Friday, March 9, 2012

Avillion Port Dickson - Part 1

Our last babymoon trip while expecting the cutie lil extension..

Why Avillion? Err.. Nothing specific tho. Initially we have planned months back for a vacation at Universal Studios Singapore. Memang excited habes lah. Da buat passport Faheem siap2 dah, da call Hard Rock Hotel, da survey ticket flight and all. But we have to cancel it at the very last minute since my condition wasn't that good. I mean for the excessive walking activity? Hubby pulak risau dengan anakanda Faheem yang super-active itu. He's totally worn out just by handling Faheem during groceries shopping, seriously. So we decided to spent the quality family outing nearby KL and Port Dickson came to mind due to the distance plus wide selectivity of hotels.

As I've mentioned in the previous entry; Trip to PD - The Intro - We arrived at the hotel quite early and Faheem hasn't had his lunch yet. So we went to the hotel's restaurant, to get him some food. We tried spaghetti bolognaise and some fresh fruits. They were yummy, enough said.

There was a live gamelan musical when we arrived. Rasa macam nak ambik scroll dari Sultan Azlan Shah pulak time graduation dolu2. Heheh. The restaurant, Crow's Nest is located just beside the swimming pool and you can imagine how hard it was - to get Faheem ate his food! Asyik nak masuk pool jeeeee.. Adoyai..

We spotted an Art Space on our way to the restaurant from the lobby..

We brought Faheem to the playground just before we got in the room.
Dengan pajama nye, dengan tak mandi nye. Ciannn anak mama. Heheh..
Btw, the playground kat Thistle lagi besar and best kut.. =D

Oh the idyllic entrance! Beautiful turquoise sign board with green background! Just love it..
FYI Avillion PD is not the same as Avillion Admiral Cove. Go figure at TripAdvisor =)

Again, the soothing greenish view from the pathway to our room.
I have chosen the garden view room and I'll never regret it!
It turned to be just a walking distance to the pool, the restaurant and the lobby =)
It helps me panting less, definitely..

The wading pool, perfect view from our verandah!

The king size bed with fluffy pillows! That was the highest bed I have ever met in my life I guess. Memang hanging je kaki bile duduk atas katil tu. Bile turun pulak mesti sakit sikit perut because of the falling impact from the bed. Huhu. Nak naik pun sakit sikit sebab lil one da besar..

Katil tinggi sangat or me myself yang tak berapa nak tinggi? Err.. Whatever..

The TV got few sport channels. Great! - for him lahhh..

The spacious wash room area.. Separated with tub, toilet and shower room.
Oh the toiletries kit biasa2 je, just like Thistle. Lucky that I always bring our own!

The water pressure was acceptably high, bagos!

"Pa jom pegi pool pa! Pa jom pegi pool pa!"

And so, around 4.30pm we decided to bring Faheem to the wading pool. The pool was great, but frankly speaking I would prefer the wading pool and slide at Thistle more. A bit more spacious and family-friendly kut. For me la. There are 3 swimming pools at Avillion; the wading pool, the slightly deeper pool (with jacuzzi) just beside the wading pool and an adult pool that is quite afar from this area.

The precious boys were having lots of fun in the pool! =)

While mama? She was busy chit chatting with a Chinese auntie. She was very warm and we talked about so many stuff especially kids related, working life and masalah maid, babysitter, maid, babysitter, maid, babysitter.. The never-ending nightmare of a working mommy? Haih!

Dari dalam pantang sampai la da besa panjang, suka sangat main air. Oh Faheem!

Done with the swimming session, we went to have dinner at the Crow's Nest again. Papa da bagitau siap2 this time around we will be having meals only at the hotel. Tak larat dah nak survey2 macam time pergi Thistle last year. Mesti full house punye mane2 restaurant pun because of the long public holiday - Thaipusam + Maulid Nabi. We wished to have a seat at the outdoor area, more relaxing while enjoying the sea breeze kan.. Tapi risau nanti Faheem selsema ke apa, so stay kat dalam je lah..

Don't you see how much the parents have to compromise for the benefit of their kids?
So people, berbaktilah kepada ibu bapa anda ok! I'm serious.. =)

We ordered 2 meals first just to see how big the portion would be, whether it's Asian or Western. And it came in huge portion! Nasi ayam & char kuew teaw. Sedap pulak tu!!

Gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka hati.. Alhamdulillah.. Done with scrumptious dinner we went round the PD town and then stopped by Billion hypermarket to get some mineral water, Yakult and jajan2 yang lain. Lepas tu balik Avillion lepak2 kejap tengok TV dan ZZZzzzz..

Stay tune for the second part of this entry as more delightful pictures of Avillion are coming!

Ye ye je.. Haha


  1. been here (Avillion PD) twice but never spotted the Art Space. Nak kena g lagi nampaknya ni :D


  2. hehe. it was just a small area opposite the playground n kids cabin tu :D

  3. :D seriously memang nak kena pergi lagi..argghh i miss Malaysia a lot :(

  4. saba saba! hehe..
    how long hv u been there zara? dublin kan?

  5. Hi! Loved reading your reviews and pictures; they are so informative! ^^
    Can I check with you.. would you recommend Avillion or Thistle? :P
    Many thanks!!

  6. Hey there :) thanks for dropping by!

    Ahh it's a pretty tough question I really have to say.
    Well.. Frankly speaking, I would recommend Avillion. Hehe..
    It's not that Thistle is lacking in many ways but I think Avillion has lots more to offer. More green trees, more facilities.. :D

  7. I see... Thanks so much for the tip! I really appreciate it.. and hope to read more of your reviews soon! :P

    1. Thank you for dropping by! i have numbers of draft entries now. by i'm so tight with office schedules. Will try my best =)

  8. Hi I was looking for Avillion Port Dickson posts and found yours, a couple of other blogs later, I surprisingly found this
    This girl stole your entry word for word and added her own texts somewhere in the middle of it. It's way to similar to be just a coincidence. Just thought you should know about it. Tk cr and thanks for this post!

    1. thank you so much for the info. Will check out the said blog soon!



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