukk
Hubby: Hukkk.. Tapau la nt
Wifey: Kt mane?
(Please mind the short term memory loss of this pregnant lady)
Hubby: Wahab cendol
Wifey: Ooooooooooooo.. ok!!!
Hubby: ;)
Wifey: Tak teringat lgsg tadik! Yeayyy...
Hubby: Yeayy

The good side -
  • It's a restaurant, with running water tap. Not a typical cendol stall by the road
  • The taste was good, the cendol seems fresh
  • The price was reasonable. Whose gonna charge so high for a bowl of cendol right?
The not so good side -
  • The pulut was a bit keras, and they served plastic spoon? Duh..
  • Pak Wahab, the cashier (I believe the owner too) was terribly slow in handling the cash register machine. Papa Faheem yang ala2 the coolest guy on earth pun almost turned to incredible hulk yesterday!
  • The staffs were plenty, but seems clueless.. Tanya satu jawap satu bwk bnde lain?
All in all, bole la singgah sini kalau teringin sangat2 nak makan cendol! Hehehe..


  1. the best cendol in town? kalu teringin sangat2 bleh la lisa kan..beratur puuunye la panjang..tapi the way they serve biase the sudu plastik kurang sikit nikmat kan hehe..

  2. itula psl are. mama ni bukan main teringin nk mkn cendol pulut. duk tenyeh2 pulut tu dgn sudu plastic tu bnyk kali tp xterbelah due jgk. sabor jelahhhh..



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